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I'm in!! We're having a garage sale next week, so I"ve already got a pile going

My trouble spots are:
1. basement
2. basement
3. basement

I could probably give the kitchen a going over, I've already sorted out the clothes ds's have outgrown, so now it's time to get rid of the stuff that has accumulated "down there" !!!!

HEre's my purged list so far....
5 mismatched old chairs
1 leather chair and ottoman
1 vacuum cleaner
1 charcoal grill + its accessories
1 Fish Tank and its accessories
10 flower pots
2 stools
10 stamp sets
20 stamp pads
2 indoor outdoor rugs

I"m up to 43....I'll shoot for 200 also as I make montly trips to GW adn the library with donations. We're military so we routinely PURGE HUGE AMOUNTS every couple of years...but it's alwasy great to get rid of the uneccessary clutter/stuff!!!

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Ok, to my above total I can add:
2 more stamp sets
8 more stamp pads
a set of dishes for 12 (plates, dessert plates, bowls, cups and saucers...is that one or 60?)

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Originally Posted by SRHS
Ok, to my above total I can add:
2 more stamp sets
8 more stamp pads
a set of dishes for 12 (plates, dessert plates, bowls, cups and saucers...is that one or 60?)

I counted individual things because I am doing 500 and I want to feel like im making progress.

I am at 144/500. Most of it was small but I am really happy abot it and you can tell a difference already.

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I did nothing today : Okay, I take it back I made the bed, did the dishes and then spent the rest of the day surfing MDC, playing with my toddler and snuggling my baby. Oh well, tommorrow is another day!
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: Well I have done nothing so far! Maybe I was not ready for this. Mainly though it is because my babies have reversed their days and nights. So when we are up the rest of the family is sleeping. This means that I don't have anyone to help watch them while I do this (and they are little beasties- get into too much trouble on their own) and I feel like I will wake the house trying to do this. So I have decided to wait until I have them switched back (I am making some progress) and then see if I can catch up! Any way I haven't given up yet!
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Today I'm putting in the trash: a bedskirt, 2 stainless steel mixing bowls, and 4 Corelle bowls that were encouraging to large portions, when I'm trying to cut down!

Tomorrow a friend is getting: the 6 qt mixing bowl from the set of 3, a dressy velour dress and the wrap that goes with it, my large bookcase (I only have one) being traded for a smaller one of hers, my set of Little House books from when I was a kid, going to her daughter who is my goddaughter.
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We are having our yard sale this weekend, so while I did not officially sign up at the start of the month, I am on board!

I am purging all baby items. My youngest is 5, and while DH feels it is tempting fate to get rid of the crib (which we never used anyway) and most of the baby clothes/toys, I am feeling reckless . This cleans out one of my probelm areas; DD's closet. Also going are most of the outgrown toddler toys and all the clothes my freinds did not take for their kids. That's about 200 items there.

Christmas items are another big purge. I just do not feel like I need to keep all the ornaments/knick knacks people have given me over the years. I have a box full of knock off snow babies (about 25!), a set of holly glasses (6), tree plates (6), and mugs (6). so thats 33 more right? This takes care of a corner of the basement. We threw in some furniture left by prior owners, bringing us to an even 35.

The kids are getting rid of 1/2 their toys. I would guess that's about 50 items, and 25 books.

My closet is another hot spot. I am purging all clothes not worn in 2 years (I know it should be one!) and anything more/less than 2 sizes larger/smaller than my current size. Lets get real, I will never be a 4 again
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DH and I are so happy about all that we've done. We're moving the house around so things are still a bit chaotic and in progress. However, I've gotten rid of about 100 things on freecycle, ebay or at goodwill. We dropped off a few boxes.

oops baby crying gotta dash
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Got rid of some more today up to 222. I do believe I might make it..heck i might get up to 1000 lol. I guess we'll just have to have a july challenge.
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While I can keep everything else down easily, paper is the bane of my existence!: If can take care of it right when I get the mail, that helps a LOT! I take stuff to work to put through the big shredder since I don't have one at home
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I worked in the master bedroom today; I would say it's about half done. I moved boxes of holiday stuff and old baby clothes to the attic, as well as several stacks of books. I enlisted DH's help (he spent the day boy-wrangling to let me work) to move the heavy wooden cradle up to the attic. I moved the unused crib to the other side of the room, and shifted our bed up against the wall. I then [I]cleaned beneath the bed[I] in preparation for later getting rid of the frame.
Yuck. Beds on frames attract so much dust underneath.
I forgot to count what I tossed, but I did fill up two huge trash bags, plus set aside things for donation and resale.
All in all, a productive day.
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Up to 316 today. I ended up doing areas I didnt list. I have been working in my living room which we are in all the time and always gets messy because we have too much stuff. Most of the items have been from in here. cd's magazines, papers that we dont really need to keep. I had two big piles of papers on my bookshelf and now they are gone and the books are all in a row. I am really happy about that. Its a "sunroom" area off our living room and I have my bookshelf and a couple bean bags. I think I will make a couple big floor pillows to put there too. Just a little place to chill and read or crochet.
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Ugh. I haven't been doing anything these past few days. I feel like such a slug. DH and I managed to sleep in the bed the other night, but he feels too confined because the rest of the room is trashed still (well, and he tripped trying to find his glasses in the morning and flew into the dresser : ) so he's moved out to the couch as opposed to the chair (I am not as blind as he in the AM so I'm in the bedroom.)

I don't work on Monday so I'm hoping I'll be able to get some more done.
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3 more things gone - religious icons (from my collection) - to three families whose babies were baptized at my church today. The "collection" is getting to be a decent number!
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Got it up to 366 today.
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Ok, counting the dishes as 60..so up to 183...yesterday DH and I made a HUGE dent in the basement!!! Now to my total I can add

42 books (old school books, books inhereted, passed down, etc)
Got rid of 2 boxes of stuff (small shoe boxes of old cards, etc)
the elipitical trainer
5 baskets

UP to 231/500!!! That doesn't even count the 3 bags of paper we got rid of through recycling and 3 empty boxes we broke down and put in recycling!!

AHHHH....the basement is looking LARGE again!!!
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This weekend I tackled the laundry mountain of doom!! (I washed 3 loads of just towels.) :
I de-junked my boys' room (even though it wasn't on my list. I wanted them to have a cozy place to spend the summer holidays, rather than living in a disaster area! Now it looks so GOOD! ) and got rid of:

1 foam rubber "mattress pad" that the neighbor gave us along with my daughter's bed
(roughly) 8 stuffed animals (the bane of a mum's existance! : )
2 flat sheets
4 pillowcases
1 ratty quilt
a garbage bag full of rubbish from under my youngest son's bed

I also have a box of books to take to the used bookshop, and a bag of things my daughter has outgrown that are destined for a family at church whose daughter is just smaller than mine.
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413 now. How do we aquire so much junk?
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I am in again for this month ~ I just hit Joanne's today and brought home a few things I hope it doesn't become clutter!

My 3 areas are:

1. Spare room
2. Kitchen
3. My bedroom

Today, I threw out a garbage bag worth of stuff, freecycled some gift bags, and put a bag of stuff in the garage sale pile so I will say so far I have rid my house of :

30 items

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I started onthe kids room tonight. I am up over 500 i'm sure. BUt I'll just say I made my goal. WOOHOO. Now I am uping it to 750. I still have stuff to do in their room. And i have my whole bedroom to declutter. But the kitchen and living room are DONE. YAY
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