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It's June and humid get running and racing mamas!!

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Everyone's welcome! We've got walkers, woggers, all distance racers and some speedy mamas! The thread moves fast but it'll sure to get you moving so jump right in!
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darn you 2babybees, you beat me too it...so I guess we'll see who's friends with who
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Originally Posted by babybugmama
darn you 2babybees, you beat me too it...so I guess we'll see who's friends with who
I think I got the advantage simply because I got the link to the other thread Great minds on the same path
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so I get to look like the loser with no posts to my thread
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Poor BBM.

Subbing. Race list in a sec.
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Race list & preggie list

Please let me know if you have anything that needs to be added, deleted, or otherwise updated on the list!

Note: I am repurposing the gloomy smiley as a humid, sweaty smiley.

: :

doctorjen - Run for Glory 5K - July 1
mamabeth - The Peachtree (10K) - July 4
kate~mom - Firecracker 4 miler - July 4
2babybees - Star-Spangled 5K - July 4
ChamaMama - 5K - July 22
Balancin1 - 5K - July 30
2babybees - Women's Only Triathlon - July 30
nancy926 - 5K - August 5
JenLove - 5 mi run for Copperman Triathlon team - August 5
ChamaMama - 10K - September
poppywise - 5K - September 9
kate~mom, nancy926, grnmtnmama, pumpkinseed, mr. pumpkinseed - Philly Distance Run (half) - September 17
Patti Ann & everyone else who would like to participate - Griffin Patrick 5K - September 24
cRebRun & 1jooj - Fox Cities Marathon - September 24
kpinny - half - September
lucenamama - half - October 1
Plady - half - October 1
wawoof - RNR Half San Jose - October 8
mamabeth - half - October 22
kpinny - Marine Corps Marathon - October 29
Shantimama - half - October
Kerc - half - October
Runningmommy - marathon - October
eksmom - Suntrust Richmond Marathon - November 11

The Preggo Dingo List

HBM - September 6 - :
Patti Ann - October 12 - :
ND - December 5 - :
BBM - December 30 - :
Saskiasmom - March?? - :
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eksmom-please add my 10K this sunday to the list-

thanks-I am a technical idiot-I hve no idea how to do links-which is also why I have never posted pictures!

dh is "letting" me run this one-so hard when both of us run-too early to get someone to come up to watch K so we can both do it!
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Wow - talk about a chatty day!!!!

I am hanging out here 'cause I like it so much.

But I do have to get some work done - like two papers submitted before I go to London (Ontario) for my course residency next week. One of them is half written. Of course, that is the one that was due 2 months ago - the other is due today and here I am hanging out with the dingoes.

bbm - GREAT news. I have been worried about you - I hope the lumps disappear quickly.

grnmtnmama - I have never heard the song - I always think of "The Secret Life of Bees" when I wear the socks - my all time FAVOURITE book. Now I have to figure out where I can hear the song.

Did someone say that the Indigo Girls have a new CD out? I love them!

So where are all of the WI ladies? We haven't heard from them in awhile it seems.......

Must work - I think I can get a lot done this afternoon. thank goodness this isn't a heavy academin course, it is more intense personally. I am have had a prety intense day, so I think I am up for it

to all of you!
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Pumpkinseed, I added you... I'm embarrassed to ask this but when I saw Herndon I was confused as to where you live again? One of my college roommates was from Herndon...
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Wawoof - yeah, I was thinking the same! We could leave the Dh's with the kids and get out on a trail! (I was actually thinking me you and Liz, but she has a torn achilles and may not be running by then )

Kerc - hooray on the paper. Sorry about the job

Geo and Kpinny - have fun this weekend!
.... any of you science geeks heading out to the bay area in the fall for one of those conferences?......

