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Financial Documents

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Hi all. Which financial documents do you keep and for how long? I careen between wildly tossing everything out to holding on to a mountain of paper I don't really need. So what do you all do with the following in terms of keeping and organizing?

atm receipts
bank statements
cable bills
charitable giving receipts
credit card bills
deposit slips
grocery receipts
mortage bills
mutual fund account statements
phone bills
store receipts
student loan bills
tax bills
tax returns
utility bills

I hope I haven't left anything out! Thanks!

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Here's mine

atm receipts - I throw these out after I enter them in Quicken,
sometimes making note of balance
bank statements - 7 years
cable bills - don't have cable
charitable giving receipts - don't keep track, don't have enough
$$$ for a tax break for this
credit card bills - for a few months, to a year, unless DH uses the
credit card for a business expense, then I keep until we file that
years' tax return
deposit slips - same as atm receipts
grocery receipts - I enter them in Quicken, and then throw them
out, but I mean to enter them in a price book
mortage bills - I rent
mutual fund account statements - I'm wondering about this, too
phone bills - for a few months. I keep a couple from each year,
for comparison purposes
store receipts - indefinitely, in the case of business clothes,
pricier items, for the sake of easy returns
student loan bills - I've thrown a bunch out, I don't keep many
of the statements anymore.
tax bills - 7 years
tax returns - 7 years
utility bills - I go through my file and throw these out,
periodically I only keep a few months
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I get most of those things electronically now. They're in a nice little folder in my Outlook taking up absolutely no space at all . The few that I don't (paystubs for DH, store/grocery receipts) I hold on to for a while. DH's paystubs go in a midsize envelope, the important purchases receipts (things we may need to return, receipts for large purchases, things like that) go in another envelope along with their warranty information and any other applicable paperwork. These I go through once a year or so and toss anything with an expired warranty.

I keep account statements for only a month or so, just long enough to make sure that they're correct and that the electronic version holds no surprises. I keep the e-statements indefinitely, they're not hurting anything sitting on my computer.
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hey, I just posted this on another thread

How long to keep stuff

I pretty much follow this, with a couple minor exceptions due to my own personal paranoia .
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atm receipts - I throw out
bank statements - keep for a year
cable bills - keep for a year
charitable giving receipts - throw out
credit card bills - keep for a year
deposit slips - throw out
grocery receipts - throw out
mortage bills - don't have one
mutual fund account statements - don't have one
phone bills - keep for a year
store receipts - throw out
student loan bills - dont have any
tax bills - never had any
tax returns - I keep them all
utility bills - a year
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