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Do you need to nurse to fall asleep?

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Sometimes we all go to sleep together and the boys nurse then, but sometimes the boys go early and dh and I stay up. On those nights when we do finally go to sleep, I almost always just lay there awake until someone gets up to nurse and then I can sleep.

Do any other moms have to nurse to sleep?
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I remember when ds #2 learned to fall asleep without nursing it was hard for me to fall asleep for the first week or so. I guess our bodies get used to the prolactin : I think it is.

Anyway, you are not alone.
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Littlebit has always nursed to sleep and then I have tohold him for a while and at nap time I nurse him to sleep and hol him the whole time or he will wake up.
I have been having a hard time with the fact that he was turning 3.And knowing that our nursing I am sure is going to come to a stop soon.He still nurses at least 10 times a day.But I know it will not last forever.
Well the other night he was really tired and he got in DH lap while I was on the computer and he went to sleep.I know most people would probably be real happy with that,but it broke my heart.HE went to sleep without me.I thought I was never going to go to sleep.The first time that my baby didn't need me to go to sleep.I wanted to cry.
I know I am crazy.I told DH when Littlebit is real sleepy tell me and bring him to me so I can nurse him to sleep.That is our time and I am not ready to give it up yet.
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yep, I often can't sleep till DD wakes up for her next feed, I just lie there next to her waiting.... especially if DH isn't in bed yet.
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I've always had a hard time falling to sleep ... except when Parker is nursing. I can fall almost instantly to sleep. The problem is, this is true almost everytime we nurse, so I feel tired a LOT!! I often just stay up until he wants to nurse again too, simply to save myself from the whole lying in bed trying to fall asleep part.
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Nope, tested the question this morning.

I fell Right to sleep, then slept through my watch alarm.

DD woke me up just in time to help her get dressed for Grandma to pick her up for preschool.
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I had to relearn how to fall asleep without nursing when ds2 weaned a couple of years ago

obviously another piece of proof that ebf is for the mother

maybe we should all be ferberised???
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Well once again I am relieved to come to Mothering to find I am not the only one

It's that first time that I actually have to nurse, in the middle of the night sometimes I lay there wide awake, but all it takes then is someone crying for nursing and suddenly I can't keep my eyes open. I am sure that is my conditioning! I guess I should be glad they wake up lots of times so that I don't have to long just laying there awake
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