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rosidox - what works for each family is different...

I had my ds after my 1st semester of my Environmental Engineering masters program, and dd the summer after I graduated with my MSE.

I would love to have another now, but with my program (D.C.) there is no way for ME to make it work. Many of the women in my program have babies in the last year and make it work.

Will you be getting financial aid from your school? or will you be paying out of pocket? Do you have a good support group of friends and family to help you out emotionally/financially/socially if you need it? How intense is your chosen field of study?

In my situation, I was only taking classes part time while I worked on my masters, had a stipend for my TA position and had time to spend with ds between classes and homework. Now, I'm at school all day, have a high stress level and 2 kids already. KWIM??

Whatever you decide, best of luck!
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Just wanted to say: I got an 'A' in my Human Rights class which finished a couple of weeks ago.

I really, really want to get accepted in to grad school (I'll be applying this fall), so every 'A' is very important. Funny thing, because I homeschool my kids, and 'grades' are the furthest thing from my mind, usually ...
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Congrats on the A.
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Zyla - congrats on the A!
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On Monday I have an exam on female anatomy and our quirky professor has assigned us to each make and bring in a crafty project version of the vulva -- with all the pertinant parts labeled. I have to laugh: simply drawing a diagram on the exam just won't do ...
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I had A and P in the spring and the lab exams were largely based on plastic models.

Some were pretty good and others were horrid. Didn't look like the real thing.

They didn't ever use a good photograph or diagram.
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I am in my last 3 days of class... I am taking exams and I can't really remember what it was I did the night before.


Why did I take summer classes pregnant.

More importantly, I'm starting to wonder what I was thinking taking 2 classes this fall when classes start on the 28th (?) of August, and I'm due the 23rd of Sept.

May God have mercy on my soul~
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I hope you have an easy birth, an easy baby, and professors who are either progressive or too senile to notice a nursing baby in a sling.
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Zyla, congrats on your A!

My husband and I finally arrived at a decision on whether or not I shall return to my PhD program in the fall. We decided I will be a SAHM for at least a year more, and then see how we fell about it. I just couldn't figure out any way at all to make my research and classes work with a high needs infant, and it was majorly stressing me out just thinking about it. We decided tht if the opportunity is important and "meant to be" then it will exist when our family life can better handle it.

I hate losing my stipend though, because we are gonna be POOR!
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They're all online classes from the local CC for me DB. That way we don't need any additional childcare. I THOUGHT that 2 classes like Survey of Film and US Fed. Gov. would be easy. I'm sure they probably will. I'm just feeling trepidatious about it now that everything is getting closer.
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I hope everything goes well, Pynki.

I'm not sure I'm disciplined enough to take online classes.

Anyway, I waited until Miss. J. went to Kindergarten and I'm enjoying the socalization of the campus.

Um, er, this year I'll be going to school with my firstborn because she got her AA from CC and transfered to WCU.

I'll also have my bro for the first time and DD #3 very part time :
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Gre ?

I'm mainly a lurker here - I love the thread for the continued motivation! I am preparing to take the GRE and it seems that many mamas here are in grad school. Any tips/hints/things I should know - as far as preparation techniques? I typically test well, but want to make sure I am somewhat prepared. Thanks!
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I took the GRE cold and did well. I too usually test well on standardized exams. My best recommendation is to get a good nights sleep the night before, stay hydrated during the exam and take advantage of bathroom breaks when they give them. Good luck.
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I think the new essay portions of the GRE are kind of weird, and that it is worthwhile to at least review the CD they send you (with examples of good and bad essays). I found it helpful to do so.
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I just took my last exam. So long as I get the essay questions correct like I normally do, I have gotten an A in both of my classes this semester.
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Thanks for the GRE info. I'm feeling a little : about the whole thing. Then other times it's no big deal. My last final for this semester is tomorrow. I'm sure it will all seem a little less overwhelming then.
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I'm just joining in the end here and subbing until a fall thread is started. I'm going back to school this fall. I tried last fall, taking online classes, but I'm not a good e-learner.
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i can't wait for a fall thread to be started.. i am going back to school again.. for nursing... I just graduated in 2005 and have a job.. but nursing is what i have always wanted to do... im excited...
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I'm enjoying summer and will enjoy the next semester (fall,)

I love my life right now.
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I am a newbie to this thread, hope you don't mind another student wandering in and out.

I am a graduate student studying for a Masters of Arts in Teaching. Basically, it is halfway to a M.Ed and teaching certification all rolled into one intensive program. Classes began 3 weeks ago...12 credits, 4 classes in 4 weeks! Next week is my last week, thank goodness!

I begin student teaching on 28 August for full-time for an entire month, then student teaching will be tapered to 2 hours every morning with classes all afternoon until Xmas.

I LOVE it! It is so wonderful studying, primarily, everything I love to learn about. Plus, having a group of like-minded individuals to share in the experience is fantastic. Love it, love it, love it!!!

Thanks for letting me share.
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