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Any other Barefooters out there?

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Dh and I discovered barefooting about six months ago and haven't looked back! It feels quite unnatural to wear shoes now (when we do have to wear shoes in stores and such we wear hemp Rainbow sandals).

Research on barefoot children -

And a wealth of info about the health benefits of bare feet can be found here along with pictures and testimonials and FAQs... -

Barefooters in action!

ETA more links!

observations of the health benefits of barefooting:

Sandals that are (almost) as good as going barefoot when you must wear shoes:

Dh has fallen arches because he wore hard-soled shoes all the time as a young child, but he actually has a bit of arch now since going barefoot for a few months

Hope there are more of you around and maybe there'll be some converts after researching the issue

love and peace.
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I've always been this way. I only wear shoes when required, IE going to stores, restaurants or if the ground is too hot *summer temps over 110 here means very hot pavement*. When I do wear shoes it's Birks.
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i hate wearing shoes, too & have always been that way! i get so much grief about how unhygenic & gross i am because i choose to go barefoot.: i wear my birks when shoes are required.

i even go shoe-free as much as possible at work...one reason i cannot wait to become a SAHM! my home is a no shoe zone, too...i tell people to just try & not be relaxed when they're wearing no shoes!
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Barefoot here! Heck I'm barefoot right now Always am. So are my children. They wear shoes if they chose to (except the baby). I wear Birkenstocks all year round (and I livein a place where it gets cold and snows) though my lone pair just kicked the bucket and I need a new one (and don't have $$$ layin around for some!) I want Birks for my kiddos When I was working on a website about my doula-ing and childbirth-related things, I called it The Barefoot Doula

Namaste, Tara
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I'm a barefooter at heart! I wear no shoes whenever possible, and encourage my children to do the same. When it's winter time, I wear a pair of danskos, super comfy, and not restrictive at all. I've been known to walk in snow barefoot whenever I can, much to dh's dismay. My kiddos don't wear shoes much at all either. I don't think they're neccesary. Others, including family may disagree.
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Those are very interesting links. I go barefoot probably 90% of the time but I always thought you couldn't go into stores and stuff barefoot. At first when I saw the title I thought you mean water-skiing.
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I'm also a barefooter at heart, but really should start to practice more it. Love Born Shoes, Merrell Shoes, Nikes, Adidas, Reefs if I can't be barefoot.
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Double post
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I'm probably more of a barefoot wannabe. I'm barefoot right now, worry about cutting my feet on stuff outside.
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I LOVE being barefoot, I am like that 90% of the time unless I am going somewhere that requires shoes but DH on the other hand always has to have shoes on! Right after he gets dressed in the morning, he throws shoes on even if he isn't going anywhere. It kind of drives me nuts...LOL! My kiddos also hate shoes and the little kids only wear shoes when we go to the store (except my 20 mth old) but my 9 and 6 yr old have to wear shoes all day to school. What shoes would be the best for them?
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I go barefoot everywhere I can, but I personally choose not to drive barefoot or go into stores barefoot.
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Oh definetly. My DH hates that I go barefoot all the time and hates it even more that our kids do. My oldest had to wear his shoes 24/7 for a while because he had in-shoe braces. It was near impossible to keep them on him, though. He's just like his mamma. LOL.
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At the beginning of spring, my shoes come off and dont go back on till winter!! only some birks and dansko sandles when I need to go somewhere where its required!
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We are also a barefoot family. Unfortunately I have to wear shoes to work as does dh.

We love www.nomadicstate.com They are beautifully made and oh so comfortable. Definitely check them out.

BTW-trmpetplaya-nice to run into you on a board again since the young granola mamas.

Peace, love and free walkn' feet!
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Oh ya, I belong here! Shoes & I just don't get along! Always barefoot. If I have to wear shoes I wear my Keens they're SOOO comfy (and I don't like shoes) I'll even keep them on sometimes. I want birks though. I can't keep shoes on my kids. My 2 yr old even takes them off in church. They take them off & hide them when we go places! My 12 mo old has never worn shoes - just wool slippers! Here's to free & happy feet!
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Well add me to the list I am always barefoot. I hate shoes.If we go somewhere I will wear flipflops * all seasons* I just hate to feel so ( looking for a word) tight..shoes laced and socks are a nightmare!

My kids wear crocks a lot do you all like them?
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I am!
I used to go barefoot 24/7 to all stores and everything, but with a 14 month old DD I dont have time to argue about my rights when we REALLY need food from the store I am in KWIM?!?!
I just love it. Although I have been doing it for years (about 10) and my arches seem to have fallen alot, should I worry?
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I just read the FAQs on the barefooters link and that is all very interesting. I love to go barefoot and do it as much as possible, but I didn't ever realize there were other "freaks" out there like me (well, excepting maybe those with a foot fetish and that's a whole 'nother website)!

I wish I had the balls (ovaries) to go barefoot everywhere all the time. I just dont dig the shoes all that much. Kudos to the barefooters!
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count me in. i try to wear bedroom slippers when i can get away with it or its too cold to just go shoeless. i don't even bother with shoes if i'm going to the store a lot of times.
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Originally Posted by g.r.i.t.s
If we go somewhere I will wear flipflops
I wish I could wear flip flops for those times that I have to wear shoes, but they feel so uncomfortable for my toes! Maybe I'm wearing the wrong ones?
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