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oh - and geo - i've heard that charlie's soap works really well on technical fabrics.
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Originally Posted by 2babybees
But after much mental struggle I forced myself out the door at 8:30pm for a fast 3 miles. 8 min/mile without dying. I really want to do the 5k on July 4th in 23 mins flat. I'm hoping the adrenaline that has done me well on so many other race days will push me along.
you will be able to do it much faster than 23 minnutes, 2bb! i typically train at 8 minute miles - i bet you can get it at least under 22 if not faster.
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pics of visit with kerc and family in my sig...
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Howdy ladies.
After cycling pain-free yesterday I woke up with the hip just as sore as if I'd run. It got better throughout the day, though, and I tried again tonight. We'll see what happens. I definitely don't get the same thing from the bike as I do from running. I biked as hard as i could for 45 minutes and went 15.25 miles. I have no idea if that's any good, but although I was sweating up a storm and my legs were tired, I didn't feel cardiovascularly tired, if that makes sense. I didn't get that 'i kick ass' feeling like i do from conquering a run. Tomorrow is the xray and bone scan. Monday are the results.
Chris really chapped my ass, and that is in a figurative sense, perverts. He overdrew his account when he paid his motorcycle loan late the day before he left for Washington...I put money in his account and he swore it wouldn't happen again and apologized like mad. I didn't yell or berate or even bitch at him. Then today i get a letter saying that the car payment is late.....my car....for which he was supposed to have dropped the money at the bank...the same day he got the money out for the sitter....and he told me he did..... because I take care of all finances and bugetting and paying bills but he must mail them or drop them off. I took that car pmt money out of my acount on the 11th and got a letter today. I'm PEEVED. Seriously. Like I want to hear him stammer about how big a jackass he is and then tell him that I don't want to talk to him tonight. That's how peeved. I don't even want to yell or fight or be sarcastic. Grrrr! One more thing for me to take care of on my own tomorrow during an already crazy day while he lounges in his hotel room after work and watches cable tv.
And now the obnoxiously loud black lab woke up my baby.
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Just a quick hello because I am plum tuckered out. 4 massages turned into 3 because one of them stood me up, but I ended with armor queen, use-all-your-force, who I had Sunday. Let's just say I used my elbow on her neck, when she was face up! Amazing.

One client was pregnant, and she is taking the Tupler class (author of Lose the Mummy Tummy). It reinspired me (for a few minutes) to suck in my stomach. But I think I might check into taking a class. I just absolutely suck at doing anything myself her at home. Apparently her studio burned down and she is currently in a temporary space, and will have her own studio up and running it the fall. I might be able to fathom doing something like that by then.

Speaking of which, I am so envious of all your workouts and dedication. I really do want to get back to it, but I just don't have the capacity right now, it seems.

creb, that really stinks. : to your DH and to you.

2bbs, I still want to be a diehard E2Ler. It just seems that I can't while fixing my gut problem. But I am learning lots from the WAPers. Actually the one thing that they do have in common is the lack of grains. Interesting, huh?

Ok, those are all the personals I can manage.
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Hi Mamas,

First of all, to all of you eating so healthily and getting out for your runs. You are doing some amazing things for your bodies

Reb, man, I hope this is it now for you. Hope the hip starts to heal

EK's Mama, my mil has non hodgkins lymphoma. She has had it for 11 years. It is a very chronic condition. She periodically relapses and then it is controlled with chemo. I hope your aunt gets a favorable prognosis.

Balancin' yay I am glad that you are planning on coming to the get together. I can't wait to meet these fabulous women

2BB, you are going to have a blast at the women's triathlon. I did a Danskin triathlon one year when I was only doing triathlon and even though the race was a short one, it was amazing. I never realized how much "space" and attention the men take in that sport. Anyway, have fun. I am looking forward to a time in my life when I can do some more tri's.

To all the mamas that are interested in the zine and who gave such supportive feedback, thanks so much. I am so excited about the zine, it really makes me feel like I have a greater purpose in my life to try to make our world a better place. I sometimes feel really powerless when stuff happens in politics and our government that I disagree with very strongly. Writing and making this zine gives me back some power and makes me feel like i am doing my part. So thanks. For mamas that are interested in a subscription to the zine, check out our little website www.madlovinmama.com we have a paypal link in there. (Sorry about the shameless plug.......

