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where's the poop?

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my baby is 9 weeks old and has been pooping every day since birth but for the past 2 days she hasn't... should i be worried? She also isn't eating as often... she was eating every 2 hours for weeks but now it's more like 3-4.
i'm wondering if i'm making enough milk.....
thank you in advance for any insight.

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It's very common for bf babies to skip days...even over a week...between poops. Then, watch out for a huge explosion! It's also common for feedings to space out as babies get older. Their tummies are bigger and they can hold more.
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I've read the same thing as pp. My son who is the same age is pooping less often also. It was weird when it started happening...I got so used to finding poop in every diaper!

Is your babe still having plenty of wet diapers? I think that's key too. Also, if she is spacing out between feedings, you most likely are giving her enough milk. If she weren't getting enough, she would probably want to eat more frequently. Sounds like you're doing a great job!
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Yup, normal! My DD used to poop like 5 or 6 times a day (or more really early on...) but now it's like every 3 days. And she makes a HUGE mess when she goes...HUGE!
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