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Count me in as well.

1. My bedroom. It's not really that bad, but I always leave that as the last place to clean. It's really just the nightstand and the shelf underneath.

2. The office.

3. The bathroom. I need to go through all of my cosmetics.

So far, I have 45 items gone.
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I'll try this...

1.) The bedroom (dh's and mine) - see other thread how I totally trashed it in my attempt to declutter. :

What I've done so far: Moved the 4 completed clothes storage bins into the smaller hallway closet where they belong, allowing us walking space and we can now make room for ONE of us on the bed... :

2.) The garage- while we don't have much in there, the things that ARE out there are most likely things we don't really need.

3.) My desk- Goal: Declutter the paperwork AND come up with a system to prevent it from getting that way again.... think it's possible???

What I've done so far: Hung the wall calander above my desk as opposed to the hallway. Made the wall that is the length of my desk my "bulliten board" (I use tape instead, so I don't have something ELSE cluttering the place) and have taped important papers (car ins info, Birthline mini calander, application for DH's birth certificate, etc) onto the wall around the calander. I have also placed 5 envelopes on the wall. Labeled: Charter Bill, Electric Bill, Acorn Loan (DW), Acorn Loan (DH), Groceries and every week I plan on placing the amount allotted in the envelopes before I go spend money elsewhere. I also have placed the slip you detach from the bill into the respective envelopes so when I PAY the bill the envelope flap actually falls shut because there is no slip holding it up ... SO I KNOW I PAID IT!!! Having the stuff on the wall staring at me has actually gotten me more motivated to DO the stuff because it isn't hidden away in a pile. I will take a picture with my disposable camera one of these days and as soon as I develop it onto a CD I'll post a pic of what I've done, so you all have a better visual of this (I'm sure you think it looks like a graffiti of bills!!)
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I am switching my desk for my closet-- still havent found my summer clothes!! So it is more urgent
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I'm in! I started on Memorial Day and already got rid of 50-60 things. I'm keeping a list of the 1st 100 at my blog. Hee hee!

Part of the trick for me is not bringing the stuff into the house in the first place. I bypassed one of my favorite stores today, because I knew I didn't need more gunk! AND I skipped vistiing the thrift store to get clothes for DD. I hate shopping yet I find it fun to shop for her!

We're giving away lots on freecycle; it's fun to put stuff on my porch and have it disappear.
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Hi everyone -
I've been lurking here the past week or so and would like to join in the fun!

I got to the point where I just wouldn't go in my living room it was so messy and depressing. Then after reading some posts on this forum i got motivated, rearranged the furniture, threw away some junk, organized the bookshelves. it felt so good to do that, and now I can bear to go in there.

I have a lot of stuff to go through and get rid of in the rest of the house, but it is certainly difficult with a packratty husband and 3 kids.

One challenge for me is the recycling. All glass and plastic drink bottles must be returned to the store (there is a 25cent deposit for each one). Some plastic items are picked up curbside every other week. Other glass and all paper/cardboard must be taken down the road to the bins. As we don't have a car and the bins are not really on our way to anywhere, this doesn't happen very often. SO we have loads of trash sitting around all the time.

Another challenge is the sheer volume of tiny playmobile toys and marbles and THINGS my children collect and that are everywhere. How do I get them to keep there stuff in their rooms?

In any case, my goal for this month is to get my bedroom, dd's and the office in order, in addition to getting rid of things.

Last week I took 2 bags of glass and 2 boxes of paper/cardboard to the recycling bins.

I have 2 big bags of clothes to give away.

I have a stack of books to donate to the library.
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I need to get into this again! Keep myself motivated MIL is about to cancel the yardsale we planned for next weekend, but I still need to go thru some stuff and box it up for a future yardsale.

3 Problem Areas

1. Office closet
2. My closet
3. Kitchen all needs re-organized

And my goal is to put 500 items into yardale boxes, or in the trash!
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It looks like we're moving in a month or two, so I need to get rid of anything I don't want to move. We are currently in a 3-bedroom house, and moving to a 2-bedroom apartment (4 rooms total - 2 bedrooms, a living/dining room, and a kitchen). We have TONS of empty space here, but I'd like to retain some of that uncluttered feeling in the new, smaller place, so I hope to get rid of as many things as I can. I set a goal of 200 items, but I don't have any spots that I intend to focus on. I just want to do it all.
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Problem Areas:

1. My Dh's office -- he needs to set up where he wants to work as we're now using his study as a bedroom. He's working on it now, I think, as I can hear lots of sliding of furniture and banging up there.

2. My study. Basically, I want to go through my desk and organize it.

3. Basement -- We threw lots of stuff here from other areas we cleaned out. Oops!
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I wanna try this. We had a small yard sale a couple weeks ago and made alot more money than I thought we would. So I want to pay more attention this time. And get rid of more.

