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I'm 19 weeks and have gained 4 lbs. My milk is drying up, so ds is nursing less, maybe that will help me to gain a little more and feel less tired.
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I'm 18w 1d right now, but I know at my last appt. I was 16w 4d and I had gained 7 pounds. i don't put too much weight on gaining (no pun intended!) because everyone's body resopnds differently to pregnancy. I know a woman who lost 60 lbs durring her last pg! She was overweight to begin with, but the pounds just started falling off by themselves, and her entire pregnancy was healthy. As long as you know you have a healthy diet and everything else is checking out okay, weight gain isn't much of an issue, some women just gain more than others.
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17 weeks, and still nothing. My midwife says she wants to see otherwise at the 20 week appt, so pass the avocados ...
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I am 19 weeks, almost 20 and I have agined back 2 pounds of the 10 I lost in the first trimester. At least I gaining again...I'm not over weight to begin with so I concerned. My mw says not to worry about it as long as I'm eating.
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21 wks, 5 days and 7 pounds so far...Best I've EVER done while pg! I'm eating sooo much better than any other pg. Usually I'd have gained 30 by now.
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18 weeks tommorow and ive only so far lost two pounds. and this is even after my day sickness. when i had that, i somehow maintained my weight. they re not too happy with me since im starting off underweight, but im trying.
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I guess I'm the fatty here....:
I am 19wks and have gained 20 lbs... So sad! LOL! I'm trying not to worry too much! Just need to start eating better which isn't as easy as it sounds. Especially when I have to drive by Zesto's all the time!!
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Nope Huskermommy you aren't alone. I'm almost 22 weeks and I've gained about 27 Ibs now. I mostly eat healthy though, although I could cut out some treats (probably won't though ).
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LOL! Ok, I don't feel as bad!
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I am 18 weeks and have gained 13 lbs. I guess I am in the middle. I had the kind of m/s that made me have to eat all the time to keep from feeling sick.
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19 weeks 2 lbs total, I lost a few in the beginning and I'm by no means skinny not worried at all
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Originally Posted by angelika13
I had the kind of m/s that made me have to eat all the time to keep from feeling sick.
So did I and it really sucked having to eat every 2 hrs when I was nauseas (sp?) as hell but if I didn't I would get sicker. It also didn't help that I could only stomach refined carbs, ugh ugh ugh.
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I am 20 weeks and two days with twins.. I have gained 8 pounds back from the 16 i lost in the first trimester.
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I am 20 weeks and I finally gained! Though my midwife had said I should gain 10 lbs by 20 weeks, I have gained 4...but she wasn't worried about it, and actually said that some midwives don't even believe in weighing women because of the anxiety it causes... I must admit though, that since I'm not gaining much I have been having a chocolate croissant here and there.... I have to remind myself that I started this pregnancy heavier than my first though so I don't overdo it on the croissants!
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I'm at 18.5 weeks and have gained 2 lbs. I think I'm pulling fat from other areas because my cheeks and neck have thinned out and my legs are more slender. I hope I can stay on the lower end of things this time. Unfortunately, I have a tendency to swell up after delivery which is always fun.:
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I'm 20 weeks and I've gained 7 lbs. I don't think *any* of us should worry about it too much, especially people that are worried b/c they've only gained 5 lbs in the first 15-20 weeks.

I've been up and down on the weight issue (in my mind, not on the scale, LOL). With my first pg, I didn't worry about it at all. I excercised a lot, ate healthy stuff and bad stuff, didn't worry. By 7 mos., I'd gained 30 lbs. and my doc was 'worried.' He didn't even really specifically explain why--maybe delivery would be harder, he said. That was really frustrating and : for me, but I got through it. By the day I delivered, I believe I'd gained more than 40 pounds. 40 at least. Delivery was not hard. I don't think giving birth is ever easy , but dd was big, fast, and early. So it would be hard to say that the weight gain did anything negative in that respect.

By two weeks pp, I'd lost 25 pounds. Some of the weight hung around for a good six months, then that started just falling off, too. It turns out I had a thyroid problem. By nine months pp, I was 10 pounds under my pre-pg weight. However, once I got regulated on medication, my weight settled about 15 pounds up from my normal, healthy adult weight. So I started out this pregnancy heavier than I started with my first one.

All that history painstakingly laid out, : when I saw I wasn't gaining much this time, I thought, "Oh, good, doc won't be yelling at me." Then I thought, "What if the baby isn't growing well?" and generally gave myself a guilt trip. Talking to my doc, he said that if I gain 40 lbs. again this time, that is fine, as long as the baby is growing well. He also said, I may gain only 18-20 pounds this time b/c of my thyroid problem. That would also be fine. So all is fine. The only thing that is not fine is worrying too much about it!
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I will be 23 weeks tomorrow and I've gained about 13 pounds...more than I had hoped, but a lot less than with my first. I've got osteoarthritis now, so I've got to be real careful about putting too much pressure on my lower back and and hips. I'm trying to find a balance between being healthy and enjoying myself this time. I guess yodels aren't really a "food group," huh? :-)
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I'm 19 weeks today and have gained about 10 lbs so far.... I usually gain a lot of weight when I'm pregnant (45 - 50 lbs) and I'm trying to keep it to a minimum this time... I feel like I'm doing pretty good so far... but wait till that 3rd trimester hits... oh brother I get fluid retention really bad during pregnancy also, so that's the bulk of the weight I gain. I'm normally pretty thin (size 3).
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20 weeks, and I'm finally up a couple of pounds!
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19 weeks and 8 pounds.
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