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Summer 2006 Student Mamas Thread

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Come join me here ladies!

I'm actually starting finals this week... ok, ok, I had one on Friday in Visceral Disorders, but they officially start this week. FTR, I got 98% on that final on Friday. :

I have an Extremities practical on Monday, a Technique Review practical on Wednesday. On Tuesday, I have my Emergency Procedure final. On Wednesday, I have finals in Marketing and in Cliniical Psychology. Thursday is a day off. Friday is Clinical Methods, Tuesday is Technique Review, Wednesday is Extremities, and Thursday if Radiology IV. :

After finals are done I have break!!! Classes don't resume until July 11.
: We're going to the ILs for 5 days, but the rest of break is mine to relax, get projects done, and to spend time in the clinic getting patients taken care of and doing my observations.
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Way to go Jennifer! A 98%, that is just plain awesome

I have the summer off (thank god!) but plan to review my NCLEX book and keep working in my dosage calc book for the fall and am getting familiar with the top 100 drugs.

Not much going on here, we have been swimming a lot and doing a lot of free stuff around town (free movies, library, etc) because mama is broke! LOL I NEED to work out more but that hasn't been happening

I have to go tomorrow to get a varicella titer and a TB test. On the 17th I'm taking the AMA CPR for the Healthcare Provider. I just have a lot of little stuff like that to do all summer, but it's fun stuff so I don't mind.
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I am swamped in school this summer...my biggest Med Surg class that they have decided to do a test run to see if it is successful in a 10 week session. I am in class 2x a week and clinical 3x a week. With 4 small kids 4mo-6 I am insane : to do this. The first test in next Monday and then a test weekely or everyother week until Aug 1st when we have a final consisting of Endocrine, Liver, and Diabetes...in addition to the comprehensive part of the exam...all 1/3 of the grade....wish me luck
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Wow Alicia, good luck. That DOES sound insane!!
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I'm taking classes this summer, but I lucked out and managed to get all night classes. So, I get to spend all day playing with the kids. I'm finally taking astronomy. My boys are excited because they have been dying to learn about the stars and the moon.
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I'll chime in! I've been lurking for awhile, but with all the high-achieving mamas I've felt a little insecure joining in! But considering that we lost three people this year (from a class of only 48), I'm happy with my passing grades!

I have this summer off and am hoping to spend a LOT of time with my family. I've missed them so much. I also have a to-do list that is probably unachievable! I might do a small research project at the local wildlife rehab center, but otherwise I am staying home!

Dmitrizmom, wow! I'm so jealous that you're at the hands-on stage of your education! I've got awhile to go for that.

alicia9178, what program are you in? That sounds grueling. We had a run last term of exams and/or quizzes every week and it about killed us.

Anyone else thinking about more babies?? I am insane for thinking about it, but I can't seem to help myself...

Summer is almost here!!!
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Alis - I've been thinking about babies lately, but with where I am school-wise, I can't... mayber in a year or two when taking time off is an option, and arranging my schedule to meet my family's needs is possible. Too many of my classes right now are mandatory attendance and they really don't care if you have morning sickness or sick kids... We know that we want two more, someday.
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Hey guys! I just graduated with an A.A. in child development but am attending 3 summer classes too! There are transfer classes needed for my B.A. :
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mami_guera - good luck with summer classes.
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Three finals down, Five written finals and a final practical to go.

I'm ready for break.
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Thanks and good luck to everyone else too!
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I'm taking the summer off. I had my last final yesterday!
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Hi mama, I just found this thread. I just started school again a month ago. I'm taking my pre-reqs for nursing right now. I'm going full time, after fall I will be able to apply for the nursing program. Then I'll have about a year wait until I get in. I want another baby REALLY bad too, I'm trying to find a way to work my education around having another baby.
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Baby-craving student-mamas! lol Just my speed!!

Let's see: I am taking three courses this summer, one of them an independant research project. I'll have my BA next spring and will then hopefully get into grad school. **crosses fingers and prays** With my MA I'll have a little more earning power: teaching at the college level, writing/research etc. I'll begin working on the PhD later.

