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What do you do with poopy diapers? - Page 2

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Ok i need to know how to make my own sprayer ladies what all do we need??
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hmmmm....... how many more combinations of "swish", "plop" & "toss" can we come up with
I swish in the toilet and toss it in the dry pail unless there are chucks, in which case I soak in the toilet for a bit, swish and toss in the dry pail.
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Depends on the poop. If it's plopable, I just plop. If it's not I use the sprayer.
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well since ds is only 5mon and EBF we dont have to deal with soilds YET.

i just put all poopies in a dry pail and wash every2-3days.

when ds#2 was eating soilds we had a ulitly sink and i rinsed out his diapers in that and let them soak in a pail in the sink!!

since we dont have a ulitly sink now i'm thinking a diaper sprayer when the time comes!!
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I spray mine unless it is rolly enough just to dump (unfortunately, rarely for us). My ds poops about 5 times per day and sometimes I get sooooo sick of dealing with it. Anyway, when he was ebf I just dumped it all in, I never had stains, I didn't rinse until he started solids.

I usually rinse right away, but if not, I just stick it on the diaper pail for my next trip to the bathroom. (I keep the pail in the bathroom since he started solids.)
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This looks good: http://www.wildflowerdiapers.com/cat...Fcategory%3D39

Right now I have a handheld sprayer attached to my shower and I spray diapers off in the bathtub. I dont know if that is bad for plumbing but I have been doing it for awhile now. I might get that new sprayer above though.
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we started using rice paper flushable liners when DS started eating solids at a year- they catch enough poop that I don't worry about the rest- and if he doesn't poop they wash and get reused. Dry pail, cold then hot wash. Loving those liner things I must say- I was getting icked out wiping out the washer to get all the various clumps and such.
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Do you wash the #2 into the toilet with a diaper sprayer?? No
Do you toilet dunk? No
Do you wipe off with toilet paper & flush? Yes
Do you rinse in a sink? bathroom or laundry sink? in the bathtub? No rinsing

Do you use a wet pail? No

Do you typically do it right away or let it sit till you have time? Where do you let it sit? In the pail? I deal with it ASAP

DD poops usually will fall right off her PFs with a little shaking. If not then I lay the PF on the counter and use TP to scrape it off then I flush it.
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We use liners most of the time and can just plop poop in the toilet. For masty ones you can use a diaper sprayer or the disposable liners.
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I used to rinse in the laundry sink which is right above the pail but that started getting gross and there wasn't enough pressure to really clean. Now we use a toilet sprayer and we are in the "how not to spray poop all over the wall" learning stage.
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