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Happy Hippy Baby

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I have two shorties from Debi and they are so soft and beautiful. Shipping is super fast and I know I will never be disappointed. I Highly recommend this WAHM reasonable prices and great customer service.
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Absolutely GORGEOUS knitting and Debi is SUCH a super lady to work with. Great prices, fast shipping and an absolutely FABULOUS product
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another beautiful HHB set

I love all my knitted wool from Happy Hippy Baby! I now have a pair of soaker shorts, 2 soakers, a pair of Capris and Longies on the way! Debi does absolutely GORGEOUS work and is so wonderful to work with! Super great mama, fast shipping, AMAZING product!!!

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I have a pair of capris that I won an auction for and they are SUPER! They are often S's nighttime cover and if not, someone wears them throughout the day. The knitting is beautiful and I cannot wait to be able to justify a few more pairs!
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I just bought a pair of capris from Debi and they are absolutely the best! I special ordered them, and she made them exactly how I imagined, only better! I'm a knitter, and I'm still amazed how gorgeous the workmanship on them is.

I'll definitely order from her again!
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I love her stuff too. I have knit stuff from other knitters that isn't as good. I have a soaker and a pair of longies I love. Her customer service is good too.
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