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? for moms of older children.....

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Do you find it easier to teach your kids after they are at an age where they can nuderstand things better?

I have this picture in my head of being able to talk to ds and get him to understand something and then learning how to do it. For instance.....sleeping. I think if I could talk him through falling asleep he'd learn how to do it. He has been waking every 45 minutes and I'm getting tiredbut he isn't old enough to understand what sleep is. When I have trouble going to sleep I visualize myself getting there and I think this would really help ds. But I know at 10 months he won't get it.

Another example is just why we have to do the things we do...wear shoes, take baths, cannot chew on electrical cords etc. I explain them even though I know he doesn't comprehend what I'm talking about.

At what age are they able to understand what you are saying???
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When they want to LOL! :LOL
Whoever said it gets easier as they get older, was lying. Some things get easier, but a lot of things get harder. I think every child understands what we are saying, but they are still learning about the world and more interested in exploring their boundaries, kwim?
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Darn....thats not what I wanted to hear But I know what you mean. I remember how aggrivated I would be when all ds wanted was to be held in my lap all day...all I wanted him to do was get down and play...HA I'm glad he's fianlly playing but I sure miss the days when he wasn't messy
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age 3 they understand MOST things you say

i think a 3 year old understands about 95% of what you say.

and can relate as you are talking about.

i totally understood your post.

it IS much easier for me to parent older kids, as i do like to talk and explain Cause/Effect is great.

it doesn't work well until they are three, but I do it from birth. So they are use to it.
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I never think of it as getting easier, the challenges of parenting change as our children develop and change. Some things you can reason out with them,but it seems the older they get the more questions they have and the more they want things explained to them. As far as the sleeping situation with my dd who is now 6 she does now understand why it is important for her to go to bed and we let her know at night what her day has in store for her and why she needs to sleep, to have more energy to go to school, ballet class or a special playdate, I can't reason with my 2 yr.old like that. Those are my thoughts.
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Just be careful! I raised my first dd by talking and explaining and reasoning, etc. One night at supper time, we were sitting down at the table eating and she looks up at me and asks, 'Gramma is your mom, right?' and I replied , 'yes.' She asked, "And your my mom, right?" 'Yep'
"Well, when Gramma, YOUR mom, asks you to do something, you don't do it. So.......why should I listen to you when you ask me to do something?"
"Uhm....My your corn looks good and is saying eat me, eat me before I get cold!"

This conversation was held when she was 4 yrs old!!! And believe me, it has only gotten worse LOL! :LOL
Oh, the reasoning/excuses she comes up with for not going to bed, or not going to school, or not doing whatever, would just blow you away LOL!
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I think I like this type of "explaining" because I'm that way as an adult. I don't want someone to just tell me what to do...I have to know why....this has been a great challenge in my marriage!! Luckily I've learned to just accept some thing!!
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Of course there are always new challanges, but my three year old can be reasoned with much of the time. She also can use some meditation.
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On the simpler, more basic level, DD all of a sudden started showing me that she understood what I was saying to her at 12 months. I suddenly realized that she could understand about 90% of everything I was saying to her.
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