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Originally Posted by moonshine
ETA: This brilliant post was my 1000th. :

Any senior title ideas?
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Oh man, I just hit 3,000 and missed it. Without the search feature, I don't think I can figure out which one it was. Probably something ridiculous.
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haha. How about this for a senior title: "huh?"

I'm learning to make fermented stuff NT style using my whey. Just a newbie.
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Originally Posted by Annikate
haha. How about this for a senior title: "huh?"
What are you saying, I don't have a clue??
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I'm sure my 1000th had one of these words in it:

Oh, and I'm sure it was a question related to one of the above.

Couldn't have been some profound knowledge I was passing along on, say, the GD thread or anything . . .
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Originally Posted by Mama_in_Maine
Hey all,
First of all I just want to add that since joining the Mothering forum I have learned tons and feel more empowered in helping my daughter and keeping my children healthy! Thanks to those ladies that have helped me find my answers and helped me to feel welcome!
My daughter has Autism and will be 3 in August. She is on GFCF diet (has been since August '05 except when we went off at Thanksgiving to see how she would react..a week later we were back on it!) She has eczema off and on and right now it is pretty bad on her legs and arms. I suspect yeast and really want to start to clean out her system..what are my steps and what are the products I need?
Also I am breastfeeding newborn twin boys. If I have yeast in my system I could possibly be passing it to them. How can eliminate yeast in my breastmilk and if they already have yeast, get rid of theirs as well?
One of the twins has pretty wet BM's, and the other burps a rotten egg smell. Could these be signs of Yeast? I'm thinking yes and as you can imagine I am severely paranoid my two boys will develop Autism as well and want to do everything I can...
Thanks for your help!
Welcome and !

It could not just be yeast but also bad bacteria. In any even, a gut flora imbalance. Very, very common in ASD kids. Is she vaxed? Are you vaxing your boys?

The thing with the GFCF diet is that there is still a lot of carbs that the yeast/bacteria can be feeding off of. This is the ASD info on the SCD, see what you think:

(the links are green kind of hard to see)
www.pecanbread.com a CF version of SCD for ASD kids

Have you tried any biomedical approaches with your DD?
This might be a good place to start reading there are sooo many links, although with twins you really have your hands full!!
What do you think about chelation?

Do you have yeast symptoms? You can do SCD as well certainly. There are only a few things bf'ing mamas can take. The other issue to think about is optimal nutrition re: protecting your sons. There are a couple very interesting threads in the Vaccinations forum "Causes of Autism" and "Nutrition/Immunology 101".
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Originally Posted by jrose_lee
Hi! I'm new to this, but I'm already on a super restricted diet due to lots of food sensitivities in ds (five months). I figure I might as well knock out the few things I had left My question is...is there a way to tell if I TRULY TRULY have either a leaky gut or yeast problems? I think I have some of the symptoms but I'm not sure? If I do, I'm wondering if it was what caused ds to be sensitive to so many things I've been going through the thread and some mamas are talking about their kids having these problems and it breaks my heart! Will ds have issues when he starts solids!? It's one thing if it's me, but ds..... : Have I ruined his system? I am, of course, willing to do the diet even if I can't find out for sure...just in case. But is there some way to tell? Someone told me about spitting in a cup of water to tell if it's yeasties....I'll try that in the morning. Any other more "official" way or do I just have to try the diet? I've been taking some probiotics for the past couple of days and ds and I have some gas for sure (he's so funny!) Is that die-off? Does that prove something?

Hello Kombucha question mama

Now that I see this I wouldn't do it if I were you. It can be quite strong.

Well coming from someone who wrecked their DS's digestion I can say I've certainly learned a lot in the process!

Fruits, veggies, meats, eggs and fats for first year only, with dairy towards the end of the year, yogurt butter first and go carefully with it if suspect intolerance. NO horrid cereal. They don't have the enzymes to digest it and it ends up feeding the bad gut bugs.

The most "official" way to tell what is going on with your gut is stool testing or the OAT which is a urine test ...reportedly more accurate than stool but hard to do with kids. You could do the OAT. See the Healing the Gut Tribe sticky for more info. It will show if there are yeast and bacteria issues.

Or just go by your other symptoms and stools.

Yes die off can cause gas, it could indeed be significant.
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Originally Posted by chasmyn
Right, encopresis. I just got to that part of the book where she talks about that possibility. Is it possible that at 10 months old - this has been happening since around 6 months - he could have this? He is still primarily BF for nutrition, too.