So my big news is that I rode my bike today. It was only to big little dingo's preschool and back but still, it was something. Then I got a wild hair and did some gentle yoga. My foot did OK. I had it wrapped and had to modify some poses but yay, I was able to do something with my body. I have been sedentary for 10 days now and I am feeling it. Yuck.

Also I had an ultrasound on Monday, but the results of the gender were "Inconclusive" there was nothing swingin' about, but it was also a bad view of the region so who knows? Mr. Dingo is still holding off on building his man-yurt in the back yard. I will update if we find out for sure LOL

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Good Morning!
I got out for a very wet 4.5 miles on Monday morning-went out I thought-in between deluges-but we got caught in two absolute downpours while we were out-I got a lot of while I was out with K from drivers-I have a BOB and the canopy is pretty generous-only her legs were soaked. She had a ball-screaming-go, go, running!-on top of her lungs, laughing and clapping her hands when it was pouring.
We had a horrible night that evening-she had a tough time going down to sleep-and then was up from 1-4. She has been terrified of the storms, and now that they are for the most part gone-she is still afraid and gets upset for naptime or bedtime. So its back to laying down on the floor by her until she goes to sleep which is fine-but when she wakes up during the night and we go in there-its hard to calm her down
So dh didn't go to work yesterday-he was exhausted-so during her nap-I went for a 5.5. mile run in the hot, hot sun. It was good to be out and get out a little of my frustration on the road.
I will try to go out for another run this morning-the sun is actually out!

eksmom-wow-your family is getting pounded-

Reb-glad you got a good bike in!

oops-got to run-be back later!
to everyone!!
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I've decided to swing all this negative I am feeling into harder work on my bod. I think I just hit a plateau. Not just a weight loss one, but a fitness one, an eating one, and an exercise regimen one. I just have to shake things up again to find the enthusiasm, and I will. Thanks for being kind to me about the cookies. They are gone now.

So, I'm on Day 2 of the New Deal, refocusing all the things I was so focused on last summer when I blasted away 30-40 over the warm season. I don't have that much to lose this time, which is wonderful news, and I know what works. Also good.

So, I am upping both my distance and my effort on my shorter runs. Not just trying to keep the speed up, but also adding more incline to USE those big-ole glute muscles. Adding a little hand-weight action to the occasional walk-break, and dagnabbit, DOING the 15-minute pilates workout 3X weekly. Does that sound like overdoing it? Well, all it really adds is another 10 minutes to my "daily" runs, plus the 15 for Pilates I can add anytime because it's not a sweaty workout--so, that's 25 minutes 3-4 days a week that I'd have otherwise been...here. I'm going to try to do it like this, and vary the LR distances a good bit, over the next 2.5 months, and we'll see just how I do. When I get to 132, let's party.

And then there's the fruit-and-vegetable thing. Waiting on the garden...
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Hi everyone.

I didn't get out for my run last night as planned. James had LASIK and I had planned on going for a run while he slept, but he wouldn't keep his sleeping goggles on. I would go in and check and he'd be snoring away with them in his hand. I'd have to put them back on for him and check in again a few minutes later. I couldn't justify going for a run and him rubbing his eyes and screwing something up.

I will try to get one in today along with my lifting.

No time for personals now. We are off to his follow-up appointment.

Have a good one ladies!
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Good morning mamas...

I got out for 8.2 this morning and it turned out to be a nice run. My legs were a little tired from biking to/from work yesterday but not enough to make me miserable. This is the first week in a while that I've stuck to my schedule and actually done the mileage on the days I said I would do it, rather than shifting things around a bunch. Tomorrow I am going to take a total rest, and then Saturday morning is 15. It's funny, if I think too hard about what 15 miles really is distance-wise, I get sort of freaked out. It's much better if I just think of it as one mile more than I ran last Saturday.

