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Prenatal Vitamins Advice?

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Can anyone give me a recommendation for or against any particular prenatal vitamins? i'm just hesitant due to the more than 200% DRV of some things and wonder if maybe you can have too much of a good thing...?
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The only advice I can give on prenatals is that you should find them in wholefood stores because its best not to take any with artificial coloring or additives. Stay away from anything "fake" that is added and unnessary.
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I use rainbow light and have been very happy with them.

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Trader Joe's house label Prenatals are made by rainbow light
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Nature's Plus
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Originally Posted by mamimapster
Trader Joe's house label Prenatals are made by rainbow light
Ooh good to know! I love TJ's supplements. I take their probiotics and used to take their fish oil.
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I like New Chapter Organics Prenatal Vitamin. I think my body absorbed them better than any other kind I've tried.
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The DVs are very low, conservative estimates of the absolute minimum required to avoid gross malnutrition, for the most part. There are some vitamins that it's best to avoid megadosing on (like vitA - beta carotene is safe, though), and it's possible to get too much of almost anything, but any good, brand name, health food store prenatal will be just fine, and waaaaay better than something like Centrum or Flintstones.

I'm actually currently on both Rainbow Light 6/day and New Chapter's - half a dose of each, RL in the morning, NC in the evening. Splits the difference! (Honestly, I just can't afford to go NC entirely!)
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I work for New Chapter Organics, and take the prenatal. I believe they are the best out there for the simple reason that they are the only prenatal out there that is 100% food, and organic food at that. Most all other vitamins are synthetic forms of nutrients and your body doens't quite know what to do with them. JMO, but been in the vitamin business for 15 years.
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prenatal vitamins--postpartum?

I wondered what you all think about vitamins for postpartum. I took prenatals for 3 years (!) after my son's birth on our ND's recommendation for a nursing mom. I don't know if that's overkill or if our needs are as great--or even more--postpartum as in pregnancy. This time I am using prenatal forte from integrative therapeutics and mother's choice from source naturals and have a 3 week old newborn.
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I'd continue to use prenatals as long as lactating, or there's the potential for conceiving again. Basically I'll probably be on some form of prenatal multivit until after both DP gets the snip and our last has weaned.
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bumping this up for a friend
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Thanks, Mamallama!
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I like the Rainbow light 6 a day
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I am reading all this info on prenatal..I have been kinda taking what I was prescribed by my dr. but have not completly felt great about it...I am looking online about rainbow light...you have to take 6 a day??? Is there anything that is priced affordable that I can either mix with or take one of??? The rainbow light sounds good..and I can get it where I live..but 6 a day??? I need to keep the cost down a little....any advice??? Thanks mamas ps...what about anything from gnc??
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All the prenatals I took during my last pregnancies made me sick, and now I am reading this info about most prenatals being a money marketing crock, and I am confused. I definitely know I need more of some supplements, but, being fairly knowledgable on vit,'s and herbs I was going to just get singles of the stuff I need.

Maybe I will try New Chapter Org, or Rainbow Light though if they both get such rave reviews. Is NC something I can get in the health food store? Or is it a MLM type supplement?

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Bella Babe...I was looking up all these prenatal's online...Rainbow light seems to be really affordable...plus they have a search to see where the nearest store that you can get them at...Earth Fare carries them...I am still searching and trying to figure out what I should try..there is a rainbow light 1 and 6..I would rather take one than six pills a day..let me know what you find out.
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I've taken the Rainbow light One with both pregnancies, and it's good. I did find that I absolutely had to take it with food. Even now that I'm not preg., it can make me queasy on an empty stomach. But it digests waay better than the Rx prenatals, and as long as I had a glass of milk or toast, or a piece of fruit, it was fine, even when I had morning sickness. Also, it never made me constipated, like the other brands.

Oh, and RL makes a powder, too.
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The RL6 recommends 2 pills 3 times a day, but I take 3 pills two times - not as well absorbed then, but there's just NO WAY I'll remember to take pills 3 times/day, y'know?

I don't think prenatals are absolutely essential, and I do like the quote that says something like all the money we spend on vitamins just buys Americans the most expensive urine in the world, but as long as it's not something that's prohibitively expensive, damaging, dangerous, or difficult, then I figure why not.
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I took RL one a day during my 1st pg and this time I'm taking one that I swear was recommended by Peggy O'Mara, although I don't remember where I found that info, other than somewhere on the Mothering website. It's by DaVinci Labs, called Ultimate Prenatal. It's $24/btl and you take 5 a day. (one btl = 1 month) I haven't had any problems w/ them as far as absorption/digestion issues.
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