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Low thyroid levels?

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Hi. I'm wondering if those of you with hypothyroidism could share some of your symptoms with me. I'm really starting to wonder if that's some of my bf problem. Here's why I think it might be an issue. I have cysts on my thyroid that, in the past, were not affecting my thyroid, but my levels haven't been checked in a while. I have a 3 month old, and I know some hair loss pp is normal, but I'm losing LOTS of hair. It's all over my pillow when I wake up, and I pull out handfuls while I'm in the shower. I also still have most of my pregnancy weight. I lost some of it initially, but I still weigh 25 lbs more than prepreg. So, did any of you find out that your low-supply was from low thyroid? I have an appt. with my ob-gyn at the end of the month, and I'm going to ask her to check my thyroid levels, but in the meantime I was wondering about others' symptoms. Thanks!
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I would totally get your levels checked, with your history and your symptoms. I was very blessed to not have any supply issues, and I've been hypothyroid since I was 22, 10 years now...I guess maybe because I'm really on top of my levels and compensated, my body doens't really "know" I'm hypo? Just guessing. and hoping I don't have any supply issues with this little one due very soon! We've again stayed really on top of my levels, testing about every 8 weeks and tweaking, and keepign me a little on the overreplaced side as opposed to underreplaced. I my endocrinologist!!!

My main symptoms when I'm underreplaced are the hair loss, and just being BONE tired....I don't know any other way to explain it - it's beyond tired because of a newborn, a toddler, being pregnant or what have you - it's like, TIRED in my whole body, and brain too. Unfortunately, I hang on to weight pretty well and am kind of puffy even on replacement, but they can't find anything going on with anything else like parathyroid or adrenals, so I htink that this is just the way my body is with the thyroid condition.

I would definitely get a level drawn and get some replacement going if needed, hopefully that will help!!!!! Good luck
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