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baby item decision

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i have managed to make a solid decision... YAH...
when im packing to move things to our new home.. which could realistically start TOMORROW.... things like baby washcloths, hooded towels etc that were not new with my 8 mos old dd will be tossed... the same goes for booties, flannel blankies crib sheets, etc....
that stuff seems to reproduce and we can get new items for the new home...
the same will go for adult towels... kitchen linens...

1 decision made.... 10K more to make....
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I decided to put all of my baby stuff in our upcoming yard sale. I figure this a surefire way to bring on ovulation.
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since I had a tubal in april, I wont be having any more kids.. still there are a few things I can bare to pass on yet.. but what I have been doing is taking everything good to the consignment store (that way I can get bigger clothes for them for no money ) or passing them on to my preg sil..

I went through a box of my baby clothes a while back.. as I went through it I though.. what the hell.. why did my mom keep this stuff.. I have no attachment to it.. what am I going to do with it? and I donated it. Helps me to be more ruthless with my kids stuff

Good luck! You are doing great!!!
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What I did was create a memory box for each of my kids - just a rubbermaid container - actually the baby's is a little tiny one, DD's is a half height regular length/width one. I put special items in that, including a few outfits. If it isn't in there, then it doesn't stay. that said I haven't gotten rid of all their stuff yet because we are planning #3 but for some reason I'm just itching to be able to sell off all that junk!
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I have a dd, age 4, and a ds, age 5 months. My husband does not want any more kids. I am putting all of my baby/maternity clothes into an upcoming garage sale. It has been very hard. Then I realized something I noticed about other families, and it has made it easier to start chucking all that stuff:

As soon as you get rid of your baby/maternity stuff you get pg again!

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