BBM - phew! on the lump. Hope you get in your run

2bb's - wowza on the 9pm run. That's some serious comitment

monikaut - you're gonna be great! Im gettin excited

Gym was good. Rode a hard and fast (rpm) 22 miles and ran 2. I think I may be doing this race July 4th. Dh got the day off. .. it'll be ten years since the only other time I ran it. Have a good day all
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eksmom-I used to live there-I am one town over now-still in No.Va What years did you go to college? One of my dear friends went to W&M and still lives in Wmsbg with her dh (who also went there both undergrad and MBA) and their 4 kids! I think I am older than you though-we graduated in 92
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Pumpkinseed, I was at W&M from 94-98. My roommate's name was Gazala, her family was Pakistani... I think she had an older brother also but his name is not coming to me right now. We were roommates freshman year.

It's funny about W'burg, a lot of people seem to go to W&M and then end up staying. We have quite a few friends who did that, more than I would expect anyway.
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Pumpkinseed: My mom is away and so is dh so it might have to be my dad who looks after dd while i go to the not tupperware party. I will just tell him it is a ladies party, could not actually tell him

BBM: glad the lump seems to be okay

did not run today but did go out for a walk with dd, my dad and the dogs, will run again tomorrow
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bbm--shwew on the lumps.

grnmtmama, LOVE the swiffer. I don't knit, either.

I got a call re: the job. I have to go in, AGAIN, and I think I am getting an offer. But not FT. The HR rep was kind of stingy with details on the phone, but she said "less than FT," and when I pressed a bit (PT? Freelance?) she came up with "as needed." Seems the work volume has lessened, and I think of the 2 candidates, maybe I'm the only one not currently employed, which they are in a position to exploit.

Maybe. Because if they can't give me some kind of regularity, the childcare will be an obstacle. Unless I'm working nearly entirely from home. But I'll absolutely need some childcare to ever, ever go into an office. So, we shall meet again, next week in fact, and I'll discover more then. Hopefully about pay, schedules and such. Frankly, I am willing to work less than FT if I can swing the childcare thing, and of course I would try to work it toward FT over time (as little time as possible, of course).

Now, I am hungry. Biked a little with kiddos today (maybe 6mi). Might run this PM, if dh gives me the thumbs up.
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saskiasmom what a pretty post

I'm emailing with dh back and forth. I think i'm going to ask if when he gets home from classes if I can go for a wog.

What do you all think of my new avatar?

How's fall in SA sally?

Shanti - how're your quilts doing? What did you finally decide on how to sell/market them?
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1jooj - crossposted hmmm on the job....I hope you're wrong about wanting to take advantage or your lack of current employment....that gives me warning bells.
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still not running, but at least subbing
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Originally Posted by saskiasmom
Wawoof - yeah, I was thinking the same! We could leave the Dh's with the kids and get out on a trail! (I was actually thinking me you and Liz, but she has a torn achilles and may not be running by then )
Sorry to hear about Liz's torn Achilles. But a trail run'd be great!

Kristin & Grnmtnmama - thanks for the tips about growth spurts and reassurance not to panic yet. i defintely think that he's in a growth spurt. he's 5.5mo old, and yesterday he drank 17oz BM at daycare on top of eating 1/2 banana for breakfast at home and a whole jar of sweet potatoes at lunch at daycare i think my freezer stash will be enough to last through a week or two growth spurt. and hopefully i can pump close to enough once af is gone. i'm adding back in a noontime pumping, which hopefully will help. Kristin, thanks so much for offering up part of your freezer stash if I need it

for Wendy - wretched PPt, give up that poster NOWWWWW!!! Ppt seems less reliable than it used to be - maybe more buggy because it's more complicated? But I haven't figured out a good alternative for presentations

BBM - so glad for your good news about the lumps!

nancy - way to go ms hardcore runnin' in the rain!

pumpkinseed - sounds like a great run. I'm a hasher - ON, ON!!! speaking of which, ON-ON in your race this weekend!

shantimama - good luck with your papers!

sallyz - on on tomorrow

just did course evals in a class during which i ran out of time to finish my planned activities *again* - ugh
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