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Count me in, I swear I am a hobbit at heart.
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The only times I wear shoes are when I have to go in stores and I too wear rainbow flip flops (I've had them for 3 years now, love them!)
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Reviving this to ask for some advice.

I've been a casual barefooter for as long as I can remember (meaning I take my shoes off at home and around the yard, but always wear them otherwise). I've also always been a day hiker, but planning on doing the AT someday. Now, as I've mentioned a time or two here at MDC, the time has come. And I want to do it barefoot. My feet are very oddly shaped and sized, so any pair of hiking shoes I find tears me up the first few weeks, and at random times thereafter. I really think it will be easier and healthier to do it barefoot (I'll be bring along a pair of mocs just in case).

So, I could use some advice on conditioning my feet in the first few weeks. I'm going barefoot as much as possible right now, but there's snow on the ground, so that's not much. I took my kitty to the vet barefoot last week and they made me put my shoes on. Well, they asked, and I put them right on (guess I need to get pushier about it).

I'm planning to bring a tube of A&D ointment, which I will apply every night after washing my feet. I know the proper way to walk barefoot (rolling ball to heel) but I think it will take a while until I can do it without thinking about it.

Is there anything else I should consider before trying this? Any other advice?
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my friend who lived barefoot in india for many years says "never under estimate the power of tree sap."

and by this he means, if you find sticky on a tree, it's a great thing to stick in the cracks of the callouses when they break. then, your feet become shoes.

otherwise, walk on rocks.
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Hi Just popping to say Hi and I too love to go barefoot, always have. Growing up in the warmer months my mom gave us sandals or flipflops and those were only when we HAD to wear them. My kids are being raised the same way. Only bad thing is I moved from SE Virginia to Michigan so shoes in winter (outside) are neccissary(sp?)

We are a sock family though, too cold not to have something on the tootsies during the colder months.
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I'm barefoot!

Except I live in the north, in the winter, so I do wear some shoes then. Otherwise.....
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I would love to barefoot, but since I work outside the home, it isn't possible. : That and I live in Colorado (this winter has been cold with a lot of snow). Someday, I dream of staying at home and barefooting it all the time. Now as soon as I get home from work, the shoes and bra go off!
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I'm lucky enough to be able to go barefoot at work, but the downside is that being a caregiver for disabled people is a low-pay, low-prestige job.

Well here it is March 5, so I guess I made it all the way through my first winter as a barefooter. I do wear flip-flops in stores or anywhere I'm likely to be hassled, but I don't put up with people who "just don't like it" or are embarassed to be seem with me because it reminds them of poverty and they think of me as "low-class" rather than "Voluntary Simplicity".

I live inj Northern CA, and yes, it does get below freezing here. I'm also fortunate enough to have a bicycle with smooth pedals that don't hurt my feet, and tend to ride the bike on cold nights, although I have felt the delicious crunch of frost and a light layer of snow under my bare feet.

Sometimes the cold does feel more like pain than discomfort and sometimes my toes are numb by the time I get home from work, but it hasn't been anything I can't handle. Since I get paid minimum wage, it would cost me at least ten hours of my life to buy a pair of comfortable, well-made shoes, and it just doesn't seem worth it to me.

The longer I do this, the more I come to appreciate the tactile stimulation and to feel sorry for people who are blindfolded by shoes and missing out on a simple pleasure of daily life.

Thanks for the thread and the support, Trumpetplaya; my teenaged children and some of my IRL acquaintances may think I'm a little weird and embarassing, but I feel like myself again and can't ever see any need to go back to daily automatic shoe wearing.

I'm looking forward to this thread becoming more active as the weather warms up.
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I would love to be able to join this thread...

Last winter I spent Feb-April in Florida and only wore flip-flops when necessary and aside from that no shoes, and then when I came back up to CT, I didnt wear anything but bare feet and flip-flops until late Oct when it just got too cold. I am looking forward to it warming up so I can go back to bare feet. I take my shoes off the second I walk in the door at my house, and basically anyone elses house as well.

Is there such thing as a seasonal barefooter?
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Hello - sorry for not being around! I was out of town for longer than expected and we're getting organized, purging the house, and getting ready to move soon so... it's been a little hectic...

