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Well, dd likes listening to me talk to her, but the problem we've had with reading is that the physical presence of a book distracts her because she sees it as a toy so she grabs at it, tries to chew it, and then cries if I don't just give it to her to play with. Oh well, I'll keep trying She is just such a little Miss Grabbyhands--she drives me up a wall sometimes

This morning I laid out all my finished quilt blocks and am gonna sew the top together this weekend. Aaahhhhh, it's so magnificent. Sorry, I had to say that! But it IS!
Pictures, please Seriously, I would LOVE to see it if you have the chance.

About leaving youth behind after babies. I do know what you mean, sometimes I miss my "freedom." Although, I was 31 when dd was born, so I think I had the chance to sow my share of wild oats : And this really is SO much better
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I will read to Annika when I'm reading to Emma at the same time. We read to Emma every night at bedtime (dh and I alternate), but Annika is usually asleep then. But Emma LOVES books, and will come to me several times throughout the day with a book for me to read for her. Sometimes Annika will sit and listen too, and sometimes she just wants to get down to play, so she crawls around on the floor in front of us.

I sometimes miss the freedom of my youth too, but then when I really stop to think about it, I see how much I've grown and changed, and how much happier I am with the person I've become now (I wasn't bad before, but I had very low self-esteem which led to some not so great choices at times). I love my husband and my girls and wouldn't change it for anything.

freestyler - I would also love to see pictures of your quilt! I really want to get a sewing machine and start sewing again. I sewed a lot of my own clothes in high school, and had a lot of fun doing it, and would love to make stuff for the girls (I pretty much just wear jeans and t-shirts these days, so not much to sew for me).

allgirls - I hope everything works out with you for the house.

ryleee - It does suck to lose friends, but I think sometimes it's better to move on than stay in a friendship that causes you nothing but problems. Dh and I were the first in our group of friends to have kids, and while we didn't lose any friends over it, it was a lot harder to connect with them since they didn't really understand why we couldn't get together as often anymore. Now most of them have kids too. I lost some friends even before kids came along because we just changed and grew in opposite directions as time went on.
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funny that you say that about the labels for the book, i'm actually just cutting labels and tags out of things (interesting looking ones) and i'm going to make haye a tag blanket this week! he LOVES tags. seriously, his favourite toy ever.

i'll take him to the dentist if the tooth hasn't broke through by then or if it still looks infected. i feel bad D= they told me to keep giving him orajel, i hope it isn't irritating it anymore. i'll clean it with salt water again today.

gotta run and make lunch!
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freestyler - move down south. We're technically a red county, but San Diego has a lot of liberal crunchy types. We have a thriving AP/NFL community here, and I love it. If we ever move, that's pretty much all I'll miss.

I turn 30 in a couple of weeks. I never thought I'd have three kids by the time I was thirty. I thought I'd be traveling and seeing the world and having a great career and lots of money. Almost no one I graduated from HS with have any children, let alone three. Hell, most of them aren't married or in a long term relationship. Sometimes it makes me feel like I missed out, especially since I had to work fulltime through college, which didn't leave much time for partying, but I wouldn't trade what I have either.
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oh yeah, books! Aidan gets read to everyday when I read to the older kids. Sometimes I read just to him. I've read to all of them from an early age.
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I don't know about Haye's tooth either Rylee. Caia doesn't have any yet. I hope it's nothing though.

I agree with the rest of you that being a mother is way better than partying. Seeing Caia smile makes my day. I still get a little nostalgic sometimes though because life really was easier back then. Although if DH and Caia hadn't come into my life I probably would have destroyed my life. I was getting addicted to drugs and alcohol so this is definatly way better than my life would have ever been without Caia.

Thanks EVC for the link, I went to go post but my computer was screwy, I'll have to try again today.

CAIA IS CRAWLING!!!!! : She was on the bed last night and she almost crawled right off the edge. Time to baby proof! No wonder she's been driving me nuts these past few days. That and shes got a tooth about to poke through.

I was at the hardware store today with dh buying a chainsaw (he's going to start clearing our house site!) and one of the ladies there says "you're lucky, you got such an easy baby".... No she doesn't cry because I hold her every second of the day. I just smile and say thanks because I am lucky that I have her, but she is by no means easy. As my dh said after playing with her for 45 min "man is she exhausting!" I guess I'll take it as a compliment though that she doesn't cry. That's my goal, to know what she wants before she needs to cry. I do find it funny though that someone will determine your baby "hard or easy" within seconds of meeting them.
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Originally Posted by bailey228
INo she doesn't cry because I hold her every second of the day.
I just have to laugh because it reminds me so much of my first. He wasn't high needs, unless he sensed that you had a plan to put him down to pee or eat or something equally unneccessary
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I was at the hardware store today with dh buying a chainsaw (he's going to start clearing our house site!) and one of the ladies there says "you're lucky, you got such an easy baby"....
LOL, something similar happened to me when I took dd to apply for her social security card. The woman behind the counter said, "she's the quietest baby I've ever seen!" Well, yeah, she's asleep--just wait til she wakes up
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today we got haye a library card!
it was free, and doesn't expire until he turns 18!
i think that's awesome.
i have just been renting books for him out on my card but him having his own card is cool.
we read a lot, or try to anyways.
i'm reading him the witches by roald dahl, i'm going to read him roald dahl chapter books until we are done all of them and then find a new author. i love roald dahl. we got through like, 3 pages yesterday (no pictures!) without him fussing, we just laid in bed and read, it was great.

