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OK next thing...

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Lets each make a list of places in our house that isn't what it should be. Then lets work through each area together.

1. Kitchen-see my last ? post for that drama

2. Mudroom-shoe and coat organization

3. DVD/VHS reduction

4. Board game reduction.

Next please...
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I've started working on this, already

I'm entering my recipes in my recipe file on my PC - so that means lots of typing, but also lots of tossing as I find recipes that I don't want to keep anymore.

It all started when my DH left (I have the day off from work). And I wanted to empty a 3 ring binder to keep my 401K statements in. . . . so now I've got to get to my filing. . . . .
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My craftroom is my main project. Technically, I should get the office put together to get the craftroom in perfect shape, but I've decided that there's nothing wrong with just shoving things in there and letting dh deal with the result.
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well.. I'd like to get the last of the stuff thats waiting to be freecycled out of my living room. I have to go to the storage place today and get a ton of boxes of boks to get rid of.. I still have a box of pictures to get rid of..

my bedroom has some boxes that are half repacked (to go back into storage sigh.. or something.. )
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Can I join? I need some serious help with my kitchen and (eeek!!!) my closet.
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I have a box in the closet that DESPERATLY needs cleaned out. My moms been asking me for some photo disk for months out of there!
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I need to get my office/craft/homeschool room together. It looks like a storage facility. It is where I put everything that didn't have a place when I moved in. It is full of big plastic totes and I desperately need to do it...just need some motivation!!!!
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My desk.

Our three car garage that fits NO CARS.....

All the boxes of stuff (mostly paper) that are shoved in the closet, the garage, one on the end of our bar - from attempts to clean up before company comes....

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We live in a 100 yr old farmhouse so needless to say closet space is a JOKE. We do have an awesome pantry, mudroom and the bathroom storage is incredible. However, closets are 18" by 3' and there is only 3 of them!!! So that essentially is 5 people with 9 feet of total closet space. SO what we did was made a laundry room/clothes area in our basement. We have shelves with rubber tubs to store each persons socks, undies, etc. Then we hang everything possible on these two huge racks one hung about 6 ft high the second for the kids at 3feet. We take everything right from dryer or basket from outside line and hang or fold it and put it right away.

I SO want to be free from clutter. I am one of the highly sensitive people who gets in a frenzy with clutter. Things are MUCH better than they used to be and likewise I am SO much better then I used to be

Like right now I'm considering starting either the boardgame or movie reduction process and its 7:30pm and I had to go to work all day. I need to be saved from myself

HHHMM or maybe I'll start on the kitchen
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Laundry update

I just needed to brag that as of 11pm tonight all our laundry is washed/dried/and put away... tomorrow 6am the piles start again...

i cant remember the last time the baskets and bins were empty...
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Here's my accomplished list:

Bought a magnetic dry erase board for the notes,etc! Threw away frig magnets, not a thing left on it!!!

Went through movies and got rid of three grocery sacks full!! Some kid at Goodwill is going to have a blast!!

That doesn't sound like much but its a huge deal to me.
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