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Originally Posted by loftmama
kerc, you got skeeters in minnesota??
Are you kidding? The land of 10,000 lakes? I sure dont miss that about MN.
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Welcome Balancin1 - hydration...I just drank a ton, especially when nursing, dd was a marathon nurser. But she gradually weaned at about 2 1/2. Things to keep her entertained.... well I always went soon as she woke up (and after she nursed) and fed her breakfast in the jogger...I tried to keep it interesting, bagels with cream cheese and no sugar jelly; scrambled eggs, lots of fruit, dried fruit bits, nuts, grapes, lots of finger foods basically. Then we would play games like the world was a jungle, and that tree was a giraffe...or we would play Oooo I see a BLUE car (like it was manna from heaven or something).

Believe it or not I got out there and wogged! It's really interesting but I can run for 5 min, then I have to walk, then I can run for 5 more minutes with another must walk, and then I can actually run for a bit...it's weird, it's like I've gotta get really warmed up before my preggo body can handle it. But hey, that's fine with me, it's just odd.
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oh and to balancin1, nancy, and chama!
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Okay here's a good ice breaker question for y'all:

What do you consider to the most valuable thing you own: when you were a child/teenager/now?
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Originally Posted by babybugmama
What do you consider to the most valuable thing you own: when you were a child/teenager/now?
ok, just to clairfy before i sound completely superficial...this should be an actual physical object that we have in our possession, not something abstract like "the love of my children" ?
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yes, material possession.

Child - probably this stuffed dog I had (have), we moved a lot and it's the only thing I could keep up with...or this pillow my mom embroidered a cat on. I would wear it out and she would cut the embroidery off and put it on a new pillow.

Teenager - My bike?

Now - my pillow, it's so soft. (that or of course the common answer - photos and dd's artwork)
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Originally Posted by babybugmama
Okay here's a good ice breaker question for y'all:

What do you consider to the most valuable thing you own: when you were a child/teenager/now?
Child- My cabbage patch doll that had my name on it's birth certificate and looked like me(ie blue eyes and blonde pigtails)

Teenager- my truck, nothing fancy 4-cylinder engine that got awesome gas mileage and helped me move around for years.

Now- Mother and child necklace my father got me a few weeks after dd was born.
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possession...probably a cross that my mom had made for me when I got ordained. It is in the shape of a cross my dad got me before he died and that I have tattooed on my side, and she had his wedding ring melted down and made into a dogwood flower in the center.

that, and I also found the PERFECT pair of jeans recently!

I have just a few minutes to post (and try to catch up!) before the packing resumes. we are CD'ing on this trip and I swear it's like planning a battle. But I did run today at the gym, almost 4 miles and I watched the spelling bee on ESPN! It was great. The kids are so cute and so thrilled with themselves, and rightfully so...those words are HARD.

bbm--glad everything is good with you and the peanut! I always needed a looooong warmup when I was running pg. Like, if I did 3 miles, the first two miles were the warmup. But it's awesome that you're out there wogging.

creb--hope you're feeling better now! it's so easy to get dehydrated.

balancin1--welcome! I trained for a marathon with a nursing toddler and honestly, I would sneak out without nursing her on the days I had my superlong runs. If I nursed her before the long ones, I could notice a difference in how I felt. But she was down to a few times a day by then and was okay with waking up with just daddy.

kerc--belatedly...I'm sorry you didn't get the job. They don't know what they're missin'

okay, got to go resume the pack-fest. my dh is so great and hands-on, but how does it fall to me to pack the kids clothes/diapers? he would say it's because I care about things like if they....um....match. well, yep.

take care y'all, I'll miss you guys and try to scan the thread when I can. My granddaddy STILL hasn't died, poor guy, so hopefully he can let go soon.
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wow, BBM, that's a toughie. i'll have to think on that.

sitting here IMing with tech support trying to fix dh's email. it's been down all day and i haven't been able to deal with it because work was so busy.

in the marathon relay team, i'm the one on the far right. the one who needs better posture :LOL
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I'm doing better...ate dinner, actually. Still getting the creepy crawly feverish skin crawls and queasiness, but getting much better.

So, since you all show off your craftiness, i thought I'd show my photography. I would show some of my paintings, but that would take too long to do...and I'm more passionate about photography, anyway. These are all photos i took on our camping trip over the weekend. (and a couple of us and the girls, of course)

Washington Island photos
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please add me to the race list for the Philly Distance Run (half marathon) sept 17. Kate~mom...did I see you were doing that one too? have you done it before? I ran it in 2004 and it was soooooo flat...loved it. especially after training here in the ver monts of Vermont! (okay bad French joke.)

Welcome Balancin1!!!! I am a nursing and running mama too. I second the idea of sports drinks, at least for longer runs. I haven't needed to purchase any yet since I'm just starting back...but soon. (And do they make running bras for lopsided mamas? wow do I need one of those.)

I'm working on a ppt presentation too....my first in a loooong time. Going to speak to some medical students about careers in science writing. Ha! They have no idea what they're in for.

Anyway...kids are in bed and DH is watching the spelling bee. I'd call him nerdy but I'm going to go watch with him and then go to bed.

Oh - 2 miles run/walk today!
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Mamabeth, I hope you have a good, safe trip. I will pray for peace for your granddaddy.

Prized possession as a child: my baseball card collection. Also my copy of Harriet the Spy. As a teen: that's a tough one, either my station wagon, "Rita," or my trumpet. Now? My grandmother's engagement ring (a fake emerald). My Papa died before I was born, but she wore that ring every day of her life. I can still see her hands as clear as day (she passed away in 2000). I thought the ring was lost in our last move and was in a panic, but actually I'd put it somewhere "safe" - you know, safe even from myself.

