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Creative, low-cost storage ideas

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turtle and I live in a 1000-square-foot cape cod that's really light on storage. This weekend, we're planning to hit some garage sales in search of bookshelves and other shelves to maximize the storage that we have, and tonight we're hitting the thrift and hardware stores for shelving and hook ideas.

Give me your best out-of-the-box storage ideas, please. Thanks!
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Hooks!!! I moved this weekend from a large three bedroom house to a very small two bedroom townhouse. I bought those command adhesive hooks (cause it's a rental and they remove easily) I used them in my kitchen for coffee cups, to hang up my pots and pans to create more room, to hang up pictures, I hung up some fruit baskets.

Also, if you have a way to hang them up, baskets on the wall are a great storage for lighter items.
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Utilize the space under your bed, dresser, couch, etc.
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Originally Posted by Alkenny
Utilize the space under your bed, dresser, couch, etc.
shelving in the bathroom also
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We moved to a smaller house and have had to come up with some things.
The bathroom here is huge but with no storage so i put an old chest of drawers in there for alot of storage. We put shelves up in the laundry room over the washer. In the kitchen we have a large book shelf from walmart that cost 30 dollars and that has all the pantry things in it. We have a bookshelf in the living room that has movies and games in it. We also have a thing on the bathroom door that has like 5 hooks on it we are going to use for towels and robes. (gotta put that up today) got it for a buck at the dollar store. Our kitchen cabnits do not go all the way to to cealing so instead of putting decorations up there i put all the little kitchen appliances up there. We also us the back of our closets for storage in boxes. Howfully so of this will be helpfull for you.
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wicker baskets with lids looks oh so decorative but isn't.
I also like hanging storage on the back of closet doors, or shoe racks that hang on the back. I also love those hanging pockets for things (clear ones rock for the bathroom for bandbages etc)
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In the master bedroom closet I've got a cedar chest filled with stuff. We store our shoes under the dressers, and I have the bed lifted up on risers for more storage space. In the kids closets I use plastic storage bins for outgrown clothes waiting for the next user, off season stuff, toying in rotation and general storage. There's lots of room under the baby's crib for small storage boxes too.

I put shelves above the washer/dryer for cleaning supply storage, and we keep tools under the bathroom sink cabinet. Over the door storage units are great for cookbooks, hats and mittens, shoes or even as a food pantry. There's enough room under the futon to store 2 folding chairs for extra seating when we have guests, and a small bookcase doubles as an endtable. We have fairly spacious bathrooms, so I use plastic drawer storage units there for odds and end things - I store my knitting and yarn supplies in the guest bathroom! If you look hard you can find shower curtains with pockets or you could make one yourself and have extra space for bathroom sundries.

Don't forget about the dead space between the wall and your appliances. Hang cup hooks or the like and easily store your brooms, mops and yardsticks. Get a hanging battery holder to keep track of the batteries and keep them out of your junk drawer.
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Foot stools that the top opens up for storage underneath
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I think vertical storage is key. Shelves for sure, you could even take old milk crates/wooden boxes and mount them on the wall. I like those wooden accordian hooks (KWIM??) growing up my mom had one in the hallway to use for hats, I use one for our mugs, but they'd work for small bags, keys, and anything else little.

I've never had, but want to get a deep pull-out drawer for pots and pans and storage containers in our cupboards instead of sifting through to the back of th cupboard.

Hanging fruit baskets (you can even get metal ones from the dollar store)

Tha'ts all I got for now!
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Originally Posted by momto l&a
Foot stools that the top opens up for storage underneath

oooo i like that idea!

wonde rhow long it'd take dh to make a couple?
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Hey...my 2 cents... I hang stuff, and rotate stuff...these are all great ideas. But (I have a big butt) I don't store anything under my bed. Bad Feng shui. Whatever you store under your bed creates energies when you are trying to sleep (i.e. a shoe box of bills and reciepts will create worry and nervousness) Try to keep where you sleep just that; where you sleep.

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Y'all are brilliant!

One of those accordion things in on our list--we were hoping to find one at a garage sale or thrift store today, but we haven't yet. This morning, though, we picked up a nice wooden medicine cabinet (the glass on the door has been replaced with this cool-looking sheet metal) for $3 and we're going to mount it next to the refrigerator and use it for (surprise!) our medicines, which currently live in the cupboard above the stove (not perfect, I know).

And I was just at a thrift store where I found some wire racks that we can use in one of our closets or in the basement--they'll mount right to the wall.
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