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Wow, Moonshine, 3 days? I can't imagine. The last time I was away from Emma Kate I felt so... lost. Everywhere we went I saw kids and I felt like saying, "I have one of those, too, she's just not here right now!" And it took several hours for me to not jump when I heard a kid call for their mama.

Enjoy your time.
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Pof6, love to you. Tend yourself with kindness.

I hope everyone has a relaxing weekend ahead. Can't guarantee it for myself (weekends are my most hectic part of the week), but I'm looking forward to fireworks and a visit to the zoo for sure.

Also got the schedule for my orientation at work, and they are letting me off a little early each day (which can mean a solo run...if I play it right), plus I think two "lunch meetings" (which I hate--eating in front of people I hardly know and having dietary restrictions...but they may as well get to know me, right?!). There was also the word "Mac" in there somewhere (related to computer guy time), which is a little exciting!

I ran short (but extra fast) this AM, and will most likely not run at all tomorrow.

moonshine--I went to the pool (oops--sorry, kerc ) by myself this afternoon, lasted just over an hour and a half. I've done nearly 24 hours, once, and it was hard. I hope it's peaceful time.
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Mamas, I have to say, I am thankful to be part of a group of women who think 24 hrs, 3 days, whatever, away from their kid(s) is hard. Y'all are good mamas.
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po6, I'm sorry. I hope that getting back to running helps.

saskiasmom--eat, mama!!!! feed those little dudes!

ND--I was also laughing at the man yurt. I swear, my dh is one of the most feminist guys I know but he already is so digging watching lacrosse or football or whatever with baby J.

hbm--woo hoo for the 2 miles! I'll email ya soon...hope the funeral goes okay tomorrow.

eksmom--me too. I didn't leave dd overnight until she was close to two, and it was so weird I didn't know what to do. Honestly sometimes I'd almost kill for a "free" night, mostly the morning to sleep in, but if I got it I would be so freaked out about ds that I wouldn't enjoy it. And I dig that you mamas get that too.

have a good weekend everybody! two weeks from now we'll be in dingoland! or something...
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Po6 - I'm sorry. I know there aren't words that heal that kind of pain. If you want to talk, let me know...having been there not long ago I can definitely sympathize.
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PO6~so sorry! glad you enjoyed your run

eksmom~been wanting to say, so sorry to hear about your aunt!! how are things going?

been taking this week off to nurse ITBS, in hopes that it goes away for good. hurt my arm some how too, who knows. I 've done pilates, and yoga, lots of extra stretching to tide me over. itchin' to run though! a little plug for my cuties today, bibbity~bobbity~blog
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Po6- thinking of you mama. Keep running it will bring you back.

Ran 4.3 this evening before our pig out dinner for ds's birthday. I've ridden 50miles the past 3 days on the bike and my quads could feel it. I wanted to bail 2 miles into the run and was glad I choose the longer route at the park(other trail 2.9miles) because by the end of the run even though my legs were fatigued it totally rocked. One of those just great for the heart runs. Overall pace was 8:30 min/mile surprisingly. I'm going to the open water swim with the triathalon club here bright and early tomorrow which is a bit intimidating to say the least. But heck I figure I am getting out there and I've done this before so how bad can it be.

And we are also meeting with 5-7 other crunchy families for a picnic tomorrow which is super exciting. None of the other events we have planned have been this well received.
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I washed my running shirt with the diapers. It worked great : Thanks, folks.
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Thanks everyone for your hugs! It makes me feel better. I'm doing pretty good though. The first mc made me very sad, and this one has made me very angry. Today I have been pi$$ed at the world.....I had to give myself a timeout. I know I will get through it though, and I know that I can deal with this problem and get it treated. I have lots of hope, and I know that lots of mamas have had the same problem and overcome it.

Running today has been great. I have taken all of the guilt off of myself, and I really enjoyed it. My oldest DD(8) has been wanting to run, so this evening the two of us went out and ran for 30mins.(that makes 2 runs for me today!) She was pooped when we were done, but hopefully she will stick with it. It would be nice to have a running buddy!

Tomorrow is my little man's b-day....he's going to be 3!! Its just going to be a normal day besides a special dinner and some cake. His party is next Saturday...a big Chuck E. Cheese party. I hate the noise, but the kids love it so much I must endulge them a bit.

Have a good night everyone!
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Pof6-I'm sorry too. I've always said that running is way better for your head than the rest of you-KWIM??