My bike is running a close second right now. We're in the beginning stages of an intense love affair.

Ladies, I must cut this short and go fold laundry until DD decides she's ready to nurse. I will catch up on personals tomorrow. Nighty night.
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this afternoon was get ready for garage sale-o-rama. you know, it's really hard for me to part with my itty baby stuff. dh is a definite no more kids, I want another. even talk of the big snip could send me into tears (he brought it up again today).

ok prized possessions. hmmm.

child ?
teenager ?
how sad is it to say I don't really have one.
I love love love my wedding band and cried the first time I had to take it off. But I can't wear it when I'm pregnant and/or nursing (my fingers are fatter) so I'm not attached to it right now.

and now I'll let you in on the big secret of why I have no prized items:
I'm a thumb sucker. Have been since birth and have tried for lo these 31 years to quit and I just can't. When i am stressed out I need to suck to calm down. So obviously I don't do it in public, but if I'm stressed AND have a bandaid on my thumb, yowza. So does that mean my thumb is a prized item?

those of you who have them available, please send some prayers/healing thoughts for my sister. She's the one who attempted suicide about 2 weeks ago. She's doing ok, I think. But prior to the attempt she'd had an abnormal pap -- today she had a biopsy of the cervix -- she has hpv. The doc asked her how many partners she'd had. She told him. He discussed her history and basically said she'd probably gotten it from her most recent ex (the breakup is probably what sent her over the edge).I wasn't even sure what to say. I think i might try to plan a trip down there soon though. She could use some cheering up. Oh and although she has great health insurance, it doesn't cover her er trip nor the hospital ride because they took her to the wrong hospital (and she told them to take her to the right one). All around this girl could use a break.
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Geez, you guys, 53 posts since lunch ?1?!!

I'm not sure about the prized possessions. I'm not that attached to much, and I've kind of always been like that. I can't think of anything right now. I'll think about it overnight.

I ran 3 days in a row, and I'm taking an intentional off day today. I ran during ds's baseball practice last night - just ran out 15 minutes, then turned around and came back. Due to one way streets, it was a little longer coming back, plus, it was humid and hot and I didn't have enough sleep, so I took 2 walk breaks the last mile. It was 3.25 miles total, though, with a bunch of hills and since I ran in town I had to bump dd up and down the curbs every block. Took me 33:04, so not too bad. I'll probably run short tomorrow and try for 6 on Sat.

I added up my milage for May, and for the year to date. I'm 28 miles behind on my annual goal. That's 4 extra miles a month I need to run now until 2007. Think I can catch up?

eksmom - can you add the Run for Glory 5K for me on July 1? There's no cool link as it's just a small local race - but it's where I ran my lifetime PR last year, so hopefully I can get close again.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes for dd. I showed them to her because she loves big print and smilies. For the last 2 years her bedtime routine has been bath, brush teeth, nurse in recliner, then bed. Tonight, after brushing teeth, I ran to put my own jammies on, thinking she'd be getting in the recliner. Instead, I found her in her bottom bunk in ds's room. I asked her if she wanted to nurse or just go to bed, and she said "Just go to bed." So I kissed her and tucked her up, and that was it. She hasn't nursed since bedtime last night, so we'll see what this means. Probably she'll want to nurse 20 times tomorrow. Right? I mean, she wouldn't just wean without warning me?
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Subbing on page 3!!! I'm sorry I can't keep up today. Dh needs the computer.

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kerc - so sorry about your sister, sending all the healing vibes i can
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Originally Posted by kerc
and now I'll let you in on the big secret of why I have no prized items:
I'm a thumb sucker.
OK, so I guess I left out a prized possession that has been with me through all three stages...

My blankie. No, not the same one... though I'm actually only on my third one for my lifetime. It stays in the bed (well, except when DD drags it around the house like a giant Swiffer, yuck!). I can sleep without it, but I'd rather sleep with it. I decided a while back that some people drink or do drugs, I have a blankie and I was going to accept that about myself.

Kerc, I'm sorry your sister is getting hit from all sides. It has to ease up, right?

Gotta get to work, more later...
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kerc - for your sister - and you too.

drjen - yikes! I had such mixed feelings when my youngest began to wean. Keep us posted.

Favourite things?
child - stuffed mouse I used to dry my tears. Poor thing's fluffy nose was in pretty rough shape byu the time I grew up

teenager - stereo - I loved losing myself in music. I had it set up so there was one speaker on each side of my bed and that is how I went to sleep every night.

now - pictures. Also the first Shantiquilt I made. I am wrapped up in it right now. I made it because it kept showing up in my dreams and in the paintings I was doing in my therapy - my therapist asked me one day if I had a blanket like that when I was a child because it should up in practically all of the artwork I was doing. I didn't have one, but on my way home that day I stopped at a fabric store and bought all of the colours I was using and made this quilt. I love it love it love it.
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Kerc / eksmom - I must admit I was a thumbsucker for a long time...and as for blankies? I think that's what my pillow is for me, It's always a flannel pillow case and feather pillow, so ultra soft and squishy.

Shantimama - that sounds neat, do you have a picture of it?

doctorjen - that is such a bittersweet time

Kerc for your sister, what a rough ride for her...
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I didn't go running last night like I had planned. I just felt icky and out of energy. I have my work cut out for me today though, even if I don't get to run. I get to babysit a 3-year-old boy from 9-2, and then I'm going to babysit twin 3-year-old boys until 9pm. : JK It should actually be a fun day, and I'll make $100.

CherylAnn ~

doctorjen ~ You can catch up. Add a warm up and cool down to your runs (if you don't already).

kerc ~ I'm still praying for your sister.

Reb ~ I'm glad you are feeling a little better. At least you got some real food in you. Your pictures from Washington Island are lovely. Is that off of Door County?
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