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I've got an argument on my hands now. They were trying to tell me at the darkroom at school I had to wear shoes. I said, "do you wear gloves?" They said, "if you get x on your skin it sensitizes the skin." I said, "If you get it on your hands you wash it off, right?" .... "Yes" ... "Then if I get it on my feet I'll wash it off" (mind you it's summer quarter and half the people there wear shorts).

(Funny thing is, the days I wore shoes my back hurt so bad at the end of the day I wanted to cry. The days I was barefoot it hurt maybe 1/10th as much.)

Later the teacher got into it and when I refused he said, "It's that important to you to be defiant?" I said, "It also really helps my back." He said he'd call the safety officer and ask her. (Later) She told him that it was school policy that shoes be worn in all labs. And if my back hurt there 'were special shoes for that'. So now I'm going to email her a request for where that rule is in writing. Wish me luck.

(Hell, they should be happy I'm willing to wear clothes to school! )
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I love to be barefoot as well! Growing up, it was the best and only way to go. Now that I'm married, my DH says that the one thing he doesn't like about my body is my FEET! (I guess better that than something else ) The reason is because they have become calloused over the years from spending so much time barefoot. I do get pedicures every now and then, but they always feel rough to me. Any ideas from other barefooters as to how you keep your feet soft? Also, just a logistical question....I like to get into bed at night with clean feet, so if I happen to not take a shower before bed, I make a point of washing my feet. Does anyone else do this?
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oooh...we are! Shoes have always felt unnatural to me. I wear them when I'm in public, and that's it. I rarely wear them outside, even. I HATE seeing kids with shoes on all the time! My son just started wearing shoes when he started walking, and I won't put them on my daughter until she walks. He only wears robeez or flip-flops (he does have a pair of prescoolians). If I must wear shoes, I wear flip-flops, and I despise going out in the winter when it's so cold I must wear real shoes!
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never really did any reading up on it but I've been going barefoot since gosh coming up on 10 years. I know as a kid I went barefoot alot as well. I do wear shoes to go to stores etc but I'm the type that takes them off asap. Both DDs Did not really wear shoes until about 2. DD2 just got a pair of "real" shoes last month to wear at childcare (goes 5hours 1 day a week while I am in class) But soft sole shoes when she needed protection. DD1 goes barefoot alot. and NO SHOES ON IN MY HOUSE. Which goes for everyone. check the shoes at the door.
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Jumping on board. I LOVE my Reefs and I have to say, I love my Crocs as well, only when shoes are needed!
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My son (5) yelled at my MIL and BIL for wearing shoes in the house. They promptly took them off and threw them in the basket outside the door.

He's also shocked his cousin when he told her he has only one pair of shoes. He'll get a 2nd pair for school in a month or so.
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Hey! There's a name for what I do? SoooooWEET!

20 years ago I had 2 roommates from Sweden. They always kicked their shoes off at the door (usually clogs). It was my first thoughts about not dragging outside stuff thru the house.... once I stopped EVER wearing shoes inside, it kind of spilled over into the outside, too. I love that my kids kick their shoes off whenever they enter someone's house (sometimes to looks of "WTH?"), and we wear crocs or Tevas in stores.

Basically, anything we can kick off asap.

I have that song, "Barefootin'" in my head now. Thanks.
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Oh, I just LOVE this quote from the OP's link! (okay, you all have probably talked about this 100 times by now...but I just found you, okay?

"Going barefoot is the gentlest way of walking and can symbolise a way of living — being authentic, vulnerable, sensitive to our surroundings. It's the feeling of enjoying warm sand beneath our toes, or carefully making our way over sharp rocks in the darkness. It's a way of living that has the lightest impact, removing the barrier between us and nature."
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Originally Posted by Indigo73 View Post

He's also shocked his cousin when he told her he has only one pair of shoes. He'll get a 2nd pair for school in a month or so.
That is so great.
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We are always barefoot. I hardly wore shoes as a kid...I think the only times we were shoes now are if we go out in the pasture with the chickens/goats or if we go to a store. I just cannot stand shoes. Didn't really know there were any benefits, we just thought it was country.
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I love this thread so subbing and bumping

None of us wear shoes in my house. Most of our neighbors are also "take the shoes off at the door" types. We just visited my SIL and they have a collection of shoes at their door too.

