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Anybody still swaddling?

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Some of you may remember that I posted about sleep issues earlier this week. He's been super fussy at night lately. I thought it was just his tooth breaking out. But we stopped swaddling last weekend because it got pretty hot around here. Stuart slept ok the first night, at least no worse than he had been (up every 2 hours or so). I found him on his side or stomach a few times when I went to feed him. Then he wouldn't go down for more than 30 minutes at a time for the rest of the week. I co-slept with him all week long, and decided to try to swaddle him again tonight to see if it made any difference. He just slept for 2 hours on his own, which he hasn't done at all since we stopped. This seems to indicate that he might still need the swaddle. He's just constantly practicing moving right now, and I think he does it in his sleep and wakes himself. I thought it was the teeth, but maybe it's these new skills!

What is everybody else doing? If you do swaddle, how do you deal with the warmer weather? I had my mom make a large 4 foot square blanket out of an old sheet (my sewing skills are severely lacking) and that's what we're using, but I think he'll still be too hot once the weather turns for good. I feel bad binding him up at nearly 6 months!
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We don't swaddle Greyson at all, and haven't since he was a month or two old. He does sleep in his Amby Hammock half the night, and it's pretty cozy in there.
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Amanda, we're in the same boat. It's getting too hot to swaddle, but ds still really needs it. He had a fever one night last week, plus the overnight low was over 70 degrees, so I didn't swaddle him. It was awful.

We weaned my daughter from swaddling when she was about 7 months old. We're almost to that point, and I don't see ds nearing the end of his swaddled life.

We use a 4x4' sheet as well, folded into a triangle. On the hottest nights last week, for some reason dh though a shirt and no pants was the way to go. Next time it heats up, I'm going to try pants, no shirt. We have a ceiling fan in his room, so it's been on continuously at night for the last week+.

Sorry, no great solutions here. I may cut the 4x4' sheets into triangles so it's only 1 layer over him instead of 2, but that is a pretty minor change...
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We swaddled Simon as a newborn, stopped for while, then tried it again for a couple of months when he was around 4mo to see if it would help him sleep longer stretches at night. NOPE! It didn't seem to make a bit of difference.

Needless to say we just went cold turkey on the swaddling when out of town almost a month ago now, and I don't think he's sleeping any worse for it. I was getting worried that we'd have a hard time weaning from it, and was most concerned about naps.

The only thing we could swaddle Simon with when he was older like that was a miracle blanket, though that was getting way too small (another reason to stop swaddling before long).
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Wendy, how did you wean your daughter? I just tried cold turkey, but it didn't work for me. Did you wrap and leave an arm out? I'm afraid he'll try to roll because he's getting so mobile.

I gave in and he's swaddled again tonight. I was trying to hold out since we'd gone almost a week already but he slept SO much better last night! He was only up 3 times, and went to bed right away. The last 4 nights we had spent at least 5 hours getting him to go down!

Good idea about cutting the sheets, though. We'll have to do that. We've just been putting him in his diaper and an undershirt when it's hot, but even that will be too much soon.

What do summer babies do?
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pft. she has never ONCE like to be swaddled. never. not even when she was like 3 hrs old that first night. she wanted to be snuggled up, sure, but by me. my arms. anything less was just unacceptable. LOL
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