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I take New Chapter as well, have even when I'm not pregnant they just make me feel so much better.
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Super Nutrition makes a "Simply One Prenatal" that contains organic greenfoods, is low in vitamin A (11% of DV), and high in folic acid. They're completely vegetarian, and lovely because you only need 1 per day! I've been able to take them throughout my pregnancy with no increase in sickness, and no constipation. Highly recommend them.
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veganjoy, are those large? i'm having a heck of a time swallowing large pills thes e days!
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Robina, they are about 1" long, but could easily be chunked, as they're whole pills (not filled capsules). I've found the best way to take them is with a bite of food, rather than with a swig of liquid.
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I take Freeda's Prenatal 1-A-Day. It's free of gluten, lactose, artificial color, artificial flavor, animal derivatives, sugar, starch, gelatin, and yeast. It has no smell whatsoever and is a reasonable size. Plus, I only have to take one per day!

If you want to see what's in it, you can click here:

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I think I took New Chapter the last time. They were good, I don't remember the kind the midwife recommended to me, they were very expensive though.

DF read something about synergy-co.com vitamins that he says these are the best vitamins for me, he's really knowledgeable about nutrition and supplements so I trust that he knows. They are not prenatal vitamins, but they have everything prenatal vitamins need in them so I don't think it really matters. They are made out of whole foods, and organic, and vegan and has nothing artificial in it. However they are expensive, I'd like to get some at some point, but I see myself taking vitamins for a long time anyway so I'm in no rush. A breastfeeding woman needs more nutrients than a pregnant woman so I don't see any reason to stop taking prenatal vitamins if you'd like.
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I'm taking New Chapter Organics this pregnancy, and have found them to be so much easier on my body than Rainbow Light. No green pee either! They are very pricey if you buy them from a walk-in store, but I've found them for 50% off at various online stores through Google Product Search.
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New Chapter Organics here! They go down easy and don't upset my stomach like the others did!
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I have a really hard time swallowing pills, so I'm taking a liquid prenatal. The green color is a little off-putting, but honestly it doesn't taste bad. I just started taking it today so I don't have a lot of experience with it, but wanted to share in case anyone else has problems swallowing pills like I do.

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Can anyone give me links, please? I'd like to research Rainbow Light and New Chapter.

I have trouble believing that a one-a-day could be worthwhile, but I suppose that it would be better than the *nothing* I have been taking, hmm? :

In the past, I have used Prenatal Forte, which my MW likes and recommends, but it's 5-6 per day, and they are big and smelly. Very hard to choke down, and even harder when you realize you gotta do it again in a few hours!

I'm eating well, and I'm not really worried about the baby, but I am so exhausted all the time (and my iron levels are good), so I could really use a boost.
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I found that when comparing labels, the average prenatal has everything a children's chewable has in it, and more often than not, the children's vitamins have higher DV%, plus, they taste better. My OB agreed, and i've been eating flinstones chewables with no complaints.
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good to know

Originally Posted by mamimapster View Post
Trader Joe's house label Prenatals are made by rainbow light
When I was in the stage of preparing my body for TTC time, I ordered the Rainbow Light from drugstore.com, the cost about $20. I decided that was a little steep and picked up the Trader Joe's brand, which is identical in content. It was almost 1/2 the price at $11.99. I am almost done with the rainbow light's and expect a smooth transition to the Trader Joe's. I am not officially pregnant but I POAS on a stick tomorrow morning at about 26 DPO to confirm. Eeee!
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I took New Chapter while I was pregnant and still do now that I'm nursing. Love 'em, love 'em, love 'em!

Raspberry Swirl--good luck w/POAS and I love your screen name! Yay, Tori!
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I have a quick quesiton about New Chapter. Seems good, but what about all the soy and yeast?
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I'm glad I found this thread! I've been taking a folate supplement while I was TTA. Now that I'm TTC, I figured I should probably take something more comprehensive and I wasn't sure if I should take prescription prenatals.
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Originally Posted by alegna View Post
I use rainbow light and have been very happy with them.

I use rainbow light too. I usually can't take multi-vitamins because I'm really sensitive to the iron in them. No problems with rainbow light. I buy the larger 2 month supply for about $25/bottle.

I don't know what area you like in, but there is a health food store owned by wild oats called Henrys. They have all supplements 25% off until 1/16. I don't know whether Wild Oats is having the same promotion but it would be worth looking into.
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My vote is on New Chapter, easy to swallow small whole food organic cultured vitamins (3/day). Can be pricey, I buy them on sale or shop online, luckyvitamins.com

Also, a big fan of Floradix liquid iron, I can feel the difference when I take it, and my iron levels are excellent.

Lastly, Mammas, please consider/research taking an omega fatty acid supplement. I take cod liver oil and DHA. You could eat fish or take flax oil, depending on your dietary wishes.

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Hi there! I'm new here, and also looking for a good prenatal. I think my nutritional intake is very good, but I feel better with some "backup", LOL!

I would be thrilled to find a whole-food, organic prenatal, but I DO NOT want iron in them. I don't need it, and I loathe what it does to my bowels! At this point, I am mixing and matching vitamins to get what I think I would want in a prenatal, just to avoid the dumb iron. (And, I might add, I'm getting pretty sick of 12-14 pills per day!!)

SO - any recommendations would be VERY gratefully received!!


Mouse Bandit
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Rainbow Light does have a 1-a-day; I think it cost me about $30 for the 150-pill bottle at Whole Foods. Can't wait to start taking them. I made the mistake of buying the Whole Foods brand vitamins without reading the dosage instructions and they are 3 big nasty pills/day.
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Just a comment from down under. I take Elevit - which is a one a day and has the full 800mcg of folic acid. It has more than the DV for some important minerals and vitamins but not in the ones which can be dangerous. I think it is important to remember some people lose a lot of nutrition due to morning sickness so a prenatal is insurance against that. Even though there is more iron than I currently need in it, so far it hasn't impacted on my digestion so I am sticking with it. I couldn't manage more than one pill per day while pregnant.
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