1jooj, you have the New Deal, I have Get a Hold of Yourself Day. I've had two of those this spring. Good luck with it. I will certainly party with you when you get where you're going!

Pumpkinseed the weather was nuts earlier in the week, wasn't it? You'd think, oh, maybe it's stopping! only to have the rain start up again.

ND, thanks for sharing about your MIL's non-hodgkins lymphoma. Glad you got a bike ride and yoga in and the foot cooperated. Sorry the u/s was inconclusive. At DD's at 18 weeks, they said 75% girl. She was such a wiggly little booger (a theme that continued once she left the womb) that they could never get a clear view. Me and my statistician brain thought, well, it was already a 50% chance to start out with, so 75 isn't good enough for me and we're going to act like we don't know. Anyway, let us know if you find something out! And... thanks for the zine link!

Moonshine, elbow on the neck FACE UP? Is this lady made of steel or what?

cReb, I feel the same way about bike rides... they don't do quite as much for me mentally and my breathing is quite irregular. Still, biking has thrills that running can't provide, so it all evens out I guess. Hope the x-ray and bone scan go well today.

2bbs, thanks for your encouragement about my speed. Maybe I will be one of those ladies who really picks it up in her 40s? Maybe I should adopt the motto: "I don't have to get faster, I just have to get older."

Katie, that sounds like quite a workout you did yesterday! I'm glad MIL saved the day!

Balancin1, it's frustrating when something is interfering with your goal-setting. My advice for the next few weeks is to let the chest pain be your guide. Do what you can as fast as you can as long as it isn't hurting. Kinda like you would do with a muscle/tendon injury. You'll have 2.5 weeks or so between the EKG and the race... so maybe set your time goal after the EKG? Hey - glad you are coming to the dingo meetup!!

Poppy, sorry about the Barbies. That kind of thing would infuriate me. When do you get to go home?

Hi to everyone else! Have a wonderful day!
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popping in to say hi. i'm trying to cut down a bit on my internet usage and so far it's working.

Tuesday night i rode my new 29" wheel bike and WOW - was it ever cool. on the road it's not much of a difference but pop onto a trail and you just roll right over everything. very fun and i hope that it will stop raining a bit tomorrow so that i ride in the am. yesterday was a day off, but today i have my running clothes to get a quick run in as tonight is a concert in the village green (if it's not raining).

small vent - Wed. is the day that dh is home with K and i work all day long. yesterday i get home around 6:30 and they're outside. i ask if K. had dinner yet. nope. did you start something? nope. what are we having for dinner? i don't know. so, after working all day i have to come home, empty the dishwasher that I ran the night prior, load it up with all their dishes, and make the dinner (not that hard cause we're doing the 6 o'clock scramble program) and then clean everything up. it's infuriating that all of that should fall on my shoulders. okay, done venting.
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Hi everyone,

Ek - so sorry about your aunt

kate - wow on the fast 2-a-day!

wendy - for the shirt, i'd wash in hot on the lowest water setting with no detergent to get the residue out. then wash on super hot with oxyclean - it's awesome stuff.

1jooj - I've had too much beer/wine (conferencing + unwinding at home late in the evening) the last few days, and am feeling a little off too. let's get out there and get some positive neurotransmitters going!

Sorry for those of you whose personals I missed - to everyone!

Sorry I've been awol. Just finished up the *awesome* conference yesterday. Re-invigorated my enthusiasm about my research - yay!

Exercise-wise, I biked to and from the conference (3mi each way) the last few days but haven't run. Even though I'm pumped from the conference, I can tell I need to run. Just got into work the first day post-conference, and immediately had to meet with a student guilt-tripping me about his grade, which I then had to justify for him line-by-line. ugh! I'm going to work hard to be productive, and then bike to & from my therapist appt at 3pm, 4 mi each way. And play soccer tomorrow. Looking forward to some normal running this weekend.