Gatherer - Start slowly and don't expect too much too soon is my advice Try to take a short barefoot walk outside everyday and slowly work up to what you can handle. Wait until the snow is gone too - I know several snow-footers, but they have been barefooting for at least a year if not several years before they try it Some folks I know of get a box and put pea gravel (the small smooth stones) in it and walk in place for 15 or so minutes a day to build up their feet during the winter if they can't handle the snow outside.

And you can absolutely be a seasonal barefooter! Barefooting isn't an all or nothing lifestyle choice at all. It's about having the freedom to do what you are comfortable with as often as you can. If you're comfortable going everywhere in public barefoot then do so! If you're only comfortable barefoot in outdoor public places then bring flips or sandals along to wear in stores! It's all about your comfort and health and if it's too stressful to be in certain situations barefoot then you always have the freedom to put on footwear. And having the barefooter mindset (and being armed with knowledge) gives you the freedom to take off your footwear whenever you feel comfortable doing so as well

I inadvertantly snow-footed the other day because it was definitely above freezing (I can tell by how the ground feels) and so I didn't bring my shoes to Costco - my friend who took me knows all about my barefooting and is totally cool with it and I've gone to Costco barefoot before with no problems. When we came out of the store it was snowing and hailing! The ground was warm, but the hail stuck and so the snow was sticking on the hail. It was fine as long as I kept moving. If I stopped then it got WAY too cold for me. And I got a rude awakening when I stepped on what I thought was hail and it turned out to be de-icer which burned my feet something terrible :

Anyhow, it's great to see some new barefooters here!!!

love and peace.
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Hello barefooters! I'm back after my winter hiatus!

Originally Posted by JodiAriel View Post
Is there such thing as a seasonal barefooter?
I'm here! We've had a beautiful, beautiful winter here where the snowed stayed on the ground from the first snow storm (I think early November) through just last week (when we hit 71 degrees one day! the warm-up was so quick that there was still a TON of snow in the front yard, so my older two were playing outside barefoot and throwing snowballs at each other!!)

So we've been getting back into the barefooting action....

oh, and I just got my first pair of Nomadic State of Mind (http://www.nomadicstate.com ) rope sandals (JC style if you're curious) and they are LOVELY! If I have to wear shoes, these are definitely what I'll be wearing! And I also got a pair each for dh and the girls (my youngest didn't get any though) and they LOVE their sandals as well!

Can't wait to be more active here!
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trmpetplaya and judybean GOOD TO SEE YOU! I've missed you! : Well, I've done some snow barefooting, but not much. We had a week of warm weather - 50's and 60's. Yesterday we got almost 2 feet of snow. : I was out barefoot when it was warm but there was still snow. It felt so good. Now I'm depressed about the new snow. I'm dying for spring here! My friend in OK has been barefooting for weeks now. Oh well, it will come. Have a wonderful St. Patrick's day everyone!
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I did it in college all the time (go barefoot).

Now, it doesn't seem so feasible. We live in heroin alley (literally), and, I'm not comfy walking around barefoot here.

Once we have a place of our own (ie. not an apartment), I'd love to go back to it.
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clara, it's good to see you as well!

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We're a barefoot family! It started when dh and I lived in an apt. that had large stone white tiles throughout, so we just left our shoes at the door to avoid having to clean them as frequently... (we're kinda lazy too ... ).

Then I read/heard about how it's actually more hygienic (sp?) to leave shoes at the door to not track dirt/germs, etc. throughout the house (especially w/a crawling baby) and how it's better for your feet.

Dd hardly ever wore shoes as a toddler and I think it helped her learn to walk more quickly and efficiently (~9 mos.). The first thing she does when she gets home from school is rip her shoes off...

And dh has "funky" feet -- flat arches or something, so he's really only comfortable barefoot or in flip-flops.

So yeah, being barefoot RULES!!!
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Winter Feet

Jumping into Spring, Very happy to be Barefoot with warm Toes!

i missed this thread!

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We're just finally getting warm weather again... I have to admit, I've been one of those seasonal barefooters. : Lately though, I've only worn my Birkenstock sandals if I wear anything at all.
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Hi ladies! Nice to meet some other barefooters!! I'm Shireen and live in Cape Town, South Africa where I walk on the beach at least once a day!

I walk everywhere barefoot - dont drive - and LOVE it!
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? for everyone - Do you know of any online forum specifically for barefooters? I tried google and didnt see anything. Also as soon as im not nak i have some questions
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You should try poking around here: http://www.barefooters.org
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