he's napping in bed now, i have been laying in there with him but i can't sleep.
i can't shut my mind off!
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Well, you have all made me feel like a slacker (Haye's even got his own library card already, for crying out loud!). OK, as of today I am re-committing to reading to dd Hey, does MDC count?
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Wow, his own library card Ryleeee. Awesome! Free is one of the best things about libraries.
Gotta run, I have to go buy the fabrci for my border.

I would love to put pictures of my quilt on here, but I don't have a digital camera. Is there any other way to do it? Like take the quilt to a photo place and have them put a picture on the internet for me? I'm clueless about computers.

Bye for now!
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Originally Posted by eclipse
I just have to laugh because it reminds me so much of my first. He wasn't high needs, unless he sensed that you had a plan to put him down to pee or eat or something equally unneccessary
How dare you try to leave your poor defenseless child alone in the swing or on the floor for 2 minutes to take care of yourself!
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you could take a picture of your quilt with a normal camera and then scan the picture once it is developed, or some places (most i think) will put your pictures on a cd for you and then you can upload them to your computer from home.

first steps first though! get them on a camera (along with pictures of you guys and then we'll coach you from there.

haye is so cute right now...he's jumping with one pinky finger in his mouth and his other hand holding his ear. he must be tired.

UGH i made such a freaking huge mess.
derek took his little bro skateboarding and i thought i'd clean up the bookshelves. well. there are 3 six foot tall 2 feet wide bookshelves with books and VHS tapes...yeah, now there is crap ALL OVER the floor. man, i have to stop using these shelves as my own personal desk and putting things back. ugh. i just made our lives worse. hopefully derek doesn't come home for a few hours!
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OK, the camera I can do. I'm a photo-aholic! Did you guys know, I have 16 photo albums full, stuffed full, of photos, from 1997 first pregnancy pictures to the present! Is that sick or what!! My kids are gonna think I'm like totally mental, when there are 50 photo albums to divide up between them. I take 2 rolls a month, 36 pictures per roll. It DOES add up aftr a while! Usually about 30 of the pictures are great and go into the album. Each album holds 300 pictures, I think. yeh, that's 2 albums per year. I need to get a life! I have a nice camera, and with some professional-quality film and a little effort, the photos come out so nice. Here's the nauseating part: 100% of the pictures are of the kids (with a few of DH and me.) Now, THAT is mental!

Only one more week and this quilt will be ready to send out for finishing!!! (That's when someone sews all three layers together---front (the fancy part), batting (stuffing!), and the backing.) Thank goodness for professional quilt-finishers!

It's bloody hot here. UGH.

Ryleeee--That's funny about the shelves. Ummm, don't yoou hate when things get worse before they get better? : Sometimes that is the story of my life, LOL.
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double post when I added link
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Don't you hate when you get in the middle of a big job and you don't want to finish it and their is no going back...hope the shelves got back together!

The house thing is going well. I am afraid to get my hopes up. I keep thinking the deal on this house is going to fall through. We will know on June 10th, a week from today, that's when tehy have to waive the condition so hopefully theirs sells and they can do that.

Then we are full out into getting ours built. We have picked our lot, picked our builder, I have visited model homes by both builders and the quality is just not there with the one guy. The people we are going with just seem so on the ball and they are anxious to get a house up. So hopefully if we can get going on this they will be motivated to get us in in a timely manner...cross your fingers. I can't wait until this is all done and I can start picking brick and siding colours, paint, ceramic tiles, carpet etc. etc. The model home I went to today has the same kitchen/dining room/living room size as ours will be..nice and roomy and big enough for an island.

I posted some pics on shutterfly so I will post a link.

Here it is..hope it works

I get tons of comments about how quiet Martina is as well. Of course it has nothing to do with attending to her every need and wearing her all the time. I am amazed at how instant the calming effect is when she is put in the ERGO. It's like all the stress falls out of her.

I have Sophia crying at the office door. Better go take care of her. She is definitely ready for bed. and the big thing...she is wearing underwear!!!

cheers ladies
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Great pictures allgirls. You have a beautiful family.

Annika had mango today for the first time. I'm not really sure what she thought of it though.

I think Annika has the same slippers that Martina is wearing in the pictures of her playing with dolls. Do they have Cookie Monster on them? If so, then Annika has them.

Annika's waking up, gotta go!
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yep..cookie monster slippers!

oh and Martina has a tooth...she's my youngest...rest were 8 to 9 months...it's upper left front...the one nest to it is right there too...I give it a week
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haye is usually instantly calmed in the ergo as well.
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Beautiful pictures, allgirls
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