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It's June and humid get running and racing mamas!! - Page 38

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I have not run in three days due to our schedule and I am going loopy-its also been raining non stop-so that has something to do with it as well. Dh is at the gym now, when he gets home I am heading out to do some TM work. Haven't been on a TM in months-I was thinking of trying to get my 8 miles in, but not sure if I want to do that on the TM? We were doing yardwork all yesterday morning and then decided to go to the pool before it rained-which meant during K's naptime-so I tried to put her down when we got back-oh.my.goodness.-i know better, I really do-but you know sometimes you just want to have fun and not "stick" to shedules-she does fine with being lax about nightime to a degree-but if she is not down at 1 for her naps-watch out-: the thing that kills me is dh just doesn't care-her being unruly just doesn't bother him-meanwhile-I am the one huffing and puffing around the house because of it-not good-I wish I had a more easy going personality like him -guess that is why we are good for each other

saskiasmom- I am so excited for you-I hope you are able to work through all of the anxiety-we will all be here for you

bbm-I so know what you mean about being in the groove-my last four runs have been awful-which is one of the reasons I think I wasn't super motivated to try to get my runs in these past few days.

B1-ouch-hurdles on tile? I did hurdles in middle school-not sure why-I was not any good-it was something to try? I was only 4'10" in middle school-you think someone would have put two and two together and told me it wasn't a good idea


geo-your trip sounded great-congrats on the board assignment

chamamama-sorry about the grumpiness-it stinks not to run...

patti and nd- good to hear from you guys!

runningmommy-way to go-kick butt time

jooj-your lr with your sister sounded great! don't you hate it when people who aren't "used" to running those distances do it without complaining

flitters-my dd loves to climb up in the running stroller now herself as well-we went through a period of around a month when she was around 15 months where it was pure torture to try to get her in-thank goodness that passed!

I am going to go stretch here so as not to "waste" time when I get to the gym-enjoy the rest of your wknd everyone!
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Amara ~ I just booked tickets to SJC 8/29-9/5 for my mom's 60th bday. We'd love to see you!
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I'm completely behind ladies. Ran 8.65 miles on Saturday morning. Longest run in awhile and the old injured leg was complaining. I have gotten lax about stretching but I guess I need to get back into it. Rode 18 miles on the bike bright and early this morning and enjoyed a kid-free mostly day with a couple of friends in Ann Arbor. It has been years since I got up there and it was a blast.

Still processing the dp stuff which hasn't been terribly fun but I am getting a lot of outside support from friends that is at least making me feel like a human being again. I think I have been depressed for a long time prior to coming to this point. Seeing the other side makes me realize how unhealthy things were.

Must go screeching toddler...
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Hello ladies. Chris' parents took libby for the first time at their house over night from Sat morning until this evening (I'm waiting fot them to get home right now) so it was just me and Amelia...and a wedding to photograph...and two teeth to cut. She's been so upset this weekend. i feel terrible for her. One is through and the other is a couple days behind, so she'll probably be through it by the time Chris gets home on Friday. It's the top two front teeth.
The wedding was highly stressful but went well. I think i'm always more nervous than the bride when I do a wedding. eek! I posted a couple of the photos on the blog, and I am about to post another one that I worked on today.
I am sick. I had an allergic reaction to the antibiotics for the lung infection. Now i'm sicker and expect that she'll tell me that I must have the surgery. We'll see.
I'd love to run but my hip hurts and I swore to myself that I'd wait until my doc appt on Tuesday. He'd better give me cortisone or he's in for a world of hurt.
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I just had a wonderful 15 or so mile bike ride. I haven't had such a long moment of solitude in quite a while. It was enjoyable to be alone with my thoughts.

I need to post here more. Hopefully I can catch up in the morning and do some personals....dishes are calling me now.
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s cReb - hope you feel better!
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creb, cute pix! Sounds like you had quite a day. Sorry about all your aches and pains. (and what a crappy thing for your doctor to say to you : )
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moonshine, not really a crappy thing... I've been putting off having the surgery for a long time now and I just keep getting sicker. I was supposed to have had it 8 months ago. She was just saying that this was the last thing we could try that was non-surgical. But thanks
ETA...oops, you meant my old Ortho guy, didn't you? From my story in the blog. Sorry. yeah, that was super crappy. He's a jerk.
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yes, ortho guy. : : But surgery doesn't sound nice either.
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Originally Posted by Geofizz
Amara ~ I just booked tickets to SJC 8/29-9/5 for my mom's 60th bday. We'd love to see you!
YAYYYY!!!! We'll be here and we're excited to see you too! Our schedule is pretty open, though weekends are somewhat easier. Let us know when your family is willing to set you free. So excited to see you all again and meet Elliot!