But I really, really want another baby and am planning on begining to try to concieve (as a single mother by choice) later this summer. I figure where grad school is concerned ... who knows? I won't find out until winter if I've been accepted and if so, for the fall of '07. (It is a small program, with few spots, and is, quite literally, the only one I am interested in. This is limiting, in a way, but that's the way it is). So having a baby next spring or summer or fall (depending on how long it takes to catch a sticky baby) will either make taking grad level course a little more challenging, or will be a non-issue if I don't get in until fall '08.

It all goes by so fast: I am nearing the end of my fertility (I am 39) but grad school will always be there.
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I'm taking it slow this summer. I just started back last semester so I have quite a while to go - I am working toward my BSN, however I'm still stuck doing prereqs. I'm taking two online courses right now, Psychology, which is running as a 12 week program, and English 2, which starts in a couple weeks and only runs 6 weeks.

Lots of luck to all the mamas who are full speed ahead in their courses!
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Almost done!

My last term!!! A four week geology class starting in late July, a 20 hour/week AT HOME internship starting soon (hopefully it'll continue as my job in the fall , and lots of playing w/ my family all summer!! This term is going to fly by. I'm so excited! I've been going full time year round since dd was 8 months old (started on the internet nursing and napping ); she's 4.5 now. I did it!!!
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Just found this thread and I'm anxious to sub! Definitely need the support! Moving from Florida to Upstate NY this summer (as soon as our house sells, yikes). My dd, who is 12 and has been homeschooled the last 4 years, is going to a Waldorf school, and I have a 2 year old boy. *And* I want to start taking nursing prerequisites. : The moving really makes it all daunting- just finding childcare in a new place! But I don't want to lose another year, since my grand plan is RN to BSN to CNM, the latter two via distance learning while working as an RN to help support the family. I am excited about doing it, but when it comes down to paperwork and trying to get into the classes I need - as you know, it's not a matter of first or second choice but simply not being able to make certain classes- it seems all too much and maybe I should find something "easier!" And my boy is too young for the community college's daycare. I wish I could just register and start studying, because that's the part I have no problem with! I also don't want to take too many classes the first year, not only to be available to the children after the major move, but because I won't be a resident yet. -sigh-
thanks for listening to the newcomer vent!
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Just found this thread ~ just in time. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed right now... we are trying to make it to graduation and not miss out on the joys of our son's first year. It may just be b/c my dh is away on business for this month so I'm having to squeeze in studies whenever I can. Anyway - it's nice to find a thread that can identify. I always find something for me at MDC!
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Highly caffeinated student momma

Thanks to Dmitrizmomma I found you all! I hope to squeeze past these mandatory Chem classes this Summer in order to get into the doctorate program here in town. Trying not to wish older two children away, but really can't wait for the reprieve...feel horrid about it, but one is so much easier than 3 some days. Capt. America is gone for the summer to be a good hard working money maker up north and I think it stinks! My source of at home sanctuary is 8 bloody hours away! But I am hoping that my recommitment to yoga and the gym will bring things back to center.

Oddly enough I am looking forward to a crazy class schedule that is looking at me for this November. Let the insanity begin! Did a bad thing by going to a Open House for a Master's prgm...looks like the monkeys and I will be going to school for 5 yrs., instead of 3 1/4 yrs.. However, insane and insanely poor we are this will cement my earning power to the point where I can tell the ex-hubby and stupidhead former boyfriend to jump in the river with their sad child support payments, and I can create a better space for my family without the help of my folks too. This is not the main goal, but one of the top 5 reasons for becoming what I want.
whew sorry didn't mean for this to become a soap box! sorry!: :
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Kim!!! Glad to see you here.

So, I have 3 finals left (one each on Tues, Weds, Thurs), 5 down. Oddly enough, I'm not really worried about 2 of them, just the 3rd (Rad IV). So far, I have A's in Visceral Disorders and Clinical Psychology. Marketing, Emergency Procedures and Clinical Methods haven't been posted (or hadn't on Friday at any rate).

I have two patients scheduled today (possibly 3). I need to get the Micro Lab Manual for TAs done (Prof wants it done last week). And, I'm trying to get the house in order as we are going to the ILs for 5 days leaving on Thursday after my last final. Dh is working today, tomorrow and Weds (11-9, 9-7, and 10-8) so he won't be much help in getting the prep for the trip done. I am so ready for this week to be at Thursday and heading into the first real break I've had in a year!
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