Three Rooms
1- Kids room (too many toys)
2- my room (boxes that havent been unpacked in 6 months)
3-Kitchen(unused appliances)

I think ill get started on the kids room tomorrow. This will be good motivation.
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Oh, please! May I play too?
DH and I were just sitting around, exhausted, last night, depressed over the state of our household. We have a house that's too small for the 4 of us and we are recovering packrats. We have 2 little ones and find it so hard to get anything done; by the time the daily chores are finished, there's never much time to work on anything else.

My areas:
1) kitchen: need to declutter and get this usable again; I cringe everytime I do anything in here.
2) master bedroom: need to get bed off of frame and onto floor so baby won't fall, need to stop using this room for storage, need basic cleaning in here
3) porch: this was recently painted and dropcloths are still waiting to be taken up, a new rug is leaning in the corner, books are off their shelves and piled on our dining room table, rendering that unusable...
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OK I got rid of 41 items yesterday from the living room. Mostly junky toys. I may go through our records today as well. We have way more than we need. I can't remember the last time I put on a Beethoven record, if ever!
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My three areas are:

1. the basement
2. the attic
3. my closet

a 4th area is for DH - his office. Dang, that place is clutter city.

I also need to finish the hall closet from last month. That will be quick, though.

So far I've thrown out three items from the bathroom. I couldn't bear to part with them last month when I did the bathroom.

497 to go.
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I'm going to focus on:

The master closet- I need to do some major downsizing, I'm well on my way with 125 items so far!

The kitchen and pantry- need to get everything put back and un cluttered after we replaced out countertops. "Donated" quite a few things to my brother this weekend, 50 and counting.

My desk- the whole office needs it, but that might be too much for one month, how sad is that? :

We did really well this weekend and even made two BIG dump runs! Most of it was yard debris, but we also had our old countertops and some garage cabinets that no one was interested in, and a some cardboard to recycle. It felt great to get it out of our house/yard!

Sounds like many of us are well on our way, keep up the good work mamas!
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I don't HAVE 500 items to get rid of...lol... I have been doing some absolutely MASSIVE decluttering recently. I'm down to between 40 & 50 books - when I moved to my current city 10 years ago I had four bookcases FULL! My sole remaining bookcase has two shelves of four that are TOTALLY empty of books! I'm doing a switcheroo with a good friend this weekend who has a ton of books. She's getting my big bookcase, and I'm getting a small one of hers. We've traded a good bit of stuff back and forth! The computer desk I'm on now is from her college days - this way I didn't have to buy one. And I have some drawer space, which I didn't have with the old kitchen table I was using!

Anyhow, I've been going through my bits of stuff left and even finding stuff to give as gifts at Christmas and upcoming birthdays, etc., for a few friends (mostly books or a few religious icons). The icons are blessed, and thus cannot be just thrown away!

My kitchen is down to the bare minimum, although I did recently buy a microwave (didn't have room for one in the last place, so gave it away). After about a year in this place, living with the counter space, figured I could handle having one again - and boy am I glad I did!

My thing is just to keep up with the paper!
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I've updated my original post on here to reflect what I have accomplished so far.
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OK, I'm up to 68 items. I'm with the PP who said she didn't have 500 items to get rid of. I'm sticking with my original plan to get rid of 200 items this time. We don't have mountains of clutter or anything like that.
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Thread Starter 

Hot spots

My three areas are:

1. My bedroom
2. The loo
3. Mount Wash-more! :
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My house is really pretty good when it comes to clutter, but I have a few areas that need some work. I'm just going to focus on my "trouble areas" instead of counting items if that is okay.

Okay this is what I'm working on right now:

1) organizing dd's toys & art- tossing any broken toys/items with missing parts, pare down to the basics we actually use & put the rest in a box for our upcoming yardsale, sort keep items together in the boxes I bought today at IKEA, and make a spot for recent art projects to hang.

2) Kids clothing & My clothing - Make a trash bag and a yardsale bag. Organize existing clothing items.

3) Organize my massive amount of craft supplies - Gosh, I even dread putting this on the list I've been avoiding this for months : I can't even used anything I have because I have no clue where half the items are for each type of craft. I have sewing, knitting, scrapbooking, and fabric dying items all thrown together in a room.

4) Clean out kitchen utensil drawer & tupperware cabinet -The utensil drawer is HUGE and full of measuring cups, sippy cups, parts to appliances, etc. The tupperware cabinet is really deep so I think there is stuff hiding in there that I have forgotten about

Items 2 & 4 are not that time consuming, but item 3 scares the crap outta me! I want you ladies to make me actually do it! And prove it with pics!

I'm starting the toy declutttering tommorrow.... I'll check in afterwards!
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I got rid of my first thing today; I freecycled an old floor lamp.

Total: 1
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I have been wanting to get started for days. But my kids have been sick and then I am sick. But I have started the kitchen. So far 4 things to get rid of 2 to throw away and 2 to pack to take to my mother for our yard sale at the end of summer. I'll update later when I finish the kitchen for now though its 4 down 496 to go lol

Update 24/500
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