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Feb. 06 moms--june thread

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Hi there!!! How's everyone doing? Slyvia is snoozing right in her fav place---her sling. :
Are your little cuties learning any fun new tricks? Slyvia wants to sit up sooooo badly. She just started laughing last week and loves to have her belly tickled.
I'm looking forward to hearing how everyone is doing!
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my baby is starting to giggle a little. she also wants to sit up and loves it when I hold her sitting, standing too. She also lunges a lot when she is in a carrier, I tell her that when she can walk I will let her down. Shes been rolling over (non consistantly) for a few weeks. She weighs a little over 10lbs. WBV on mon.
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elaina has been having these great big belly laughs for about 3 weeks now. they're real cute and hearty! she holds her head up really steady for about a month now and loves sitting up. she's keeps trying to sit up on her own but inevitably falls over! i prop her up in my nursing chair and she just laughs and laughs. she's very social. when we go out to dinner, she'll cry if in her stroller- she wants to "sit" at the table with everyone. she 'talks' to everyone with these great long "aaaahhhhhhhhhhhh" s and will watch so closely what your saying! when she's on my lap while we're eating, she'll grab for my food! we have a few more months before solids!
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Lydia wants to sit and stand too. She played with a toy the other day -- she's really good at standing, so her daddy put her in the exersaucer. She was looking in the little mirror and grinning, and then she saw a rotating plastic drum full of colorful beads. She reached out and swiped at it, and to her surprise, it rolled over and rattled loudly, which made her laugh out loud. She did it a couple more times after that. It was so cute to watch her manipulating objects.

She's also increasingly able to help with her own feeding -- I rarely have to compress my boob to get her to latch on these days. I pretty much just put a nipple in front of her face and she makes that "I'm hungry" chuckling noise, latches on, and starts nursing.

Is there a three-month growth spurt that a lot of babies have? Because Lydia's been nursing like a fiend for the last two days.

Mama to Thales, 12/9/02, and Lydia, 2/26/06
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Hello all. Kat is big and healthy We had a check up today and she weighs 18 lbs 6 oz and is 26 1/4 inches long. I looked back at my ds weights when he was this age and to my surprise he weighed almost 2 lbs heavier How I LOVE my chunky babies.
She is rolling from back to front and smiles at everything. She has a sweet little breathy laugh. It's hilarious. Kinda like Burt on Sesame street Its sweet. Gotta run toddler screaming at daddy,
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I had to take Lydia to the pediatrician this morning -- she's been crying and having digestive problems again. Apparently she has a "leaky gut" -- it's a digestive immaturity problem where the baby gets sensitized to proteins in the mother's milk if the mother has too much of one food at a time. I had to cut out dairy six weeks ago, and now apparently soy is a problem for her too. *cry* I don't know how long I'm going to have to be no-soy, no-dairy. I hope it's not too long, because I'm going insane! I'm so sick of reading labels so obsessively. The doctor said I should also be careful of wheat and nuts, or they may be next.

Lydia weighs about 12 1/2 pounds now. Good for her!

Mama to Thales, 12-9-02, and Lydia, 2-26-06
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It's great to hear how big all the babies are getting!

Omar (born 2/14) weighs 13 lbs--and laughs a little--he's really smiley and has rolled from belly to back twice--he's pretty easy going and enjoys "walking" from Mama to Baba or big bro...I love this age!!!
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Ella is still dealing with reflux She has laughed a few times, and almost sleeps through the night. She's a much better sleeper than her sisters. She doesn't try to sit or roll yet, all of my girls were late to do that so I'm not stressing. The longer it takes for her to get mobile, the longer it will be before I have to chase her around
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We're not a very talkative bunch - are we

Gabriella laughed out loud today - it was the sweetest sound! She goes to the doctor later this month so I'll get her weighed and find out just how big she's getting. she eats like a little piggy and is killing my back so I know she's growing

We went camping last weekend - it was Gabriella's first trip away from home overnight. She did prettygood, I can't wait to do it again.

She's awake and fussing so off I go. where is everyone???
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HI! DS is 15 weeks on Saturday. He's been laughing and "talking" for a while now. It's so great seeing him turn into his own little person. Dh made him do his first belly laugh 2 weeks ago. It was so cute!
He's been "swimming" in the lake almost every day for the past week since it's been so warm here. He seems to like it. I got some sunglasses for him, too, because he was squinting so much from the sun while at the lake; he looks so cool.
He loves to stand up, stare at the ceiling fans and a globe we have hanging and dance with Mama. He's a happy boy.
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Hi everyone!!
Finn had his 4 month doctor visit today and he weighs 16.10 and is 24 inches long. he is a big, chunky guy. I love it!
He wants to sit up so badly, too. he can already sit unassisted for about a minute and then he topples over. But hey, he has a mom who can hold him aaaaaaall day long
He had his first belly laugh the other day and that made me feel so good, I love that sound. He also is a good night sleeper, not so good during the day. But it works out okay.
He loves his dad and I always get some me time on the weekend for two hours or so while they play together.
We are very happy!
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hi everyone I'm back online!

