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Puzzles? I'm puzzled...

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Out of curiousity, are any of your toddlers into jigsaw puzzles? My 31 month old is really into puzzles. He's started with a 24 piece one and begged for more. I bought him a 36 piece one and a 48 piece one yesterday and he's finished them both. His passion only started last week but it's pretty intense. Anyone else's toddlers into puzzles?
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My 4 y.o. is up to 60+ piece puzzles. She's been doing them since she was 1. She loves them. The smaller ones (less than 60) she finishes in no time.

My 18 m.o. has already started with shape puzzles and peg puzzles. She's really good at them actually which impresses me.

But, then again, everything (well, *almost* everything -- lol) my kids do impresses me!
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Well mine both love puzzels, but it is also something I love. As in When ds #2 takes a nap ds #1 and I will work on a big puzzel-like 300-800 pieces. Although I do sort out a small pile for him (he is 3 1/2) he can do those with me. We do it on the table and put a vinyl table cloth on it and then just eat on top of it until the next time we have a chance to finish it.

So I think that probably some of it in our family is that it is a fun thing that mom will almost always do with us (and even alone) and in many families putting together puzzels is way down the list of things that the adults in the familt see as a worthwile thing to do. (am I making any sense?)

My brother was born when I was 14 and we would work on big puzzels together and he was always an excellent puzzel putter together too!
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My 2.5 year old has expressed a lot of interest, but he does not yet possess the fine motor skills needed to put one together. Part of his problem, I think, is that he is denying his left handed tendency. For now, we stick to board puzzles and he's finally able to do the harder ones without pegs, so I'm happy enough with that. I actually can't stand puzzles (severely challenged when it comes to visual perception!) but I pretend to like them so my ds does not wind up like me!
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