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Help- Cut up nipple from thrush and poor latch

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Ds is 20 mos and thrush has been a problem on and off from the beginning. He was sick a few weeks ago, ended up needing an antibiotic, and we both got thrush again. In addition to that, my supply was low because I was also sick with the same virus that the kids had, so he was tugging and pushing on me to get more milk. First I got chapped, and now there is a Y shaped cut on the front of the nipple. It's been this way for over a week now.

I've been putting nystatin on it for the thrush, and also using lanolin to keep it moist. I've been nursing him on that side as normal, but the pain is almost overwhelming me. He only nurses that side 2x a day, but it's taking major pain killers to get through the rest of the day.

What should I do? Should I stop nursing him on that side for a day or 2 to let it heal, and then hope my supply comes back?? I think the pain from not nursing that side would be as bad as the pain from the cut up nipple.

Any ideas, suggestions, HELP??????? :
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Chapped to Cut Nipple Repair

I had a chapped nipple that split a little while ago. My naturopath gave me liquid St. John's wort to drop on the open wound and a Calendula cerme to coat it and help it from drying out further. (St John's Wort is very drying) It healed up in a couple of days

She did say that it was best to wipe it off before DC nursed, but that was not necessary...but do apply it after every nursing session, plus when you remember. The creme did stain my bras though...small price to pay.


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You could you a saline rinse after you nurse. Pat your breast dry and put on the antifungal ointment or other thrush treatment. The recipe for the saline rinse is 1/2 teaspoon of salt in one cup (8 oz) of warm water. I used the saline solution after I had an open wound which did not heal and kept getting larger. It starting working within the day and healed it up in a week.

I got this information from Kellymom, here is the link: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/...lehealing.html.
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Nystatin barely works at all and is more hassle than it's worth. Also, stop using the lanolin as it aids in the growth of yeast.

Here is what I posted in another post. I suggest gentian violet (along with some of the preventatives like vinegar in the wash and aci/babydophillus). The gentian violet will get rid of the thrush and, in addition, aid in healing the cut. In order to get your milk supply back up I suggest drinking a LOT of water, eating comfort foods (but little or no sugar because that'll just encourage the yeast) and taking fenugreek or, if you can find it, a tea, tincture or capsule that is made specifically for increasing one's milk supply (they usually contain fenugreek along with some other galactalogues). And nurse, nurse, nurse!


Whether or not both baby and mother have signs, if one has thrush then BOTH need to be treated at the same time otherwise it will continue to be passed back and forth. Limiting/cutting out sugar is extremely important as well since yeast thrives on sugar.

Ways to prevent thrush and treat mild cases:

Vinegar! Since thrush is usually accompanied by vaginal yeast infections and candida (yeast) diaper rashes, wash all towels, bras, nursing pads, diapers and anything that comes in contact with breastmilk and yeast-prone places in the hottest water possible with a cup of white vinegar in the rinse. This is a very simple preventative and works great. Also, when the thrush is active, make a mixture of one cup water to one tablespoon white vinegar and use it to rinse/wipe off breasts after each feeding and allow to air dry and then replace with fresh nursing pads (change solution 1-2 times a day). This solution is great for all toys that cannot be boiled (pacifiers, nipples, chew toys, etc. need to be boiled if possible - this is also great to dip pacifiers in after each use in between boiling).

Grapefruit seed extract. This stuff is great and works on sooo many things (www.pureliquidgold.com). It is best in liquid form but capsules are okay if you cannot handle the liquid. It is EXTREMELY bitter. It is best taken internally diluted in water and, for an infant, dilute one drop in some water (dip finger in to taste to make sure it's not too bitter/strong) and put all around in baby's mouth either with finger or q-tip. (Can be found at pretty much any natural/health food stores.)

Acidophillus. Acidophillus is a great preventative and can be taken daily without much hassle. Eating lots of yogurt (low or no sugar) is good but supplemental acidophillus for mother and babydophillus for baby work just fine. Just take according to the directions on the bottle. (Can be found at pretty much any natural/health food stores.)

Treating active thrush (not preventative):

Gentian violet. If it is really bad (particularly if mother is dreading nursing because of the pain) then gentian violet works well. Just paint it on baby's mouth (roof, sides, tongue) and paint it on your nipples, areola and preferably the rest of your breast. Do this two-three times a day for two days and then continue with vinegar/acidophillus/etc. and it should be fine. The gentian knocks it out. However, avoid using it unless it's really bothering you because too much gentian can be bad for baby because of the alcohol content (but only when used in excess so a little is more than okay). This stuff is also great to put on baby's butt for any rashes, particularly if they're caused by candida (yeast) which often happens when you or baby has thrush because it comes out in the poop. Keep in mind that gentian violet is very messy and stains like crazy so be sure you and baby wear clothes that you don't mind getting purple. (Can be found at pretty much any drug/pharmacy store.)


Borax. This is the most commonly suggested (and effective) remedy for both mother and baby. However, I will keep searching to find some other suggestions and when to use each one.

Keep in mind there are various things that can cancel out homeopathy such as coffee so be aware of that and when you purchase your homeopathic remedy ask the salesperson what all you need to avoid.

I've dealt with thrush many times and these are the things that work the best for me. I haven't tried any of the homeopathic remedies yet, but I plan whenever I finally remember to get it when I'm at the store. lol Also, yeast organisms hate sunlight so if you can sunbathe your breasts, that would be a great idea.
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Thank you SO much, mamas! I will definately try these and see what helps.

smeep, you are so right about Nystatin doing little or nothing. I'm going out today to find gentian violet.

Hoping this all helps!
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Originally Posted by danellsar
Thank you SO much, mamas! I will definately try these and see what helps.

smeep, you are so right about Nystatin doing little or nothing. I'm going out today to find gentian violet.

Hoping this all helps!
Keep in mind that sometimes it's kept behind the counter (not sure if I mentioned that). One of the best things about it is it's VERY cheap! $1-3 depending on where you get it and one little bottle lasts a long time.
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Hi again smeep... my next question is WHERE to find gentian violet. I went to my local Natural foods store which has everything, and the lady there said she wished she had a supplier for it, but didn't. She said I was the 3rd person this week asking for it, but she doesn't know where to get it. Is there an online supplier that you know of?

Thanks again! You've been so much help!
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See, that's the funny thing. Whole Foods here doesn't carry it either, not sure why. But you can find it at pretty much any drug or grocery store (Walgreens, Target, etc.). Sometimes it's behind the counter but they usually have it. You can also order it online at Walgreens and I'm sure other places - whatever is easier for you.
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