it's so great to hear how all your babes are doing. I have been off line for a while because it was hard for me to get to the library with sophia to use the internet. but now, miracles of miracles I have a computer at home, in my very own house. this is really amazing for me as I have never had that before. good friends were able to get us a computer and I can tell already how much of a difference it will make in me feeling isolated (thanks mamanurse!)

sophia is a bit older than your babies because she was born jan 18th but was due feb 1 so I was always in the feb due date club. she is almost 5 months old! she laughs all the time especially when kissed. she has recently begun rolling over like crazy at every opportunity. she likes to watch our dog and squeal at him. she seems to call him when he is not paying attention to her. she loves to "stand" and chew on books.

we are having a big struggle with sleeping. we have ended up cosleeping althought that was not my plan but even getting to sleep in bed with me is a struggle. she rarely naps on her own. usually will nap in the ergo attatched to me. right now she is taking a nap in her crib but that is unusual. I never thought I'd say this but I feel like I need some consistency in the nap and bedtime department and I think she does too. I do not want to let her cio. I have tried the no cry method but instead of getting calmer each time I come in to comfort her she gets more and more agitated. what is the happy medium? any suggestions.

I am so happy to be back on line. these boards really kept me sane during my pregnancy and I have so missed them during these early months of motherhood.
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Hi everyone! It is so good to read about how everyone is doing. I seem to have a hard time getting on line lately to read, much less to post.
Nora has two teeth!!!! At 3.5 months, I wasn't even looking for teeth, even though she was soaking several shirts a day with drool and frantically gnawing on everything she could manuever in the direction of her mouth, including my nipples, ouch. And then her teeth popped out and it all made sense. She is talking a lot, rolling all over the place and trying very very hard to sit up. When I put her on her back she just strains and strains to sit up, and does these funny stomach crunches. Nora is about 13 lbs and 25 inches long. She is a long baby. My mil told me she is kind of funny looking she is so long.: I think she is beautiful. She sleeps well at night, and not so well during the day, but I think a big part of that is having an older sister who delights in her, but who just cannot understand why letting babies sleep is a good idea

Pauline-you mean some babies sleep by themselves? Just kidding, seriously though, does she nurse to sleep? I have always had the best luck nursing my babies to sleep, then very very slowly and gently extracting myself from the bed. Also, if she falls asleep on you, can you transfer her to the bed? My older dd tends to wind up when she gets tired(and she has always been that way, even as a small baby), so the important thing with her is to get her to bed almost before she acts tired, so she doesn't get overtired and start racing around the house throwing temper tantrums.

It is really amazing to see the bond developing between Zoe and Nora, Nora absolutely adores her big sister, watches her every move, and fusses if Zoe is out of her line of vision. She loves to laugh when Zoe kisses her and sings to her. And Zoe is doing a lot better with the transition to sharing the spotlight. We still have lots of challenging days, but she has stopped trying to hit Nora (thank goodness, I was really struggling with that).

But all in all, we are doing well. Now if it would only stop raining......June in Maine tends to be a rainy affair. I hope everyone is doing well, I love reading all the updates!
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Hi ladies! Pauline, welcome back and hugs re: sleep. A consistent bedtime routine is great to help teach them, but some babies just don't fall/stay asleep easily so you may have one of those (or not). My DD was one of them. When I see my DS and how I can actually nurse him to sleep then lay him down and he stays asleep (or falls right back asleep) I'm perpetually amazed. Ella NEVER did that, and I'm not doing things different. We're still swaddling Oliver, though need to make bigger blanket, the previous one isn't nearly large enough.

Ollie is rolling, laughing, and so generally good natured. I LOVELOVELOVE this age, so interactive but you don't have to chase them and they're so in love with their mommies (boobies ).

The weather here in th NW is so annoying this time of year, we'll have a few days of great, sunny weather and you think, whoohoo, summer! Then it's several of crappy, grey weather:. I seem to swing back and forth on a pendulum right along with it, either rested and feeling on top of the world, or exhausted and on the verge of a breakdown. :

Take care lovely mamas,

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Eden is trying desperately to sit up...she does baby 'crunches' that are sooo darned cute .

She can roll onto her side now, but not all the way over yet.

I bought her a Bumbo and she loves it :

She's a champion nursers. I love bonding with her this way.
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We are still here too. Boys will be 24 weeks old on Monday.

