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Happy Hangup

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Anyone have experience with the Happy Hangup, a hammock style thing that is made in Australia?

I am considering getting one since I like the idea of it better than a swing or a bouncy chair -- I need something to put baby in when I just can't wear baby in a sling, like when I'm showering or something.

I'm not sure if the Hangup is only meant for sleeping babies -- it doesn't mention having anything to strap a baby in. And what happens when baby becomes mobile?

Because of the cost ($184 plus $40 for shipping ) I need to know if it's worth it!
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I just googled it http://www.happyhangup.com/
It's definitely only for naps. I've used a regular hammock for DS when on vacation, and it's not a good idea with a mobile baby! They are wonderful for naps, but I wouldn't recommend it as an alternative to a swing or bouncy chair.
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We bought one for ds when he was 3.5mo. We never once were able to get him to sleep in it. I tried putting him in after he fell asleep but he'd wake up every time, no matter how long I waited.

I think it's a nice product, but we just ended up packing ours away because it was just taking up space. We'll have it on hand for future babies, and start using it earlier after birth and see what happens.
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