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June Chit Chat Thread - Page 8

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I'm with the rest of you, just ugh. I didn't do anything yesterday but I felt totally zapped of all energy and will to move. AND to top it off, I keep misjudging how big my belly is and wacking into things/people with it. Strangers love that, let me tell you.
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Another ultrasound today...

So we've been doing monthly u/s since 20 weeks because of some medication I take. Anyway, I've never had an u/s this late before and it was pretty amazing!

We got a gace shot of this little man with ds's nose and chubby little cheeks, so his HAIR and there appears to be alot of it (according to u/s tech) and he has a rounder head than ds apparently (according to the u/s tech).

Not that these measurements really matter, but estimated weight is 5lbs7oz and he's measuring at 35w0d (I'm actually 34w2d). I'm just glad he's growing like he should be since IUGR was one of the possibilities with the med I have to take, so it was a relief to see he's moving right along. Still head down near my cervix and spine is on my left side.
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Steph, that's great news. Glad to hear everything is going well for you!

Just think tomorrow is July!!!
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Steph, that sounds like great news! Glad to hear babe is growing well!
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WOW. Someone in the October DDC just had her baby. A little 1lb.2oz. baby girl. I'll be thinking about her! I hope she does well.
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