Today was great. Woke up and watched England win a world-cup game, then went on an hour family run, during which E was an angel and G fell asleep Got back and rushed to get ready to go to a conference where I was co-coordinating a session and a dinner. Pumped up the tires on my bike, pulled out my old bike shorts, and rode to the conference - a very nice 15 min ride. Arrived a little later than planned but still plenty early. Our session was a huge hit, attracting 130 people, whereas we had expected maybe 40. Very exciting! Then caught up with colleagues after the session and during dinner. One of my research students came to the session and dinner, and it was so cool to be able to introduce her to my colleagues - and felt so strange since I was just on the other end of that picture less than a year ago! Then a few drinks with colleagues until I was called home to help put kiddies in bed. DH took kiddies to the children's museum and an AP family get-together and they all had a good time. Altogether, about as good as days get in my present life
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Wow Mamas, it is pouring rain here. : I wore my running clothes to work with the plan of getting on the TM... my feet got so soaked I had to wring out my socks. I'm trying to let them dry a bit before I put them back on and head down there. Sheesh. I didn't run yesterday so I'd really like to get it done this morning.
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Where did the weekend go????

I am so ready to get my kids out of school. There have been lots of good things about it, but the bad stuff too. This last couple of weeks the language has gotten out of control. They are so saturated with the swearing they hear on the bus and at the back of the playground that it is starting to come out at home. I am not impressed:

The cool thing is that as things have would down at school, they are picking more up learning-wise at home. The homeschooling influence must still be there. They are pulling out geography books, math books, teaching themselves new music - breaking free of the "curriculum" and just learning because they like it. I hope that continues!

Busy but good week coming up: grocery shopping and errands this morning, year end school assembly this afternoon, drive to Toronto to spend the night with friends and then go to a care conference for my friend who is in a nursing home tomorrow morning - THEN (I just worked this part out last night so I am still pretty pumped) one of my best friends, who lives in Bloomington IN is in Toronto and meeting me. Her 20 year old son and his friends are keeping the car to do the Toronto scene for a couple of days and I am bringing my friend and her 10 yo dd home with me. Then we are all piling into the van and heading up north to a cottage for the rest of the week.: Her dd and my ds have been friends since birth and are so cute together My friend is so creative, funny, wild and loving - it should be a great week. We are going to Tobermory - pull up a map of Ontario adn you will see it at the very tip of the Bruce Peninsula (divides Georgian Bay from Lake Huron) It is so beautiful up there.

I just have to remember to pack my running stuff and get out there and DO IT.
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Where did it go, indeed?!

I want to run 6 today...trying to figure out when, and I am thinking late morning, maybe, obviously on the TM. I got at laundry and dishes as soon as I got up, and right now, kids are still sleeping. They have check-ups this AM, with kindergarten shots for ds : . I'm up-front with him, so he knows in advance. I try to downplay the "hurts" part. He was always such a champ as a baby. Ugh.

I asked dh if maybe we can have a selfish weekend next time. We spent nearly every moment in service this weekend, and our household paid for it. He's been a real sport about our being broke, though. It's only until I start working again, after all, and that's coming up fast!

So, weekend of Independence Day, we're looking at (maybe) a Zoo trip, (maybe) cabin up north for an overnight, and definitely the local Communityfest for fireworks. We were "complaining" a few weeks back that we can't afford vacations (which is true)--but you know what? Our daily lifestyle is a lot like others' vacations. Daily bike rides, walks through parks, dinner on the deck, putzing in the garden, swimming at a pool better than most, ice cream cones, farmers markets...summer is just a wonderful time. Even dh usually gets 4-5 hours outdoors daily, after work. We need to think of our house as our vacation home, and our life as our vacation, right?

I still need time away, don't get me wrong--but life really isn't so bad.

What's everyone else doing for the long weekend...except Shantimama, who is...uh...looking south to spot fireworks and planning her November Gnome Run Adventure?
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sounds fun 1jooj. I think everybody needs time away. Justfor the day. From each other....wait, isn't that a song?

creb--sorry about the surgery...at least you've got one nice doc. And did I read that the special Reb carrier got some use? glad it could help, even if for a bit. teething sucks, my baby J is also cutting those horrible top two.

It is my birthday this weekend, and I'm planning a nice day for myself. we're going to pick blueberries, go out to lunch, and then do a nurse-in at Victoria's secret (see the bf advocacy forum). Of course the 4th is the P'tree (join me in telling HBM to at least do part of it just so she can say she did!!!!!!!) and I can't wait. it's a fun expo too.

I ran this a.m. and am so glad. my day w/kids goes so much better when I run. I'd really like to go every day just for 20 minutes to get me in a better mood, you know?
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Ah, weekends. None of those down here but my mom is coming for 10 days at the end of July and I think I am going to make it a blackout period for reservations so we can just hang out and I don't have to hear her bellyaching about how I work too hard .
Actually, next weekend we'll be bracing for the election which could be totally anticlimactic or it could usher in a wave of revolutionary unrest. Mexico is pretty edgy these days and the two leading candidates couldn't be more different. So that's exciting.
Also, I bought a pair of shoes online yesterday (which I've never done and I hope it works out) but already I am really happy with te service. They give free shipping both ways if necessary, no tax and 110% price guarantee and after I'd checked out (and paid with Paypal, another +) I realized I'd neglected to put the coupon code in some box to get an extra 15% off so I wrote and asked if it was too late and the next thing you know I had a message from Paypal telling me I'd been refunded money! So in the end I got a pair of $70 shoes for $54.95 now let's just hope they fit perfectly when I get them!here is a link to the site.

