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I mailed mine on Wednesday, so hopefully it will get there soon!! (Tadpole has her fingers crossed, i'm sure... )
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Originally Posted by KarmaChameleon
I just PM'd my person -- my package came back to me today The address supposedly doesn't exist but I just checked my own file from the first swap and the one I was given for the second swap and they check out. I am so bummed, the package was filled with homebaked goodies :cry:
Oh no!!! That's just terrible! I'm so sorry!!
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I'm sorry Karma!
I just got the last of mine finished, and may try to stop off to buy one more goodie, and get it all out this weekend, or Monday! Sorry!!!! I didn't have as much "crafting" time this past month for some reason!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by Azreial
I got my package and I wanted to thank the mama who sent it but I forgot who it was I love the sheep diaper so much. Sheep have been my thing this pg so that was an awesome surprise. Covers are always needed and appreciated too but sheep
It was me and I'm so glad you like it!!! Sheep are so cute for babies

Magpiedee, I got my package today too! Thank you soooo much, the mama pampering stuff is exactly what I needed, I'm all ready to go take a bath and use some of it up! Thanks again!
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Originally Posted by jesamin
I got a beautiful broomstick skirt in the mail yesterday...no return address that I recognized and can only guess that it was my swap package. So thank you mystery gifter!!!! I LOVE it and it's perfect to get me through the hot days I hear are coming.
I am glad you liked it
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Originally Posted by SlingWearin'Mama
I am glad you liked it
I'm wearing it right now!! With the humidity we had today it was a lifesaver!!!
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Woohoo! Glad it got there safely, rebecalizzie! I know you were having aches and needed some relief, so I hope you get to pamper yourself as much as you deserve!

And I got my package from nfbmom-- our first baby CD! We haven't listened to it yet, but we are enjoying reading the booklet and can't wait to enjoy it. We're excited about the prospect of baby music that isn't Disney or about bugs or buses, you know? Thanks so much!
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Oh good! I'm so glad to hear you got it and like it! I was a bit worried!
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I've been a bad, bad swapper ... mine is still not in the mail -- beut I promise it will be worth the wait -- I've been working on it constantly!

I am aiming to send it by Friday at the latest!!!!

[And I haven't received mine yet either... but I think that's only fair ]
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as of today's mail, I did receive my swap package.

BUT ... I am not letting myself open it, until I mail mine later this week.:
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