Karen-hello. I'm new to this thread also. I can't imagine running while PG-I was on bedrest for my 1st tri with both mydc. Have you checked out KoolStop joggers?? Definitely for the serious runner.

? for all of you hardcore running moms.....have you heard of runners having chronic sinus problems? I ask, as a friend told me today that most runners have chronic sinus problems, and two friends of hers that run M's have had to have sinus surgery. I had swimmers ear back in the early spring(didn't know it: ), and have continued to have severe ear pain. Went to the doc, and he said I have sinusitis and swim ear-I took an antiB, and script ear drops as directed. No help. The whole time I run, I have a *swoosh-swoosh* feeling/sound in my ear. So, I went to an ENT guy, and he diagnosed me with TMJ and said my Eustachian Tube is blocked with mucus. He said to take Claritin-D....but I can only take it at night as it knocks me out. Went for a 30 min. run yesterday,and have had sore throat,sinus headache,and intense ear pain-have to put cotton in my ear as sounds hurt so much. The ENT said there isn't anything else he can do,that I just have to wait till my ear drains. OKay! So, I call and make an appt. with a chiro, but he can't see me till MondayPM. I have been in so much pain today, and depressed as dh's BD is Monday and it's a Holiday weekend,YK? I called my stepMom, and she sent me to the HFS to get a Neti Pot, and Sovereign Silver.
I am going to flush my nostrils w/neti pot using baking soda and sea salt,put a few drops of silver under my tongue, and warm some olive oil and garlic and put that in my ear. I am hoping this will work, as I want to go for a couple of long runs this weekend, but am too much of a wimp to do so cause of the pain.

*When* this passes, I am thinnking about flushing my sinuses with the pot after every run.

Does this all sound crazy,or familiar?? Any advice??

TIA and have an awesome weekend,
mp: oh ouch!
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Mamapoppins - I have not had those kind of difficulties...I know I damaged my ears some when I was training for the marathon. I went out when it wasn't that cold, but windy, without ear coverings. But that's different. It sounds like a good plan.

Po6 - sounds like a great run, and happy birthday to your little guy!

Ah Geo - not smelling anymore, ain't life grand!

2BB- nice run! I can think of many a run where I made myself get out there and was so thankful after it felt sooo good.

Runningmommy - those are great pics!

I went for a wog yesterday. It was hard, I just never found the groove. It was about 30-35 minutes though, so a decent length of time. The day before I ran dd to swim lessons, with the plan to run home. I was too tired and just walked fast home. Which also felt good. I haven't really gained any weight in about 6 weeks and that's making me nervous. It's weird, I'm happy in a way, I don't want to gain a ton of unnecessary weight, but I also don't want to not gain enough either. Although I have enough cushion on my butt and thighs...it's not like I'm over thin at all!
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rm - hope your itbs goes away soon!

2bb - way to go with your multi-day brick!

wendy - great news about your shirt

pof6 - cool about your daughter running with you

mamapoppins - sorry about your ears. running has always cleared my sinuses

bbm - sorry you didn't find your groove. next time...

soccer ROCKED, yeah!!
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I had a zen moment on the TM.....running is like a massage for your soul.

I got 4.5 in, and man its muggy out there. I'm off to finish up mowing the yard. I think its time to put in a new flower bed too.
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Whoa, I've fallen way behind here!

Po6 - I am so sorry, it's good to see that you're taking care of yourself.

Mamabeth - Happy Birthday!

Geo - Good luck with your paper's reception!

Moonshine - Enjoy your you time!

Happy July to everyone! I've got to get out to do 5 miles today and the morning is ticking away. I might go this evening since it was so pleasant for the 7 miler.
No big news here but there was a creepy story in the local paper yesterday. Back in the winter San Miguel was host to a serial rapist who was never caught. Last week he raped another woman who wrote a very detailed description of the experience for the paper. She said that when he first woke her up he asked if her name was Penelope, that it was such a pretty name. That just gives me the creeps big time. I don't fit the profile of the woman he's hit (between 50-60 yrs old, living alone) but the idea that a serial rapist is out there with my name in his head is just no fun and it occurred to me in the middle of the night that if he wanted to find a Penelope here I'd probably come up at the top of a google search.
Anyway, when dh goes back to the states later this month I'll just keep the dogs extra close.