So anyway, I'm here to post goals:

Mon- Pilates
Tuesday - Run 7 miles
Wed - pilates
Thursday - run 2 miles
Friday - pilates
Sat - run 5

Alrighty, : everyone! Have a good day!
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Monday: Get my house in order
Tuesday: Run 4-6 before work, bike 15 miles after work
Weds: Run 4-6 before work, Sign up for July 4th 5K
Thursday: Run 3 before work, swim after work?
Friday: Bike 15 miles, run 4 miles
Saturday: run 10 miles
Sunday: swim if possible
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Trying to catch up a little bit here...

cReb, how did your appointment go today? I haven't forgotten about your blog... now that I am back in the office instead of WAHM, maybe I will have time to do it

Welcome mamapoppins! I'm intrigued by the "Nancy Drew wannabe!" I loovvved Nancy Drew as a kid.

Welcome flitters - you are another awesome jogging stroller mama! We have one, but I don't use it that much because I'm a wimp.

Runningmommy, congrats on a great race! You are one fast mama!

Pumpkinseed, hope you got that TM time in.

2bbs, your goals always impress me. I hope to get back on the bike this week in between thunderstorms.

I did 5 this morning on the TM. Great run, I felt very energetic. It was nice. If it's dry tonight I'll try to get a bike ride in, but we're having flash flooding and stuff here so who knows.
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well, we're back from our adventures . . . got home from a rainy weekend at the shore around noon yesterday, and dd proceeded to sleep for five hours in the afternoon - two sleepovers with her cousin left her a little lacking in the sleep department. ds did signiifcantly better on part two of the vacation adventures than part one - slept much better this weekend than the all-night nursing fests earlier in the week. teeth are STILL not out yet : poor guy.

i've gotten in a lot of good running - didn't run at all in the mountains - the lack of babyproofing made it difficult for me to keep o out of trouble, so i didn't want to leave that responsibility with anyone else. so i ran when we got home on thursday - that was the awful, thought i was going to die run. it was a 5.2 mile loop that is normally a super-easy run. well, it was 1pm and insanely hot, i had been up since 4am with o, and had drunk significantly more coffee than water. even going slow, i was considering turning around at 2 miles and heading home rather than going for the loop. i didn't bc i hadn't run in forever and was really enjoying being out of the house and off-duty, you know? so i kept going. at about the halfway point, this little old man pulls up in his car next to me and says, "are you running from something or for exercise?" when i said, i was running for exercise, he said, "oh good, i was just making sure you were ok." so i keep going, and i am really beginning to feel like a$$ and getting dehydrated. about a quarter of a mile later, little old man turns out to be an angel - as i am passing the water company, he pulls out of their parking lot, says he was just going to lopp back and find me and offers me a soda bottle full of water. i figure at this point, even if he was really an axe murderer and had laced it with something, i was going to die of heat exhaustion anyway, so it was worth the risk. : it was fine and i got home to relax in the a/c, and do 5 loads of laundry in order to leave again with the kids the next morning.

friday, went for a lovely 7 mile run before we left; saturday was 3 with o in the stroller, and yesterday was another 7 around 7pm - in the POURING rain. yesterday was one of those fabulous, flying, loose, feel like a track star, runs. today is the first day of official training for the philly distance run with a recovery day

hope everyone is doing well, and east coasters are remaining above the water.
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good morning!

wow, this thread does move fast!

thanks for all the welcomes.

i love reading all the posts, but haven't mastered the individual replies yet.

we did about 4.5 yesterday morning at my default pace. a comfy run. legs felt a bit slow, but it was fine cause i wasn't trying to go fast!

we are *so* looking forward to the long weekend!

the only exciting thing on the calendar is the 5K i'm doing on the fourth. there is even a stroller division! it's a flat course so that makes the stroller thing WAY easier than if there are hills. ds has really enjoyed the races we've done together cause there is so much to see. this one apparently goes through the parade course (not sure how exactly) so hopefully we'll see parade stuff too!

and a QUESTION: how much do you guys stretch? i have become really bad about making time to stretch after a run since ds stopped falling asleep in the stroller. now we get home and he climbs around on it for a while, then heads straight for the sweaty boobs, and i usually don't get back to stretching afterwards.

happy monday!
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Originally Posted by flitters
heads straight for the sweaty boobs, and i usually don't get back to stretching afterwards.
: that is how much I stretch. not. I figure someday I'll get back to it.
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