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How long should I pump?

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My baby just celebrated her first Birthday yesterday... I have been working full time and pumping since she was three months old. I am so sick of pumping, but want to continue brestfeeding. I am concerned that if I stop pumping, I will not have enough milk when I am with my daughter. Any insight would be very much appreciated.
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If I remember correctly, there was a thread that touched on this in the Parenting forum. It may have been somewhere in the long, initial WOHM thread. There were a wide variety of responses, but i think the general consensus was that stopping pumping didn't cause problems for most of the moms re having a sufficient supply when with their child. I, too, was leery of not having enough, and only just returned my pump (I was renting); dd is 22 months old.

How much are you pumping per day, and how many times per day do you pump?
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I'm pretty sure you'll still have enough milk for when you're with your daughter.

I pumped for dd (now 16 months) until a few months ago.. She pretty much stopped drinking any milk during the day, and dh thinks it's gross to put my milk into her cereal : So I stopped pumping. and it's been fine.

it's a bit tough on Mondays, I feel pretty engorged by the time I get home (coz dd nurses during the day on the weekends, too)

but it hasn't been a problem.

do it slowly - maybe cut out a pumping at a time. see how that goes.

good luck!! and for going this long!!
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I pumped 'til DD was 13 or 14 mos.

I think I could've gone a little longer but DD got used to it in the space of a week. Getting DD to nap without a bottle was a challenge for DH in the beg, but it did work out.

Of course she was eating pretty well by that time. She's 2.5 years old now, so I guess it worked out!

As for supply, my supply was really well established at the point that I gave up pumping. I had 3.5 mos at home with DD b4 returning to work. At the time, I frequented http://www.breastfeeding.com quite often. It was full of WOH moms and had a board devoted to pumping.

I "weaned" myself off of the pump by giving up a session or cutting them short. I never leaked, but occasionally would feel full. My hungry babe relieved this when I got home.
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I worked and pumped with my first ds. I stopped pumping around age one, but he continued nursing and had plenty of milk beyond during our nursing sessions.
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A little more information...

I try to pump twice a day, with an end result of six to eight ounces. For the past six months I have not gotten good let down with my pump, and end up hand expressing a good three ounces in a day. My husband (he is the stay at home parent) says that L really like to have a serving of breast milk when I am gone, but that it would not cause problems if she had to go with none. I just want to make the right decision for us...
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Sounds familiar. My DH is a SAHD, too.

Maybe it's time? I had no trouble with supply. It doesn't sound like you will, either. Congratulations for pumping so long!
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It sounds like you're still getting a fair amount. I'm in the minority here, but if I were in your shoes, I'd probably continue pumping, especially since your child still wants breastmilk during the day. Breastmilk is the best thing you can give her to drink. And good for you for keeping it up this long, no matter what you decide to do now!
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