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officially EBF yesterday...

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DD turned one yesterday and after supply dramas two weeks ago and mastitis again last week we saw in the new year with plenty of milk and no pain... yipeee for DD :-). you know it feels so weird to me that this is "extended" breastfeeding, she's such a baby to me and while I know that she will always "be my baby" I just can't see how anyone would think it is a good idea to stop already.... it doesn't feel extended to me at all, it feels normal, whatever that is.
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Yeah! Happy Birthday and congrats on reaching such a wonderful milestone. Keep up the good work
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Good for you and your DD

I know what you mean about it not "feeling" like extended breastfeeding, my DD is 16mo and is still nursing, I couldn't imagine just cutting her off b/c she turned 12mo:

I don't get weird looks or comments YET but I know they will come as we continue to NIP...somehow, people can sort of accept a baby "just slightly over 1" to bf but not older than 18mo...what a weird place we live
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