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We had our baby!

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We had our baby!A boy,born at home in the water,after just under 7 hrs. labor.(not counting the last month of pre-labor!!!)With the kids watching(and taking pictures).He's a beautiful,perfect 9 lbs,20 in. He actually has hair!Our first!blonde,of course,but hair!Great nurser,and very mellow!He loves to look and study faces,and perks to dh's voice-smiles big every time,and ds,who he looks for and finds every time he hears his voice too.He was born on the 30 at 9:34 pm.He had his first real poop last evening.We're Ec'ing,but have yet to catch a single pee or poop.I had a dear freind make a placenta smoothie asap for me,so we did not get a print or measurements,but the smoothie has been a miracle!I have NEVER felt so good post-partum!I'm up and independant-I'm usually very weak...I'm almost done bleeding!Not even 3 days pp!!!!!AWESOME!!!!!
So far he's the only nurser-Dd2 has no interest,and Dd1 keeps looking for milk to try...Having a cozy babymoon,and will post birth story later.

After waiting 41w 4 days,my heart goes out to the "still here" mamma's!I'm thinking of you,with support more than anticipation!
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Welcome baby boy.

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Congrats! What's a placenta smoothie?
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Congratulations mama! Glad to hear you are doing so well.
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Congratulations momma! Sounds like heaven over there!
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Yay for beautiful baby boys and their beautiful Mamas! We need a bouqet of flowers smilie!


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Congratulations to you and your family!!
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Congrats! You're on the sticky!
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Congrats to all!!!
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irishtwins-A placenta smoothie is 1/3 placenta,strawberries to taste,bannana to taste and orange juice to taste.There is a more specific recipie on the UC recipies sticky.
I highly recommend this to everyone!At less than 3 days postpartum I am barely bleeding at all.I'll probably not need peds by tomorrow!WOW!!!
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I have to ask, cuz I'd love to do it, how did it taste? Did the fruit cover up the raw meatiness? Or was it like Fear Factor style?

Congrats on the healthy boy!
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Congrats mama, can't wait to hear more! Welcome to the world little one! :
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Originally Posted by KindRedSpirit
I highly recommend this to everyone!At less than 3 days postpartum I am barely bleeding at all.I'll probably not need peds by tomorrow!WOW!!!
Wow! I'm : that I'm done bleeding, none at all today!
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The "strawcenta" smoothie as I like to call it,was just like any smoothie.I was pleasantly surprised Be sure to cut off all the membranes and cord of course.I made a fresh batch with some frozen placenta and it blended very smoothly.I think it is more fiberous than meaty,we just assume meaty with the blood...
And I am totally done bleeding!I stopped pads yesterday,less than 4 days post partum!

Ah!And his cord just fell off!I'm off to tell dh!
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Congrats Mama!!
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9 lbs..wow! A little extra time in the oven does a baby good. After all of that post edd waiting, it's hard to believe that we actually DID have our babies!

Hooray for you!!!
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