I don't think my dh thinks of himself as a "barefooter" and he usually wears shoes outside now, but he tells me stories of going barefoot as a child and young adult - even to milk the cows! As a child in a small town, I went everywhere barefoot. I remember loving the feeling of a cool grocery store floor on my feet after walking across a warm parking lot. I really appreciate the feeling of different surfaces on my feet. My father has bamboo floors that are particularly nice.

DD is very sensitive to shoes and finds most of them uncomfortable. Shopping for school shoes last Fall was a nightmare! She will wear Crocs, though she says they are too hot. This summer she and I usually don't put on shoes to go out in our yard. We do find ourselves frequently picking splinters and thorns out of her feet though. I asked dh why she gets so many and I never seem to. He thinks the bottoms of my feet are really tough from a lifetime of going barefoot!
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Originally Posted by judybean View Post

i never thought that driving barefoot could be illegal..... what would be the rationale behind that??
i always thought this too, found out it was an urban legend, at least in my state...have you checked this out or did you just hear this? it may be true where you are from, but its not true everywhere....HTH!
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weird. i'd always heard that too, but never bothered to check. most of the time i don't care, but i usually leave my crocs or sandals within grabbing distance just in case!
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so i finally managed to read some of this massive thread: ! i am so glad it was started, and i love th links in th OP...i have hated shoes for years...i wear flip flops all year round, rain or shine....sometimes i will attempt to wear shoes and socks because i worried that it was bad for my feet to always be barefoot, but i always ended up taking them off because I HATE SOCKS even more than i hate shoes...it makes my whole body overheat. anyway, thanks to the OP for the links...now i feel better about my wanting to never wear shoes and socks.
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Originally Posted by bellymama View Post
i always thought this too, found out it was an urban legend, at least in my state...have you checked this out or did you just hear this? it may be true where you are from, but its not true everywhere....HTH!
regarding drive w/o shoes, this is an urban legend in my state as well. dh and I were on our way back from a happy shoeless camping trip and he got pulled over for speeding. the cop was aware that dh was barefoot and didn't have an issue with it (also the speeding was reduced to not following traffic signs).

dh would never wear shoes if he could get away with it. I always take mine off at the door (mine, friends, strangers, my office... )
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Me, my son and my little girl spend most our time barefoot when we're home and my Hubby spends most his time walking around with just socks. We don't "make" people who visit take off their shoes, but we've noticed that most people do anyways because they see us barefoot. When we're in public (school, work, store, public playground) we wear shoes or sandles, but when we're in our own space or in our friends' or familys' homes, the shoes come right off. My son and I have always been like this. My stepdaughter, I've "corrupted"- her other family is the kind of family that puts shoes on when they get up in the morning and take them off when they go to bed at night. It just feels SO GOOD to be barefoot.
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I went hiking with a friend this past weekend and parts of the trail were too slippery for my old sneakers so I went barefoot for about a mile, and then with socks for a mile or so. Everyone thought I was crazy to do so, however I did not slip once in my trusty feet. Ironically I got one blister the whole time - from my SHOES.
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Hey, mamas. Hope you all are enjoying a beautiful barefooted summer. I just wanted to let you all know I have some nomadic rope sandals for sale on the tp. They had been discussed here in the beginning. If anyone is interested in trying some out here is the link: Peace and barefooted blessings
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we live on the beach, so its barefoot most of the time. I have some rainbows that i wear to go out, and we have the *no shoes inside*policy. My partner wears socks in the house, and I agree with pp, socks make me warm and claustrophobic!!But, i think its a cultural thing for him, hes english....
One of our first dates was hiking in a greek island, and i was wearing some chunky rainbow sandals, they broke and i just continued barefoot, it was full of rocks, thorny plants, and spiders, but my two little naked feet didnt let me down!
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I have recently discovered being barefoot and I love it! If I have to go outside, I go barefoot. Once I go in public(i.e. store, work) I wear shoes but usually sandles are flats. I don't like being inclosed. How do I become more comfortable walking on gravel and things of that nature? Also, do anyof you keep your feet pretty? By that I mean, pedicures or maybe some polish? I've noticed that I didn't get a pedicure this summer and I didn't paint my toenails.

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