And what is the best thing to do for it? I hate relying on senna like we are. I've tried pear juice and it seems not to make much difference.
Yes I absolutely think all constipation is a gut flora issue and its likely that the senna is doing something to his flora as well, I don't know much about it though.

Have you tried magnesium? Natural Calm makes "Baby Calm" but I don't know how it's different. Mag. is fantastic for constipation.
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Originally Posted by caedmyn
JaneS (or anyone who knows)...can you address this:

This drift toward a high-protein diet further drives the effect of a decrease in tryptophan and net result of increased hyperness. Diets high in animal meats tend to create more toxins in the gut and some of those toxins are phenols. So the total phenolic load is increased. You are also removed a major source of magnesium which promotes calming. Thus, this correlates with the effect some people see of going on a GFCF diet and after awhile the person "becomes" reactive to phenols and "regresses". So you start removing phenols, probably more meats are introduced, and the cycle continues. By adding in enzymes and returning to a more balanced diet that includes whole-grains and possibly milk, you are correcting a magneisum deficiency, reducing the total phenolic load and favoring more serotonin production...all of these promote calming.

It's a quote Annikate posted on the Nutrition & Immunology thread in Vaxes (quote is from www.enzymestuff.com).

It seems logical to me that the toxins that are referred to come from feedlot animals, not pastured/natural/organic animals, but I'd like to get some more information on this as the diet I'm doing now is very high in protein and very low in carbs.
No the toxins she refers to are the byproducts by not digesting the protein fully.

I completely believe this is DS's issue. His meat intake went up, he couldn't digest it all fully. Presto, bacterial problems. He's always had sleeping issues so that's nothing new.

We are having some luck now. Second week of L. Reuteri cultured in yogurt and sometimes taking the capsules. Started Biocidin for his bacterial issues with a big noticable change in current sleeping problems.
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Originally Posted by Pattyla
Does heartburn mean I have enough stomach acid? I have been wondering if low stomach acid is why I can't tolerate the enzymes. I've had heartburn badly yesterday and today.
It's more complicated than that. It's definately related to gut flora and die off as I had a transition phase where I had this all the time and then it resolved. I know I've read more about it but I forget where ... it might come to me later.
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Originally Posted by chlobo
Is it possible to have very few physical symptoms but have mental symptoms from food intolerances? I don't have a lot of physical symptoms (but I do have some) but I have been having an awful time mentally. I keep having these episodes of extreme anger & I have trouble controlling myself around DD (yelling at her and stuff). It occurred to me today that it might be related to some of the foods I'm eating but I'm not sure yet.

Has this happened to anyone else?

Off to read more about the enzymes.

Abso-freakin'-lutely. Well I had the physical symptoms too of course but let me tell you, the mental (and sleep) issues are so gone it's amazing. Gale Force and her amino acid connection is really onto something. Your brain runs on neurotransmitters and whether your diet contains them or you are are/are not digesting them are both factors.

Was it the Mood Cure website that people were taking tests on a while ago?

I think rage issues are another side of the coin to PPD. When I read Amanda's info. I realized I had PPD.
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Originally Posted by chasmyn
Oh beautiful Gut-Healing Mama Gurus, might I pick your brains yet again?

I am trying to decide which enzymes DH ought to take. Zyme Prime of Peptizyde, or both? His symptoms are: dermatitis or something like it, rashy red stuff, flaky skin, all over his head, chest, even face at times. Responds well to toxic ick and not much else (coal tar and the like ). He MIGHT have a dairy sensitivity - we know he cannot do any sort of pasteurized dairy, he does not digest it well. His stools are good, though - firm, sink, he says good color (I haven't seen them personally . He was recently on a mostly vegetarian diet and was eating eggs and raw milk with that, and some fish. Now has gone back to meat but is trying to eliminate allergenic foods except the 24 hour yogurt. We've seen no difference but it's only been a few days now. He says his stools are harder though, and he isn't goin g as often.

So which would you say he needs? One, the other, both?
Both. Or try Thropps b/c they are cheaper, can take two for higher proteases between meals. Sounds yeasty/fungal to me.

Is he taking CLO? I think the fats are very imp. with skin issues, try to aim for the ideal 1:1 ratio of omega 3's to omega 6's. The vegetable fats everyone says are healthy are not that great for this reason.

I wonder if he's getting die off from the yogurt.
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Originally Posted by Pattyla
So my friend up the street has lots of food allergy issues. Also her DS goes nuts when he gets any sugar/sweets at all. I recomended she try enzymes. She got the zyme prime while on vacation last week to try. She said that it made her and her mom feel hypoglycemic every time they took them. (she struggles with hypoglycemia). Any ideas on why that happened?
I wonder if it's not the issue that I had... a hyper feeling? This is due to the proteases if one does not go slow.

