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NT June Thread

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Alright its June!!

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Bumping up.
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I started one too! Linked it back to this one though.

So, we haven't officially moved into our new house yet as we're still swimming in boxes (and intending to completely declutter as we move in . . . it takes a while). I'm really looking forward to cooking in our HUGE new kitchen! We're going to be working on healing our guts soon . . . we'll see how that goes with the summer though (and the inevitable - MIL will decide that we're depriving dd by staying away from store-bought crap ice cream and hot dogs *sigh*)
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OK, I had a big NT day. I started some apple chutney. I made a cheesecake out of my yogurt cheese. Went to the farm and got more pastured eggs. Soaking some flour to make pumpkin muffins in the morning that I will eat with my (accidental) homemade butter!

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Oh yeah, I ate some organic chocolate, too!! And made some crispy nuts the other day!
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nak so I cant type much...be back later
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Don't even ask me why . . . sometimes banging my head against a brick wall is what I do for fun.

Soooooooooo, if the gut flora is an ecosystem unto itself, is there really a point to ridding oneself of all bad bacteria/yeast, or are they part of that balance? Can't good bacteria turn bad if not kept in check? (I know this is more of a "healing the gut" question, but I want to get a feel for the NT group's take on this).
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subbing so I can keep up
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HerthElde I've got one of those m-i-ls. She doesn't se the kids. But what I do to counteract all that store junk food is feed them lots of NT raw honey icecream, decent sausages, decent sourdough bread etc. Reason being I once knew a woman who had been brought up by a gardening Mum & fed on produce. She still ate like that. I asked her why & she said that her cells had been programmed to eat like that. I firgure no one would eat store icecream without feeling very ripped off after a decent honey or maple icecream.
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Originally Posted by Pinky Tuscadero
. I made a cheesecake out of my yogurt cheese.

how did the cheesecake come out?
i have been wanting to try something like the one in nt, is that the recipe you used?
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I am still reading the May NT thread and trying to keep up!

I have been slow roasting meat latly and have come up with some ideas and ways to extend that pot roast.

Lamb Breast/Neck- cook at 200 degrees for 5 or more hours untill it falls off the bone. Cook with 1 large onion, 10-15 cloves of garlic, 1/2 a bottle of red wine and salt and pepper. These are fatty pices of meat and will be very moist and tender. The first night I served it with a starch and vegtable. The meat was still on the bone like beef short ribs or pork baby back ribs, it could have been seared with a special sauce on the grill if you like.

The second time I took the meat and fat off the bone (the meat was shreaded like a pulled pork). Then I place the meat in a small baking pan with the fat drippings/ pan juices, the cooked onions and garlic, 1 1/2 cup rice, caned tomatoes with juices and a little water. I covered it and baked it in the oven for 1 hour or untill rice is cooked. This is one of the best tasting dinners I have ever made. The same thing could be done with lamb shoulder, pork butt or chuck roast, a fatty pice of meat would be best.
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Celrae- sounds tasty- I have more local 'natural' lamb in the freezer to use.

Congratulations provocativa! enjoy your babymoon.

Going back eastward to visit our families tomorrow. I hope I can stay "kinda" NT on vacation. I'm bringing the CLO and sea salt. Hard to fit much in the bags but I'll be near Whole Foods and Trader Joe's the second half and have a suite with kitchenette so I'll survive. Just worried about the first half in Indiana with the in-laws side.

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Originally Posted by BowenTherapist
how did the cheesecake come out?
i have been wanting to try something like the one in nt, is that the recipe you used?
I'll let you know either later tonight or tomorrow. It smells good! I only like it when it's good and cold.
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What water systems are y'all using? We're thinking of switching over to a reverse osmosis rental system. Our water is fluoridated and the only systems able to remove fluoride are distillation and RO. I've done some preliminary research and have found pros and cons for both, mostly inconclusive particularly the one about distillation 'leaching' minerals from the body. So what is everyone using?
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We use an RO unit and we add trace minerals back in with Concentrace.
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Please recommend a kids friendly high vitamin CLO (trying to slow down tooth decay with dd#2). We've been using NN but found out on the board that she needs high vitamin. I came across blue ice and the other one on radient living? Just wanted to make sure its tasty enough that she'll take it. She loves NN's peach flavor btw.
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