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what's going on w/ my milk supply?

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I'm currently tandem nursing a 17 month old (10xper day) and a 3 1/2 yr old (once per day). Both girls are telling me there is not lots of milk. Is this normal?
I've lost lots of weight (all my pregnancy plus another 10 lbs), in part bc my little one is very sensitive to dairy, rice and beans---main staples in my diet. I'm very slim--- 5'9" and 118. I eat very healthy and try to put oatmeal in every day, but I still am not getting a lot. My little one was up all night last night and finally I got up w/ her at 5 and she really wanted to eat solids bc she wasn't getting enough from nursing me.
Should I talk to my doctor about medication??? I thought the more they nursed, the more I would produce and she's nursing a lot. Thanks,
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According to the BMI (body mass index) you are underweight. You need more fat in your diet. I add coconut oil to my oatmeal and smoothies. Nuts, avacados and meat (if you eat it) are also good choices since you are avoiding dairy. I'm thinking that if your body has almost no fat and you aren't consuming enough fat that could be why there's a decrease in milk?? Also try eating more often and drinking more water.
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ITA w/ PP, try to eat more! coconut oil/ coconut milk is a great choice imo. you can also try fenugreek.
you need more fat and protein!
and good luck! you are doing a great job!
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Honestly, if my 17 month old woke up at 5 o'clock in the mornng wanting solids (ie: breakfast), I would give it to him/her. Most certainly, offer the breast first thing when waking, but then if your child is still hungry it is time to produce a non-breast based breakfast. Oatmeal, or avacado, or banana, or rice, or cereal, or something.... yk?

Don't talk to your doc about medication, look at expanding your dc's diet first instead, yk?

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I beleive that medication for milk supply is a little extreme (I try to avoid it if at all possible). Take some fenugreek or, what would be best, is taking a tea, tincture or capsule made specifically for increasing one's milk supply because they have various different ingredients.

Definitely try and get some more weight on ya. It may actually be normal for you, but it *sounds* like you're underweight.

Also, is there a possibility that you're pregnant? That can cause a milk supply to suddenly go down.
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