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First question-where do you store your bread, muffins, buns, etc? Basket? On the counter? In a drawer?
In a large flat Ethiopian basket on the counter.

2nd ?-Do you keep your utensils in a crock or in the drawer?
In a drawer

3rd-What small kitchen appliances do you leave out?
None. Only the microwave is kept out. Everything else- toaster, coffee maker, etc. is stored in a lower cabinet.

4th-bulletin boards look cluttered to me. so does magnets on the refrig. If I put notes etc in a basket I'll never remember them. What do you guys do with notes, etc?
We have a small bulletin board next to the phone. We also have a hanging bill holder/key holder hanging on an upper cabinet.

5th-Shoes. We live on a farm so the boys/dh all have a couple of different types of boots, plus tennis shoes. When they are muddy what do you do with them? Then how do you keep them neat and organized so you're not tripping on the @@#$%^&** things? We also have lots of coats (working outside coats, good coats, rain coats, lighter jackets) and really do need the variety living in Missouri.
I really struggle with shoes, too. Usually we try to keep just one or two pairs next to the door. As for coats, we have a bench with coat hooks on one side of the door. On the other side of the door we have a closet. So there is room for lots of coats near the door. I store out of season coats in an extra closet.