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No luck with Avent ISIS pump

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Hi there,
I have a Purely Yours electric pump that I plan to use when I go back to work. I bought the Avent Isis pump to keep at home for quick pumping, and if I wanted to pump just one breast. But I can't get it to work. I guess I used to my electric pump. Milk flows out of me early and often with an electric pump. But I don't feel any suction at all with the avent pump and no milk comes out. I've taken it apart and put it back together a couple of times but no success. Is the Avent pump hard to use. What am I doing wrong?? Thanks for any input!

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I had the same problem with mine! I took off the petal thingy and it worked - which is funny since I bought it for the petal thing But I found I would actually get a suction without it. And it took a couple of weeks just getting used to a manual as opposed to an electric (I had rented one for a month). Give that a try, hopefully its works for you!
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couple of issues I've had with mine:
...is the little white disk in the correct way?
...if you have the petal thing on, is it contacting both your breast and the rest of the pump the whiole way around? I have issues with mine sometimes being half on my bra and half on my boob.
...finally is the rubber seal thing (has a white center with a little knob on it) sealed all the way around?
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Thanks! I will try it without the petal thingy and check once again and make sure everything is sealed the way it's supposed to be!
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I had to wet the edges of the petal so that it would seal agains the plastic in order to get mine to have adequate suction. Also, try repositioning it I would often have it at an angle like this / instead of straight up and down.

Pumping is such a bummer sometimes. Good luck on it.
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Also, make sure the little white disk with the star pattern on it is totally dry. Good luck! I love my Isis!
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