Or was it just a crash?

Hypoglycemia is definately related to diet composition. She needs to up her fats and the good fats like butter, unheated olive oil, blah, blah, etc. etc.

The DS going nuts with sugar is definately a gut flora thing.
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Originally Posted by Bestbirths
Ok..I really am going to do my yogurt today. Is it true that If using raw goat milk, that I only need to heat it to 100 (and not 180), and this will preserve other good stuff in it? Then, I put it in the 100 degree oven for at least 24 hours. right? Will dumping it into the glass jars after heating it cool it off?
How'd it go?

You can warm the jars in hot tap water.

I like drinking my raw milk yogurt. I just had "regular" Stoneyfield yogurt tonight and it took too long to eat with a spoon

(it was also not tart enough, I remember the days when plain yogurt needed a ton of sugar to be palatable and now I almost don't like it! I need my tart fix.)
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Ok, I drank WELL over a gallon of water today, just tonight was one it feels like. I am hoping for great things tomorrow. :

Still have the most horrible taste in my mouth. Makes me think of the Atkins diet. And nursling DD really stinks. It has to be my diet.

Am rereading MT's thread in vax. Hoping to apply some knowledge there!
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HI All,

this is my first time here, after visiting the ND, I realize I really need to get back on my anti-candida diet.

I'm looking for a good cookbook which has yeast free, sugar free, wheat free recipes...any good ones out there?


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I think rage issues are another side of the coin to PPD. When I read Amanda's info. I realized I had PPD.
Well I'm way past post partum (dd is 2.5) but of course it could still be there.

Did the enzymes help with ppd? If not, what did? I'm not big on taking drugs. I did take "happy pills" years ago but they made me feel not normal in a bad way.

I'm thinking of trying a braod spectrum enzyme since I can't pinpoint definitive symptoms (other than large floaty poops) and irrational moods.
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Originally Posted by JaneS
No the toxins she refers to are the byproducts by not digesting the protein fully.

I completely believe this is DS's issue. His meat intake went up, he couldn't digest it all fully. Presto, bacterial problems. He's always had sleeping issues so that's nothing new.

We are having some luck now. Second week of L. Reuteri cultured in yogurt and sometimes taking the capsules. Started Biocidin for his bacterial issues with a big noticable change in current sleeping problems.
Glad you're seeing improvement Any suggestions on where to start figuring out how to fix sleeping issues in DD? I've tried the No-Cry Sleep Solution--it got better for a few weeks (almost "fixed" I thought) but then she regressed or something and we're right back where we started. I'm not doing anything differently.

How do I know if the toxins are something I need to worry about? I don't have hyperness issues--more the opposite. DD's sort of always been hyper, or at least super active, and I haven't seen any changes in that.
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Hey all! Just giving an update. We have made raw goat yogurt and dccc out of it! We have made spagetti w/ the spagetti squash from the breaking the vicious cycle book, and last night with our dccc we had zuchinni lasanga. yum.

We had been gluten and casein free for about six or eight months before this, but the children would cheat with enzymes once a week or more. I thought the path of least resistance way to transition to the SCD and eliminate grains would be to add in cheese. So, far it has been working, w/o enzymes. They are so happy to be eating cheese. I hope this is the right direction to go with asd kids. If I learn how to make cheese from raw goat, there will be a lot of vit A and nutrients in it, plus the probiotics. It's getting them to eat way more vegetables than they did before, because it is mixed in with the cheese. For those with asd kids who used to be gf/cf, how do you tell if they are handling the cheese well or not? One thing that swayed me the cheese way is the very high cost of almonds where I live, $10 a lb.

we've btdt with the sleep troubles. Things that improved it was sleepytime tea, lullabies, gfcf diet, a bedtime routine....My dd drinks almond milk, and that has helped her sleep. Before the SCD, she had hersheys syrup in her almond milk with sprinkles of melatonin in it. I guess we will be going off of almond milk since it isn't allowed for six months on the scd. Which might be a problem for dd since that is part of her bedtime routine.
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oh are you talking about a 6 month old with sleep issues? Have you tried bach rescue remedy, calms, or teething tablets from hylands? I would think removing the offending foods from your diet, if you are nursing. & looking at environmental controls, like getting rid of mold, using air purifiers, etc. as some things to look at.
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