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June veg*n living thread

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I didn't see one started yet so I decided to start one!!!

We had a really sweet, juicy and yummy watermelon yesterday. I LOVE watermelon!!

I made a really tasty pasta/tofu salad today. I marinated the tofu (cut into bite size pieces) in italian salad dressing then baked it until it was nice and firm. Added it to diced veggies and penne pasta, then dressed it with Dijon mustard , veganaise and herbs & spices. Boy was it good!
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MMM, we had taco salad, with kidney beans mixed into the taco "meat" and I made up some of the ranch dressing out of the Native Foods Cookbook. Oh and LOTS of yummy Avacado!!! Fern had avacado and some brown rice. Oh and for a dessert I splurged because they were on sale and bought the lil buddy soy ice cream sandwiches!
I just got the Vegan Vittles cook book, so I'm going to try some recipies from that. I've been eyeing up a couple new books. But the budget dose not alow right now and the library dose not have them!
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I just picked up a copy of "how it all vegan", and we're going to try the "tuna" recipe. The kids love tuna sandwiches, but we're trying to cut back on fish (the only type of meat we eat besides the very occasional organic meat at family gatherings), mostly because of the level of toxicity in it. We do only buy wild fish, and the types with least mercury toxicity. Has anyone tried this recipe? I'll let you know how it goes.
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Your throw-together tofu & pasta sounds very good!

My ds LOVES watermelon blended smooth and almost frozen to slush....mmmm
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happy June, veggie mommas don't have time to chat now, but i'll come back later with what we've been cookin' up
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The boys love helping me cook. Yesterday we made banana walnut bread together. Today hopefully a tofu asparagus quiche.

Can't wait for our first CSA pickup in 2 weeks!

- Krista
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We had an awesome salad made of tomatoes, orange peppers, green tail onions, black beans, celery, corn, with veganaise and salt and pepper! It was awesome, and refreshing on a hot summer day here in Florida.
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I made some quinoa this morning for a salad.
I put cooked quinoa, finely diced celery, fresh parsley, green onion, dried cranberries, olive oil, garlic and lemon juice.

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there is also a great Spring Quinoa Salad in Vive Le Vegan which we really like! i quinoa!
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Quinoa is such a tasty grain! That salad sounds good! We went to the farmer's market yesterday and got a bunch of fresh veggies.
I hope everyone is enjoying the great produce right now!
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For dinner tonight I oven roasted asparagus with some olive oil, soy sauce and garlic, then in the same pan I sauteed onion and mushrooms. I then made soy cheese quasadillas on whole wheat tortillas with the asparagus, onion and musrooms added. Then I added some fresh tomato to them. YUM!!!
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Are all veg folks welcome on this thread even if they aren't vegan?

I'm assuming that to be the case. We aren't vegan, definitely incoporate vegan meals, but would fall more along the veg lines. I'm afraid otherwise I'd get lost on this board in all the NT type threads.

Looking forward to seeing what all is cooking in your kitchens!
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Of course all veggies are welcome. Veg*n written like that includes all vegetarians, it's just a short cut so you don't have to write it all out!
I'm not vegan right now either.
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Ahhh...see, this is the first time someone has explained that one to me!

See...now I feel silly, but you learn something new everyday! Thanks for cluing me in!
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I have what I hope is a veggie/vegan related question-- how do you decide where to buy your produce?
I shop at a shoppers food warehouse because it is generally cheap. but the produce is not predictable, and I would like to make sure I get good stuff (I also need to learn how to choose fruits/veggies better). There is a whole foods nearby, but I find their prices kind of exhorbitant. There are also smaller health food stores, but I think they may be a little pricey too. I do have some farmers markets around (one requires me to work 4 hours to get a veggie share, and I am 37 wks pregnant so not so sure about that!) and i guess fairly soon the weekend farmers markets will start.
Where do you all buy your produce? How do you know how to choose the best of each individual item? How have you learned to incorporate "new" veggies/fruits into your diets? I think I'm in a rut.
sorry that this is such an elementary question...
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i get most of my produce at the farmers market but where i live we get three farmers markets a week year round, with decent prices
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A very yummy recipe for a yogurt "cake":
1 cup plain soy yogurt
2 cups flour
1 cups fructose/unrefined sugar
0,5 cups sunflower oil
1/2 bag (arround 2 teaspoons) baking powder
vanilla extract
fresk seasonal fruit (strawberries, blueberries, apricots...)

Mix all the ingredients together and put in a greased baking dish (I use lasagna dish). Sprinkle with fruit and some more sugar. bake at 200 degrees celsius for 20min-30 min. Very easy and very yummy!
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Originally Posted by Selesai
Where do you all buy your produce? How do you know how to choose the best of each individual item? How have you learned to incorporate "new" veggies/fruits into your diets? I think I'm in a rut.
sorry that this is such an elementary question...
During our local growing season, we buy a share at a local organic CSA farm. We go once a week and pick up our share. It includes tons of pre-picked items, plus lots of pick-your-own. We put in 12 hours of work over the season, which really makes us feel like we know precisely how our food is grown. Also, the excess is donated to 3 local food banks (they plant extra deliberately).
In late summer/fall we also buy a share from a local IPM fruit farm that is delivered to the CSA.
I prepare and freeze a lot of produce from Aug.-Nov. to use until spring. In fact we're just finishing up our frozen stash now, just 2 weeks before our first pick-up of the season.
We still buy other produce, mainly fruits and more broccoli from the supermarket or BJ's (because we use so much produce it's just cheaper to buy it in bulk). I buy certain items organic when I can (Stop & Shop has it's own organic brand that is relatively cheap), but certain things I don't worry about, our budget isn't unlimited! I don't usually buy produce at places like Whole Foods because it's just too expensive, though certain specialty items, (ie. mache, loose exotic mushrooms, lacinata kale), I can't get anywhere else.
I used to work at a food coop in the produce section as a second job, so I got really familiar with all different kinds of produce. One book I love is: "Fresh Produce: A to Z"; it explains about all different types of produce and their uses, plus 250 simple recipes.

- Krista
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We don't have a garden this year so we get our produce at the local health food store or the farmers' market.
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Oh - and I love the A to Z book too. It's especially nice when you're in a CSA and get unfamiliar veggies. If you go to the farmers market or a farm stand, you can talk to the people there and get recomendations and preparation suggestions.
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