I'm also trying to eat more oatmeal and pump more because my freezer stash is almost gone after 5 days of conferencing with only my handpump (not nearly as effective as my double-electric), and not pumping frequently enough during the conference. One day in the middle of the conference, G ate over 20oz of milk and 2 large jars of baby food at daycare
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Mind if I join the crowd? Long ago I posted on this site and just recently began lurking again. I have a 2yo boy and am 28 weeks pregnant with a girl. I'm still running 5 days a week (with jogging stroller), 3 mi/day...but at a much slower pace. I'm really looking forward to training for some races (probably 5Ks) after my DD birth and and after she weans, I'm going to conquer a marathon! Until then I read my old Runners Worlds and stalk threads like these .

Anyone have any affordable double jogger recs to pass along?
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Hi Karen. You're due about 2 weeks after I am. Good for you for continuing your running. You'll enjoy this thread.
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Welcome, Karen!

ND-sorry about the inconclusive u/s. do you have a feeling one way or another?

wawoof-glad you had a good conference and are reenergized for your research

jenlove-you are a great wife and will be a great mother some day

jooj-definitely up the effort-throwing in some speedwork will get you faster and will take off a few more pounds!

grnmtnmama-your bike rides always sound like so much fun!

So I got out for a 4 mile run late this morning-it felt a little sluggish. I am going to take tomorrow off-do a longer session of yoga tomorrow instead of a run-and do hopefully 8 again on Saturday with dh.
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Pumpkinseed ~ Thanks so much.


grnmtnmama ~ I'm glad that new bike is so smooth! Enjoy your rides.

1jooj ~ You inspire me. Way to go deciding to take it up another notch.

ND ~ Will you have another u/s to find out the sex?

eksmom ~ Your family is still in my prayers and even more now.

I ran to the gym today, lifted legs, and ran/walked home. I feel really good now. I don't think I'll get my LR in tomorrow but we'll see how the legs feel.

My DH is asleep now. He had his follow-up appointment this morning and the Dr. said everything was healing as planned. His eyes are at 20/30 now and they will continue to improve for the next 2 weeks. Before the surgery is eyes were at something like 20/900 (so so so bad)!

I'm off to babysit.
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JenLove, that's awesome about your DH's vision. Thanks for praying for my family.

Mandy, yes, it is infuriating that all that falls on your shoulders. Ugh.

Wawoof, glad you had a good conference. What is your field again? (I know I should know this, didn't we just post it?

Karen, welcome... 28 wks pregnant, running 5X per week with a jogging stroller?

Not much to say here... I am really dragging tail today. I must, must, must go to bed earlier tonight. 5 hours of sleep each night is just not cutting it. But, tonight I've got to weed the garden and hopefully get over to visit with Mom a little bit.
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hi everyone. we had a supurb time yesterday with wendy and her kids. Karen and Erin actually managed to play together -- Erin's kind of an alpha kind of kid and Karen's more reserved. I was so pleased when I heard Karen telling Erin what to do and Erin following. Elliot has eyes that will make the girls chase him. Heck leah wanted to chase him

Mandy: my dh does the same freaking thing. And he's working 25% time now. I finally just decide in the morning and call him at 3 ish to tell him to get cooking. "I'll be home at 530 from my run, can you make something and have it ready?" (of course it's really done at 6)

Patti: I was thinking about you two days ago and your kids and the baby. I was wishing I could come and hang with the kids and give you a little "alone" time with your baby. I was thinking about how you walked with Griffin's pregnancy and how that must have given you a little time alone. And then I looked out the window and I saw the most amazing cloud formation: It looked like a little baby with its arms together in a prayer position. I wish I had had a camera handy -- I just know it was griffin looking down. It gave me chills and I'm really not one to get those sorts of feelings.

Karen: welcome! I don't have cheap double but we have the chariot double and we are seriously considering selling the single -- both girls can fit into it and we can easily move the harness over so that it can be a single.

ND: I think it is another dingette. As we were passing Madison I was thinking about you -- and somehow I was picturing you with three girlies. I was wrong with my SIL, but everyone else for whom I've had some sort of feeling I've been correct.

Anyone on the East coast underwater?
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Originally Posted by kerc
Anyone on the East coast underwater?
fortunately, we live uphill. http://share.shutterfly.com/action/w...=8BZsnDNo1cNA8
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