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Today I just don't feel like being Mommy

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The baby has had a couple of days where he's not very happy and wants to nurse, but doesn't really want to nurse, and cries most of the day. In fact, he cried most of last night and through the morning today.
I'm exhausted and I've been in this vegetable-like state.

Most days I like being Mommy and having the chaos of children all around me, but today I want a vacation from it all and I'm struggling to get through the day. I can't wait till my DH gets home and I can lock myself in the back room with some music to package some co-op stuff. And then a bath tonight with candles and dead sea salts. I hope tomorrow is better. I've been really tired. I don't even feel up to making dinner and I'm weighing the idea of having my 14 yr old DD cook dinner for us (again), even though I have this great recipe all picked out.

How do you cope on those days, if you have them, where you just don't feel like it?
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Sorry to hear you're having one of those days. I bet your DD can handle making dinner again. I hope you get your relaxing bath.

Currently things are not too overwhelming for me since I only have the one baby, and my DH is not working atm. But he starts a new job on June 12 and we'll be moving soon, so things will get interesting. I'll have to watch this thread to find out how to cope! :
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hm...i'm not sure i can relate. i always love being a mommy. i never get tired or even frustrated, really. i have a perma-smile on my face and a twinkle in my eye at all times. i've always said that if they sold the smell of baby vomit and breastmilk poo as a fragrance, i'd buy out the store. is there anything more lovely and stress-free than taking care of one's offspring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? i think there is not.

oh wait, that's right. i'm full of shit!!! :

how do i get through it? sometimes i fake it and pretend things are fabu...if i act euphoric for long enough sometimes it works. or i pretend i'm really just an actress and my kids are child actors who will return to their real mommies after the director yells cut (and yes i have yelled cut out loud before, to keep the dream alive). but mostly i just cling from good moment to good moment and remind myself that my children are filled with beauty that i have to tend like a garden...and beauty loves serenity and perserverence and love and time. so i try to give them those things.

and sometimes i scream into a pillow or take it out on my husband.
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amen, sister, amen. ivy has viral bronchiolitis for the third time...i hate my job of a sahm today.
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, Panthira.

And Michelle, as always, you crack me up.
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: i also use sarcasm and humor to lift my spirits. can you tell?
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Haha Michele, you left me with a huge smile on my face.

DD: "What's so funny?"
Me: "Nothing, nothing."
DD: "Let me see!"
Me: "Nope, nothing to see."
Loudly shuts the lid of my laptop.
DD: "Mooooom, that's not fair!!"

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oh dangit, she can read! LOL!!
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Yeah, she can read. She reads everything in sight, which is supposed to be good right? Except she reads instead of bathing, doing her chores, etc. In fact, I get to go to a school meeting today. She read in class when she was in public school for a few months (her choice) instead of doing class work.
So she failed, literally, all F's.
Although it wasn't all due to reading.
I utilized the school district by having them test her for LDs and ADD. I figure something has to be wrong with the kid, 'cause you know, I homeschooled her for over a year and it was hell on earth. She's never done well in school, and things don't seem to stick (except reading, of course).

You know what they tell me the results are from the testing? She's super smart and is average to advanced in all areas of academics, so she was learning but not doing ANY work. I feel.. relieved and disappointed at the same time. Did they test the right kid?

They say her problem is "motivational" and that she needs "skills" but anyone who knows and has truly worked with her laugh and laugh. How do you motivate someone who really doesn't care? We've tried everything (!!) we can think of trying.
We are having a IEP meeting today to say she doesn't qualify for special services. Then right after we are having a retention meeting, so they can tell me she failed the 8th grade and has to repeat it.

I just sent off a check so she can go to a camp this summer. She's going to work on an organic farm. Muahaha! (Jen, FBF)

I worry about her future everyday.

My apologies for rambling about her, but dam*!!
She's more difficult than my 2 yr old and my 5 month old, combined!
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I am sorry you are having a tough time.

I am reading the book "The Explosive Child" as my soon to be 8 yo has been having more and more problems in school this last semester. I really like it in that the first thing they say about kids is "Kids do well if they can". the go on explaining how inflexibity and frustration affects some kids. It doesn't seem right that they can say there are no problem that can be addressed by an IEP then right away say she is failing an entire grade. Have you tried some of these tutoring places, like Sylvian? I too worry about my son's future. If he is in second grade and already refusing to work in school.

Hope you get your personal time and a bath, then some sleep tonight.

Ohh...your original post...On the really tough days I just give up and get down on the floor with the kids or now that it is summer like, wander around outside with them and forget about anything else in the house. For meals I'll opt for easy as can be, even take take out or : McDonalds-then my kids can run around for a while too, in an enclosed space so I am not wondering where they have wandered off to this time.
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: Awww, Pan. I'm sorry it's been so rough, with G, O, and K! How much can a mama take? Oh, that's right, I'm talking about superwoman here.

How cool she gets to work at FBF. If she doesn't want to go, I'll take her place!

Did you have a better day today?
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