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Preeclampsia question...

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This is actually a question for women with low milk supplies who have had to supplement with formula...

We had to switch formulas twice before we found one that didn't mess up DS's stomach (he had terrible gas, cramps, constipation, ect). The one we finally found that didn't do all of that is the Similac Alimentum, which is easy to digest for babies with protein sensitivity.

I find it kind of ironic that the biggest sign of preeclampsia (other than the high blood pressure) is the protein leaking into your urine. Could that have something to do with why he seems to be protein sensitive? Have any other mothers who have had to supplement with formula and had preeclampsia had this problem? Or am I just connection two unrelated things?

(And just as a side note, the Alimentum is EXPENSIVE. A small can is the same price as a huge can of regular Similac. *sighs*)
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I don't see how there could be a connection. In PE, you spill protein because the kidneys are leaky. It's not anything pathologic to have protein in your blood/body; you just aren't supposed to lose it. Also, the protein in the urine is albumin, where the protein that some babies don't tolerate is usually casein.
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