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Video of a Hospital birth (looks like in the 80's)

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WARNING WANRING WARNING: Before you Click on the link: GRAPHIC: NOT SAFE FOR WORK: (or lunch for that matter) And, Also Sharp Objects are involved:



Click at your own risk.
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Um....wow. Ya think being made to labor on her back might have contributed to any difficulty she had?
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Poor mom and baby he just did not want to come out Ya she should NOT have been on he back.
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All that pulling and tugging. Ouch.
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I wonder if this woman knows that her private and beautiful, profound moment (and that of her baby as well) is up on youtube for everyone to see and comment on. I think it's a shame that it is being presented and commented on in such a negative way.
That baby looks big, beautiful and healthy and the Mama did an amazing job.
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Cool video (minus the cutting and being on back etc. ). I wasn't able to see my DD's birth so that was cool to see. But good griewf! Why the pushing and pulling on that baby!?
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This video looks pretty old. But oh man, that cut was terrible:
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i couldn't watch it, no one was supporting her perineum so i stopped, looked too painful.
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Yikes, poor little one. I wouldn't have wanted to come out either, if that is what i was greeted by... i just wanted them to hand that babe to his mama!
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That looks like my first birth....sharp objects and all
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Does noone else find this a tad disrespectful?
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Originally Posted by mamajama
Does noone else find this a tad disrespectful?
ETA: Or looks like a birth photographer. BAH! He has 3 videos, of 3 different types of birth up on YouTube.

2 waterbirths and the Hospital one I linked to. I think it *Might* be his wife, not sure...could always email and ask? I know after a birth like that, I sure as heck would b-line AWAY from a hospital as fast as my feet could carry me
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That is horrid. Get that woman off her back, quit leaning on her stomach and pulling on the kids head. The episotomy looked dreadful. Yick, Yick, poor mama, poor baby
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Where is that info? It looks like the person has three videos with clips of various births. I don't see any info stating that it is the woman's husband, or any personal info at all. And even if it was her husband, there is certainly no info. about her giving permission to have that up on youtube. Nor is there (IMO) anything respectful about warning people to not eat lunch while watching the birth.
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we x-posted pandora.
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Yuck! That episiotomy looked so unecessary and painful! I can't believe that mom was on her back. Ouch. I tried pusing on *land* if you will, and that was standing up! It hurt, so I went into the water where I gave birth. I can't even imagine being on my back PLUS not having the benefit of water. Owie.
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Why in the world is that quick clip of a simple and shockingly clean water birth marked as "may be inappropriate content" and the hospital birth (blood, closeups, etc.) is not?
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It's probably marked because it ws 'flagged' by a youtube member. I think that's how it works there.
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