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insomnia update

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There have been several threads in the last month or two on insomnia (I started one of them).

My last visit to the MW, I brought it up AGAIN. This MW (there are 4) suggested trying a homeopathic remedy. She said all homeopathics were very safe for pregnancy. Her main (and personal) experience was with Hyland's Calms Forte. Well, I've taken it (3 pills before bedtime) the last 3 nights, and KNOCK ON WOOD it has seemed to work! I was VERY skeptical too, so I really do think it's working, as I've not changed anything else, and have other non-related stuff on my mind this week that I would EXPECT to keep me up. And...no groggy hung-over feeling either. Yay!

I just thought some of you out there might benefit from this advice.
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Thank you for sharing that! I have used Calms Forte before with good results as well.
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I agree that Calms Forte is helpful for those sleepless nights. Our pediatrician is also a homeopath and said that it is fine to give it to the little ones also when they are having a bad night (my ds is 2). You just give them a 1/2 dose.

But, I have to say that the remedy that works best for me (and I only use them occasionaly) is Boiron's Quietude. Is is for restless sleep and insomnia.

So, if Calms doesn't do the job I would try Boiron!

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