They are both rolling over, laughing alot and scooting around. They are starting to get up on thier knees already and making the rocking motion.
They both sleep through the night and have a few consistant nap times.
They are both still nursing part time, a little more everyday....just means we may be closer to our goal of no more bottles and formula very soon

Hunter weighed in at 15lbs about 4 weeks and Kolton was at 13lbs.......I cant wait to get them weighed again...lol


Thats a pic from when they turned 5 months old.....Kolton is on the left HUnter on the right
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Man, I am really enjoying this mothering thing. Avery smiles huge, giggles when you kiss her cheek or wipe her chin, loves to go places with me, kangaroo'd in the sling. She looks out at everybody with her big blues and gets lots of attention. Let's see, what else...not rolling over yet, but that's fine by me b/c we co-sleep and I'll have to put our mattress on the floor or something. She "slept through the night" twice this past month. Hasn't done it again since, though. Oh well.

She got a balloon today from the nice lady at Food Lion and she's been spending time staring at it and bumping it with her hand. She grabs at everything - well, more like slowly reaches her hand out with her eyes open wide - it's so cute. We've been snapping so many pictures! I can't believe she's 4 months old already. It's flying by. In a week I have to go back to work for 2 weeks (long story not worth telling) so I'm not looking forward to being away from her DH and my mom will be taking care of her though, so she'll be loved on and spoiled just like I would do
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your boys are so cute lilgsmommy! I take so many pictures of sophia in that on tummy, looking up postition. I am just not advanced enough to post them on the computer yet.

okay. the sleeping thing. thanks for the advice, mamas. yes I do nurse her to sleep and then i used to be able to put her down put now she has caught on to me and the minute her body touches mattress she wakes up. she has also taken to grabbing my shirt while she nurses so that she will know if I try to sneak away. I generally try to put her in the crib after nursing, when she seems tired. she will wake up, fuss a bit, then start to cry. Then I come get her and put her in the ergo where she falls asleep happily. and honestly, there is alot of joy in that for me. she is my only baby so I have the time to spend with her and I love that when she wakes up in the ergo or sling she doesn't cry, just looks up at me and smiles. so should I eliminate even trying to put her in the crib? occasionally she will suprise me and take a good nap in there and its wonderful to be able to get things done. I don't know about you ladies but I cannot do a whole lot in the way of house work with my baby in the sling (I can, however, stuff my face with food and read which I can't complain about).

Okay, question #2 since I am essentially cosleeping, what do I do now that sophie is roling over? she seems to stay in the same position while sleeping. on her side facing my nipple. but what if she starts roling around in the middle of the night while I am sleeping. I think I would wake up - I don't drink or take any drugs. Should I put the mattress on the floor? should I get a co-sleeper? should I get that expensive thing in the back of mothering magazine that looks like a body pillow with a sheet attatched?

I'm so obssessed with the sleeping/napping thing. It's our first big struggle I guess. We've been lucky with everything else . . . she is a great nurser. she is very happy when I am not trying to make her sleep. She LOVES our dog now. it's like she didn't notice him until she was 4 months old and then all of a sudden there he was and she can't stop looking at him!

glad everyone is good. LIONEYES are you still around here somewhere? How is Ava?
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hi mamas!fun to read about all the cute babies. Aris is about 20 lbs. now i think.she looks like a 6 month old.two bottom teeth coming through,and she can sit for about 30 seconds.she is a chunky,drooly ,yummy baby!
she does not like the sling however.much prefers facing out.when budget allows i think i will have to get something like a moby.for now, she likes hanging over my arm!
kinda OT: why do people think calling a baby fat is nice?? if one more person says :"oh look at that fat baby!" or "look at the jowls on her!" i think i will bop 'em on the nose!!

anyway....glad every one is enjoying their babies!
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Hello mamas! Courtney is doing great. She was very upset for the past couple weeks because she was cutting teeth. Now that they finally popped through I was so happy that the torture was over. Well you know how wrong that is... There seems to be more teeth coming! She got 2 last week. I hope the next ones come in real quick.

We're going on vacation in a week. We're going to take Courtney to the states to meet all of her family. Everyone is so excited. It will be great to have my mother there to help me out.

In this past 3 weeks I have learned a couple tricks to get her to sleep better. First I feed her a little. Then we play pattycake, itsy bitsy spider and a couple other fun things for about an hour. Then I nurse her again. I lay her on her belly on a blanket on the floor. I pat her butt a few times, rub her back and she is out like a lightswitch. When it's time for bed and she doesnt want to sleep... I do the same thing. I flip her to her belly and rub her back. It's been like magic.

We went to Toys R Us yesterday. This little boy (about 10 years old) came up to Courtney and poked her in the head! I didnt even think about it, I just went off on the kid. It's sad how I could tell he didnt speak any English but he sure was sorry he tried to pick on her. Why do little boys think they need to pick on a sleeping baby?

PGNPORTLAND - I hope your baby sleeps a lil more.
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