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Boy or girl~ How ya carrying, cravings, etc

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K, We're not finding out, but I REALLY love to speculate if we're having a boy or a girl.

In your experiences how have your girl pregnancies been different from boy pregnancies? DH thinks I"m carrying a boy because I have a huge-o sex drive so it must be a boy in there. I'm sprouting hair on my belly, but I think that's from pregnancy in general? Hmm, and I'm supposely carrying high, what's that mean?

K, lemme know what your signs and symptoms of genders are! Specially you gals who know already! I wanna know!

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I am not much help because I am carrying my 2nd boy & I am carrying a bit diffrent this time. Last time I was all belly. This time, sadly, I have gained in my hips & butt too (as if they weren't big enough already ) I also had more morning sickness with this one, but still very little overeall. As for cravings I really didn't many with either pregnancy. No sex drive either time, poor DH My hair & nails are growing like crazy again this time too.

One of the old wives tales that did prove true for us last time (I can't remmeber if it's true this time too or not) is with the heartbeat. Boys generally have a slower heartbeat than girls. DS was usually in the 140-150 range. I think it was 160 only 1 time. Everytime our midwife would say it sounds like a boy.

Isn't it fun trying to guess? I also say go with your mommy intuition. I had boy feelings in the 1st few weeks of finding out both times. Even though I ignored them both times because I was hoping for a girl : they were right. Any dreams about the babys gender?
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We don't know what we've having, but this pregnancy has been SO different from both of the ones with my girls. I think I will be really suprised if this is another girl. Then again, every pregnancy is different...
I'm carrying low, but I'm pretty sure it's b/c it's my 3rd baby and there just aren't enough strong muscles to hold it up!
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I'm also having my second boy, and my pregnancies have been very different. With my first, I had no m/s, no crazy cravings except red meat (I hadn't had red meat in 3 years before that), and I carried him high. With this one, I had m/s until about 14weeks. I crave things like pickles dipped in peanut butter, Nutty Bars (which are vanilla wafers filled with peanut butter and surrounded in chocolate), a LOT of sour cream and onion potato chips. And I seem to be carrying this one pretty low. The only thing that has been the same is the heartbeat with both. My first was 155-160bpm, and so is this one. Everybody keeps telling me how funny it is I have two boys with girl heartbeats.
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With DD I LOVED spicey food, Thai and Mexican. Also ate a lot of salty stuff like canned chicken noodle soup...gag.

With DS I had severe red meat cravings. Steak was my friend as well as chocolate.

This time it is more spicey food but also avacados and fresh, uncooked foods (like springrolls and peanut sauce and such)

We're hoping girl but we'll take what ever!

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hmmm, I have no dreams about baby's gender, I've had one of each in my dreams actually (and forgot to nurse both of them and went right to bottles) let's hope that isn't an indicator of anything! LOL

And I'm convinced that I have no mother's intuition about this... No idea. I'd like a boy, but I think a girl would be easier to EC and would be fun to dress up, so I sorta want a girl too. But I don't want twins, so there ya have it. I'm just impossible to please, ain't I?
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Well with my dd her heartrate was always 139 or 144 and I craved dairy, fruits and rich sweets. I carried very high. No ms, no fatigue, felt great!

This pregnancy the baby's heatrate is always 138 or 144 Im craving dairy, fruits and rich sweets again. Im carrying a lower this time, but its probably because everything's already been strteched out. Have nausea, dizyness, extreme fatigue and generally feel like a truck hit me. I dont have feelings either way whether its a boy or girl though. Were having plenty of children, so I dont have a preference either way this time.
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I am carrying super low and I am having a girl. My belly is finally starting to pop out which makes me happy. I had the first person asking me if i was pregnant yesterday, aw. Her heartbeat is always really high too, usually around 160.
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I'm carrying high, and it's a girl! I've wanted LOTS of mexican food...which I love anyhow....and fruits....watermelon especially! But this is my first preg, so I don't have anything to compare it to!
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ok so i think everything is always opposite for me....

ds (already born- taco bell, taco bell, some more tacos, tomatoes, occasional sweets, lots of tea. carried middle to low, all baby out front. heartbeat always above 160. mover and a shaker!! ahh!! no m/s

dd (this pg)- if the tech is right its supposed to be a girl. LOVE sweets but can control the cravings pretty well. LOTS of fruit, juice, rice, almost anything fast food ), heartbeat is about 150-160, carrying high this time (i know this cause i was all worried cause my reg. clothes fit longer than the first time if i remember right!!) all baby out front so far this time tho too. (fingers crossed it stays this way), m/s for a few weeks but i honestly think this is natures way of shedding anything you don't need cause i was WANTING(pre pg)/KNOWING i could loose 7 lbs and m/s took EXACTLY that off.

thats the stuff i can remember. pg brain hit hard this time....
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Let's see. With my ds, I carried in the middle. His heart was always around 147. I remember eating a lot of Whoppers and Chunky Monkey ice cream. I didn't have any morning sickness at all, but I was ALWAYS tired and hot. Oh, I always had to watch Golden Girls, I was obssessed to the point I would cry if I missed an episode.

This time I crave nothing in particular. I'm carrying in the middle again and this baby's heart rate at the last appointment was about 157. I had really bad morning nausea (I wish I could have been sick, so much better than dry heaving). I can't stand the Golden Girls.

Last time everyone was convinced I was having a girl, but I just knew it was a boy. This time around, I really really don't know.
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