Have a good weekend everyone!
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MP, on the sinuses... I will say that I've had more sinus problems since I started running. I have had to be on abx twice, and this most recent time, I finished a course of amoxicillin and still had the infection so had to take a course of ceftin. UGH. My theory about it, which may be totally off base, is that my immune system is weakened by running (and the chronic sleep deprivation)... DD brings home a cold or whatever... I get it and it worsens and turns bacterial. I do sometimes notice my ears popping while I am running... I have always thought that was weird. I don't think my situation is as bad as what you describe though... How does the Neti pot work? I hope that helps you feel better soon.

Po6, happy b'day to your DS!

2BBs, those are some great workouts you're putting in. Hope the swim goes well this morning.

Lisa, your boys looked like they had a blast in those cute pictures! Thanks for asking about my aunt. She was supposed to see the oncologist sometime last week (anywhere from Tues to yesterday). I will try to call her and find out what's up, or maybe my mom talked to her last night... We're definitely still at that stage where we don't really know what's going on.... a stage I hate with a passion.

I just got back from some amount of mileage. It was one of those runs where lots of things go wrong... that happens to me every once in a while. Something is going on with my lower back, it's kind of like I have a catch in it. I didn't notice it yesterday so I don't know where it came from. Then, about 1 hr 15 min into my run, I took a Power Gel - I was trying a new kind that has caffeine in it. Exactly 20 minutes later I was in a park restroom. From there I ran a little under a mile on the greenway by the river where I usually run. I got to the second bridge over the river and uh, it was covered in water. It was one of those bridges where the river can pass through if it gets too high, well, it is still too high. No way I could have gotten across without soaking my feet, and it looked pretty swift. So, then I had to figure out how I was going to get home, something I've never done before from that point without going the way I couldn't go. I took what I thought would be the best route, then got a nasty stitch.

Between the back, the GI/dehydration, the route, and the stitch, I decided to bag it. I was going to do 15 and I figure I did between 11 and 12. So... I didn't have my phone with me : but I called DH from a computer repair shop. Unfortunately I had to leave a message... I waited 30 minutes and he never came so I walked home, about 3.1 miles. I am a little : about the fact that he HEARD the phone ring but didn't check the voicemail. Anyway. It was funny, the whole time I kept thinking, "If I just had my bike..." Maybe I need to get in a ride this weekend.

Hope y'all are having a good day!
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Po6 Healing thoughts headed your way! Aren't you glad you know the power of running?!? It gets you through so many experiences in life! Happy Birthday to your little one!

Moonshine ME TOO! My hubby took off with my little guy this morning. I'm lost. It's too quiet. And with these glorious pg hormones, I've been teary all morning over missing them. Tuesday can't come quickly enough! So glad I'm not the only one who feels this way without their kiddo.

Quick feet to all the racing Mommas this weekend! You guys rock!

Thank you all for your warm welcomes I've tried RW boards, Babyfit boards, but always end up back here....where you balance your runs with your kids, BF'ing, and naps. It feels good to be in this forum.

I had a great run this morning--a whooping 3.5 miler with one walk break (as opposed to 3 w/2 breaks). I ran right after my hubby and son left to clear my head and calm myself. I'm in Moonshine's boat this weekend, also for the first time. I hit all the sprinklers along the way and even a few puddles (DS would be upset if he knew I didn't!). It was a great way to calm down. Now I need to find a radio and get something done around here.
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Originally Posted by mamabeth
Honestly sometimes I'd almost kill for a "free" night, mostly the morning to sleep in.
Yes, I was really looking forward to this too. I went out with my sister last night and we had a really good time, talking, connecting, imbibing. Got home late, indulged in foods that I shouldn't be eating right now and got to sleep w/o worry of kids all night.

And then my father wakes me up quite this morning for something really stupid. : Both my mom and sister where like WTF? Let her sleep! He soooooo does not seem to get it. So I am still tired. Oh well, I am tired and don't have to take care of kids at the same time. Gotta enjoy that.
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hi mamas,
you all are a busy bunch. i tried to go back and find my last post, to catch up from there...no way no how. so big apologies to anyone who may have addressed me.

still no running here. my left knee is still funny. however, i have started group swim lessons. basically the coach is in the pool, which helps me relax and remember how to breathe. swimming alone i panic and regress to poor form. my goal is to swim strong enough that this time next year i could do a race...is there a such thing as a run/swim event, no bike?

no july 4th 5k for me...hoping to be back on track for a september 15k, but that feels ambitious now.
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thanks for the DDDDC. I'm such a nerd about my b'day so it means a lot.

I had a good day...ran 3 fast in the morning, had yummy mexican for lunch, and there's a birthday piece of cheesecake in the fridge waiting for me.

last minute sermon, coming up..... :
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