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Should I be worried?

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Hi all,
You might remember that I just found out on Monday that I am 4 weeks pregnant. Today I experienced some discomfort in my uterus. Not cramps exctly, just almost cramps, like you might get 1 or 2 weeks before AF. ANyone else have this or heard of this? I have had no spotting at all and I'm not doubled over in pain, just discomfort. I keep expecting to see blood when I go to the bathroom like AF but there is none. Please help.
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Very normal in pregnancy and it often happens around the time you would have gotten your period. Try not to worry. It's hard though, you now have a new reason to worry about for the rest of your life! LOL If you have lots of bright red bleeding (not just spots on the tissue), that would be cause for concern, particulary if it is accompanied by cramping, but mild menstrual-like cramps are okay.
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(Gossamer sighs a huge sigh of relief)
Thank you so much. I have just been terrified every time I go to the bathroom, thinking I am going to see blood and just be devestated. THank you, thank you, thank you.
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just validating what the other's said.....totally normal!
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I had this with my 1st. In fact I usually have to take 4 advil every 3 hours to (I know very unnatural) for my cramps and when I started getting them with ds#1, we had been trying, and I assumed that I wasn't pregnant that month and took advil all that day until I just had a feeling that I shouldn't. I still didn't suspect that I was pregnant b/c of the strength of the cramps. They continued for another week and were at the same time my period would have been. This time around (9 weeks) I haven't had them nearly as strong.
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I have had that with both pregnancies and from my understanding...it's completely normal Even though I know this, it still makes you worry in those early weeks

If it gets worse or you start spotiing, definitely let your OB/Midwife know Good luck and Cngrats!!
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