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Name: Janene
Due Date: Feb 1st
Pregnancy: #2 ~ I just had my 1st in November 2006!
Location: Near Pittsburgh PA ~ plan for a hospital birth with midwife
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Name- Erika
Due Date- 2-5-07 (i think)
Pregnancy #-2
Location- Syracuse, NY
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Name: Beth
Due Date: Valentine's Day
Pregnancy #: 3
Location: NC
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Name: Karen
Due Date: February 21 (according to online calculator - haven't talked to the midwife yet)
Pregnancy #: 2
Location: Ontario, Canada
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Name- Liz
Due Date- Feb 14
Pregnancy #- 2 (m/c last Aug)
Location- soon to be NJ
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Name- Stephanee
Due Date- 2/14/07
Pregnancy #4 (baby #3)
Location- Phoenix, AZ

(no one IRL, except hubby knows!)
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Name: Keri
EDD: 2/15/07
Pregnancy: #5 (baby #4)
Location: Kansas

Planning home birth with (or without) a midwife. No one knows but us right now!
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Name- Courtney
Due Date- 2/11/07
Pregnancy #- 2
Location- Oahu, Hawaii
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Name- Karin
Due Date- Feb 18
Pregnancy #- 1
Location- Philadelphia, PA
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Name: Tracy
Due Date: gonna say Feb. 12 cuz thats my birthday
Pregnancy: #3
Location: Minnesota, kinda thinking about home birth

Little nervous posting this now cuz we aren't telling anyone yet and SIL reads these boards religiously but I just have to tell someone!!!
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Name: Amy
Due Date: Feb. 20th ?
Pregnancy: #2
Location: Oregon but moving to Vermont this fall.
: :
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Name: Brandi
Due Date: February 17th
Pregnancy: #2 1st was a 2nd trimester loss On March 8th
Location: Maine
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Due Date:Febuary 18th (online calc)
Location: Paradise CA
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Name: Netty

Due date: Mid to late February

Pregnancy: Hmmm...#6...one live birth and 4 losses (plus one adopted son)

Location: Southeastern Connecticut
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Name: Kasey
Due Date: around Feb 11
Prenancy: #12 but I have 4 losses so this is baby #8
Location: South Texas
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So...should we make this a sticky?
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Name- Mollee
Due Date- 2/14 (a new Valentine!)
Pregnancy #- 2
Location- California Bay Area
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Name- Mollee
Due Date- 2/14 (a new Valentine!)
Pregnancy #- 2
Location- California Bay Area

oops! I posted twice!!
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Originally Posted by Lizzo
So...should we make this a sticky?
Yes, good idea. And I'd like to add the screen names and due dates to the top of the weekly thread as well. Is that OK with everyone?
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Name: Jeannette
Due Date: February 16(with first 2 I was a week to the day past due date)
Pregnancy: #3
Location: Central Valley, California
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