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happy birthday.... to me!

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It's the big 2-7, ladies ... and I plan on having the time of my life!

yeah right! I'll probably clean up, sew a bit, and get ready (hopefully) for a yard sale on Saturday. Ain't this livin?!?

Maybe I can con MIL ... or, maybe even my parents or my brother who will be home tomorrow.. into taking the older two girls, I can nurse Lucy to sleep, and *gasp* get in some uninterrupted sewing time? That would seriously be just about the best birthday present right now!!!!

So yeah... we'll just see... but.. hooray for June 1st!!

(and seriously, mdc rocks... I got a little Happy Birthday mail already from them )!
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happy bday Judybean! i miss the bday reminders on the front pages all the time!! ::: balloons:::ch ampagne
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ahhh, i remember 27 fondly. :

i hope you get some sewing time in!!!
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Happy Birthday!!!
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Happy birthday! I hope you get your sewing in and generally have a lovely relaxing day
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Originally Posted by michelemiller
ahhh, i remember 27 fondly. :

And Judy, your birthday wishes sound lovely.
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hi... i posted a pix of Ethan with one of the diapers you made on my blog today! hope you get major sewing time in today!!!
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Happy birthday, you bf superstar mom!

Ouch, 27 was a while ago for me, but a very good year indeed!
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thank you, thank you!!!

my present from dh? a gift certificate to a local fabric store!!!!!! um, can we say enabling the already addicted oh yes, i had to drive over there right away and spend it :

but now? oh, i have a lovely, lovely bunch of material just waiting to be created... into whatever I choose! I think that's part of the fun of buying fabric.... it just hold so much potential ... I love it!
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woo hoooooo!!! happy birthday, mama!
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Yay happy birthday! What a sweet husband you have. Creating things on the sewing machine is so relaxing..... what do you like to sew?
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Happy Birthday!
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nak (so not enough sewing going on!)

i've sewn a ton of diapers of course, two pairs of baby pants, and gobs and gobs of purses lately. my most recent (and favorite) one is this . i'm in patchy heaven!!
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Aww Judy, my 14 yr old DD, Kayla, says your patchwork purse is cute. That's pretty darn good coming from her.
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... that *IS* a huge compliment

the photo isn't the greatest (poor lighting on the bottom, subject not lined up quite right) but it shows off the purse anyway...

right now i'm in the middle of another purse and i can already tell it's going to just rock the socks off that other one. (um, and now just to figure out how many patchy purses one person needs.... i know i need to give some away and such for gifts -- specifically my sister, who has a birthday in about a month -- but gosh... i'm lovin' these )
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I love the purse, Judy.

Hope you had a good birthday.
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